The Simple 3 Step Hack To Boost Your Productivity

The Simple 3 Step Hack To Boost Your Productivity


  1. Choose a task you want to accomplish


  1. Give yourself a deadline


  1. Stick to the deadline no matter what.


There are a few caveats to make this work…

First, break down that task into smaller pieces.


There’s plenty of research that shows we’re more likely to get stuff done when we break things down into more manageable steps.

It’s less intimidating.


So if your goal is to write an 8,000 word promo, break that down into manageable sections.


Second, give yourself a deadline that’s doable, but at the same time challenging.


And (this is important), make it public.


Tell other people.


That social pressure will help you get shit done.


Last, stick to the deadline no matter what.


This last step just requires the discipline to do it.

The key here is “no matter what.”

That means excuses are unacceptable.

You must get it done.


So next time you feel like you’re falling behind on what you need to get done…

Try this.

It will boost your productivity… guaranteed.

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