The Million Dollar Math

The Million Dollar Math

The Million Dollar Math

For any goal to be achievable, you must believe in its

possibility as a realistic and doable goal. The way to do

This is simply by doing Million Dollar Math. How many

different ways can you collect one million dollars?

You should figure all of them out.

You would ask who has them, and third, you’d ask, “What do I need

what to do to collect them?” Do the math to create possibility,

then create a strategy.

Here are a few ways to a million dollars:

Salary $50k x 20 years

Salary $100k x 10 years

Salary $250k x 4 years

Earn $114 per hour, every hour of the year

5,000 people buy a $200 product

2,000 people buy a $500 product

10,000 people buy a $100 product

1,000 people buy a $1000 product

5,000 people pay $17 per month for 12 months

2,000 people pay $42 per month for 12 months

1,000 people pay $83 per month for 12 months

500 people pay $167 per month for 12 months

300 people pay $278 per month for 12 months

In the beginning, you simply set new

income targets and then do whatever it takes to increase

income, at first in increments, and then later in leaps.

when I was struggling to make $3,000 a

month, I quit bitching and acting like a baby about my

income and committed to increasing it. The first target

I set for myself was to simply make another $3,000 per

month. I did the math and it was $750 a week or $100

per day or $10 more per hour—it became real to me.

There are so many ways to increase your income today.

From internet sales at home writing blogs, editing for

authors, releasing a podcast, creating affiliate programs,

joining great network-marketing companies, and on and


Spent all of my time getting in front of

people who could buy my product and spent almost no

time with those who couldn’t and/or wouldn’t.

There are only four to six people

we need to meet here.” When my staff travels with me

to a convention I remind them, “Be nice to everyone

but remember we are here to meet people who have our

money.” This must be your foremost focus. If you don’t

do this, you will miss opportunities and waste time with

people who cannot and will not buy or invest in your


For now, make a list of who is

qualified and make yourself known to them.

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