4 Key Things You Should Consider Before Starting Your Blog

4 Key Things You Should Consider Before Starting Your Blog

4 Key Things You Should Consider Before Starting Your Blog

We could give you a long list of things you need to do or have before starting your blog but it’s best to stick to the basics. If you don’t fit these basics, there’s no need to bother about the detailed points…



You would need a lot of this to stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, there are virtually hundreds of blogs existing for almost every idea you’re likely to come up with. Why would anyone visit your blog and not one of the others? Is your information richer in content and more presentable?

Is it more detailed or summarized? Is your blog layout and design more inviting and friendly to users? Are you more engaging with your visitors and more willing to answer their questions and solve their problems? What exactly will make you stand out?

One great tip you could use is to search for the blogs that are already offering the kind of information or service you’re considering. A simple search on Google, Bing or Yahoo Search would do.

Is there a lot of competition in that space?

Do the blogs do a good job of providing quality information?

What are your opinions as a visitor?

Can you do a better job?



Passion is very important because it will always show in the quality of your written content and the way you attend to your blog. Passion is the only thing that would keep you going in the long (or short) periods before your blog starts making any money.

It’s easy to see how many blogs fail in less than a year of starting because their passion was dead from the very start. Most people are drawn in by the promise of making money from a blog but lack the passion to keep them going.

This is why it’s VERY important that you build your blog around a topic, skill, knowledge area, ability or hobby you are interested in and passionate about. Passion, or a lack of it, is usually the fine line between your success and failure as a blogger.


Hard work

Hard work has become underrated because many people are still under the illusion that they can mint money through a blog. While this is true (yes, it is), it will only happen after you’ve put in all the required hard work.

You must be willing to learn a lot (and I mean a lot), do a lot of research and roll up your sleeves to write and satisfy your audience. The competition out there is tough. To stay ahead, you should be ready to do the work that many others are unwilling (or too lazy) to do. Hard work pays off… always!

And if you think working hard on your blog is too much hard work (even in the face of the personal and financial satisfaction that’s possible), maybe you should really get a day job (or continue in the one you already have) and let’s compare notes in a couple of years. I’d love to say: I told you so!



Consistency is another big reason most people fail with blogs. At the beginning, you are really excited about starting something and the prospects of making money real soon. You tell your friends and family about your new blog (even though you have only five pages of content).

You stick to it for the next few months but can’t see any increase in your blog traffic. And then you stop writing for a while before you finally give up and focus on starting another blog or something else.

Trust me, very few things in life will test your patience and faith like starting a blog. To succeed in this business, you will need to keep focused. Try what works and stop what doesn’t.

Keep learning and improving your writing and technical skills until you hit the jackpot!

Until then, see you at the top!

To your success!

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