Top 3 Tips To Retire Happy And Wealthy

Top 3 Tips To Retire Happy And Wealthy


Retirement Planning In Nigeria: Top 3 Tips To Retire Happy And Wealthy

Retirement Planning in Nigeria: Retirement planning is a concept many employees still do not take seriously in Nigeria.

In fact, many company employees in Nigeria do not appreciate the need to attend a retirement planning course while still in paid employment.


Working class people generally feel that things will take care of themselves in the future. That is why you often hear people say, “we will cross that bridge when we get there”.

Unfortunately, that belief that the future will take care of itself has resulted in a situation where many previously wealthy people are now broke after retirement. It is like moving from grace to grass.

Why are most retirees broke?

Simple. They had a high standard of living when they were in paid employment because they had a lucrative job with fat salary and juicy incentives.

However, when they retire (or lose their high paying jobs), they stop getting their fat salary as well as the incentives that go with the salary.

Once that happens, most of these retirees immediately begin to slide into poverty because they do not have any other source of income besides their salary. And most do not know how to make money outside of their paid job.


The pathetic state of most retirees in Nigeria is the very reason why retirement planning in Nigeria must become a hot topic to be taught to all employees.


3 Tips To Help You Prepare Adequately For Retirement And Retire Happy

As mentioned above, many employees in Nigeria face hard times after they retire from their paid employment.

Nevertheless, there are many retirees who still live a financially independent life (and successfully pay all their bills) even after they retire from paid employment.

What makes the difference?

The difference lies in how each individual handles his or her affairs during their working years.

Yes, “the way you lay your bed is how you will lie on it”.


Below are three free tips to help employees improve their retirement planning in Nigeria and, hence, enjoy a happier retirement.


Tip #1: Understand The Problem

It is said that, “a problem that is properly defined is half solved”.

That means that if you correctly identify what the problem is, then you’re more likely to be in a position to proffer a solution that will work.

So, what really is the problem with employees after they retire?

Why do the majority of employees fail when it comes to earning money outside of paid employment?

The reason is simple: they were not taught how to do this at home or in school.

The Nigeria school system teach students how to study hard, get good grades and then search for a well-paying job with benefits, in an already established company.

So, when they retire, they become like fish out of water.

Yes, most employees do not know how to make money on the streets. And without sufficient cash, you will starve no matter how well-read, handsome or beautiful you are.

No wonder thousands (even millions) of retirees live a abject poverty!

Bottom line.

Most retirees are poor because of lack of financial education.

So, if you want to retire wealthy, you must educate yourself financially.

You must attend a financial education course where you receive financial training to help you turn your salary into a fortune by the time you’re due for retirement.


Tip #2: Take Retirement Planning Seriously

One of the things you will learn from a financial education class is the value of retirement planning.

It is true that retirement planning in Nigeria is not at an advanced stage yet because most employees still do not appreciate how adopting an effective retirement planning strategy can positively impact their life after retirement.


But your life should not be tied to what other people think or do. Your priority should be what is best for you.

So, do you want to be financially independent even after retirement?

Do you want to maintain your high standard of living after retirement?

Do you want to retire wealthy and even make more money after retirement?

Then you must take retirement planning seriously even though most of your colleagues do not.

Yes, early retirement planning is one of the key to a happy retirement life.


Tip #3: Attend A Retirement Course

We recommend that you attend a retirement course early in your career so that you can start making the right choices sooner.

Many Nigerians do not like discussing retirement matters early in their career because they somehow fear it could hasten the loss of their job.

This is totally false.

Actually, it is dumb superstition.

The truth is . . . employees who plan ahead for retirement will some day lose their jobs. Employees who fail to plan for retirement will also someday lose their jobs.

The difference is this: proactive employees who adopt an effective retirement planning strategy will develop an aggressive investment strategy that empowers them to create massive wealth for themselves while still in paid employment. And this self-created wealth will allow them to maintain a high standard of living even after retirement.

Bottom line.

Attend a retirement planning seminar to guide you to retirement wealth. And do it early in your career to avoid slipping to poverty after retirement.


Retirement Planning In Nigeria: We Are Here To Help

It is true that retirement planning in Nigeria has not be given the attention it deserves by employees as well as corporations.

The sad consequence of that is seen in our society as many retirees wallow in poverty.


It is disheartening to see so many ex-employees who used to be wealthy now live miserably simply because they are retired.

We want to help stop this madness.

We want to help more and more employees develop an effective retirement planning strategy that will empower them to retire wealthy.

Consequently, we have developed a retirement planning course and we invite all employees in Nigeria to attend this course.

This retirement course is designed to help proactive employees like you retire wealthy through strategic retirement investments and entrepreneurship.


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Since most employees retire broke and only a few retire rich, it is important to ask yourself this question, “What do I need to do to retire wealthy?”

Well, to retire from paid employment and still be financially independent, you need to understand the wealth secrets of the rich.

Here’s a fact of life.

If you follow in the exact footsteps of successful people and work at it with dogged determination, unwavering commitment and perseverance, you will eventually be successful.

In simple words . . . success can be replicated.

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When you do that, and stick to it irrespective of the obstacles along the way, you will eventually retire rich.

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