The Real Secret Of Income Control

The Real Secret Of Income Control

The Real Secret Of Income Control


Today I want to talk to you about the real secret of being in control of your income.

Last week, I got a mail from a great marketer.

According to him, he used to be broke and frustrated due to his failed businesses

But today, making ₦200,000 a day is normal to him.


In his email, he shared a message that I am always trying to pass to people over and over again.

This message is the core of being in control of your income

And it starts by having a unique understanding and realization that:

Every DIME in your pocket today belongs to someone else…

From the Coca-Cola company, to the beer factory…

To your kid’s school…to your evil landlord

And even the greedy Police!

This leads us to the question:

Who is paying you?

Because…if everybody is taking your money, and you are only taking money from your employer or the government, then you are the cause of your financial struggles.

I understood this a long time ago and that is why I figured out different ways for others to pay me

One of the simplest ways I did this is by creating little online businesses that sell simple information.


I created one last year November with a capital of ₦43,000 and it has been making a minimum of  ₦400,000
a month since then.

Recently, I created a FREE online masterclass that walks you through the blueprint I use to create these little online businesses.

Click here to get immediate access to the master class:
Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint.

To higher income
Chris Thony

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