The 4 Things You Only Need To Win Online

The 4 Things You Only Need To Win Online

It’s True! You Only Need 4 Things To Win Online

Here’s the truth…

The key to winning online is to create a promotion that scales on cold traffic and generates 1,000+ new customers a day.

And it ain’t easy.

But too often, marketers make it harder than it needs to be.


By focusing on the elements that aren’t critical to the conversion.

I’m talking about things like high-production video with 4K cameras… immaculate graphics + copy formatting… and uber-fast landing page load speeds.

Sure, those things can help (and in some cases even hurt) conversions.

But they’re not gonna move the needle with the strength of an Acme-sized magnet.

That’s why, whenever crafting a new promotion, you should spend 95% of your time on these 4 key ingredients first…

#1: The Offer

Don’t get it twisted, the offer is way more than just your product. The offer encapsulates each facet of what you’re selling. It’s the results you’re promising. It’s the price. The refund policy. The guarantee. And all the deliverables someone gets when they buy (whether they’re digital, physical, or services).

Put it all together and you get your offer. And without a doubt, it’s the most important piece of the promo.

#2: The Big Idea

Next up, we’ve got our “big idea.” Joe Schriefer — a mentor of mine and one of the most successful info publishers in the universe– thinks of the big idea as the combination of the 3 P’s: the prospect, your product, and the planet (i.e. what’s going on in the world right now).

And when you’re able to bridge the gap between your potential buyers, the thing you’re selling, and show why it’s relevant/topical/important right now, you know you’ve got a big idea on your hands.

#3: The Lead

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again: 80% of people on average don’t make it past the lead of your promotion. So if you want to stack the odds in your favor and get more eyeballs to stick around to the end, it all starts by writing a killer headline and lead than can hook the prospect’s attention for 30… 60… for even 120 minutes straight!

#4: The Upsells

Lastly, it takes more than high conversion rates to scale an offer on cold traffic. You don’t just need conversions. You need a big wheelbarrow full of dollhairs for every customer you acquire. And the best way to do that is by selling each buyer more than one product (i.e. upsells).

Do it right and you’ll boost your average order value, allowing you to spend big buckeroos on the ad networks, outbid your competition, and scale all the way to Mars and back.

So there you have it folks…

The 4 key ingredients you need to cook up a promotion that scales on cold traffic and generates 1,000+ new customers per day.

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