How To Start Any Business Venture Without Capital Or Bank Loan

How To Start Any Business Venture Without Capital Or Bank Loan

How To Start Absolutely Any Business Venture Without Capital Or Bank Loan

First, as an entrepreneur, I know the indescribable torture of having an unfundable idea. It is like having a baby that you cannot feed. Like being stuck with a wife, and a nursing child without food on a cold Christmas night.
You are tempted to do something stupid and illegal.
A young single mother told me last month in tears about how she had to go and sleep with a man in a car park at a mall in order to raise money to pay for her child’s hospital bill.
I am talking about that kind of torture.

Dear friend, you don’t have to be that desperate anymore.
Secondly, I am guided by that statement by Zig Ziglar that says

“You can have everything in life that you want, if you can only help enough other people get what they want”


Economists say that the first thing a person needs to start an enterprise is capital.
I say, they LIED TO YOU.
The first thing you need is Wisdom, or Strategy, if you will.

What is strategy?

It is the COMPLETE laid out plan for any desired goal.
A good strategy has plans for IF there is no capital. That is like guerilla warfare.
Like our military, the problem with having capital is that it deceives the holder, and makes them to overlook certain factors of utter importance.
Without strategy, having capital may be your albatross.
For example, a man wants to open a restaurant business, and he goes to open it in front of a church. Because he has the capital, but he overlooks the one thing that will kill the business.

The sense of power that money/capital gives can be so delusional that you feel invincible.
Only the insured are secure.
A woman without capital, on the other hand, does not even have money to spend on buying choice plot of land.
This automatically reduces her cost of starting.
Next, because she is a ZERO CAPITALIST, she doesn’t even build a wooden shop. She buys no pots, pans or rice.
She understands that a business idea is dead without customers.
Some people take precious money to go rent luxurious office spaces without knowing where the first client will come from.
She doesn’t do that.

She jumps a bike to business offices and government agencies in her city where most of them will not have breakfast from home.
She strikes rapport with just a few of the staff. And offers to bring samples. She gives one to the office messenger and a few people she knows that has higher ranks in the office. BOOM!
Business has started.

No matter how scary your dream is, there is a starting point that does not require CAPITAL. You only need to look deeply to find it.

I hope you got that.

I don’t care if it is crude oil export that you want to go into, or diamond mining. Friend, there is a way in that does not require Almighty Capital.
In this post, I intend to be able to provide you with specific one-on-one counseling and guidance as you steer the ship of your dreams out of the Port Stagnant and into the ocean of possibilities.



What. When. Where. How. Why. Who.

Have an idea. Ideas rule the world. Although the word itself is almost a cliché. It doesn’t change the fact that you need to birth an idea first.

Write it down. An idea in its written form is like the visa for its actualization. There is a spiritual connection between the written word and the word made flesh. Get a notebook, or even just a sheet of paper (I have ideabooks). Write it at the top.



Very few dreams require capital from the scratch (at least you don’t need capital to write your dream down on paper). I have scribbled ideas on EVEN toilet papers.
You must determine how far you CAN go in pursuing your business without capital. Why? This is because, I believe when God gives you a business idea, you can be sure that he has given like 1,001 other people. If you start on time, you will have the sober and thankful pleasure of hearing people saying “I once thought about it too!” Had you delayed, it would have been you. It has been me many times. I shit you not.

I assure you, you don’t need to travel out of your location to get your capital. Somebody near you has an office you can use, a computer you can use, the helping hand you can lend, AND the money you can spend to get your first batch of products.


Look, I don’t care what your idea is. If it is in my hands, I will make it work without a single dime in my pocket. In fact, these days, I will rather start a business without capital, than have a billion bucks to do business with. It is called O.P.M (Other People’s Money)

In order to get people to put their money in your dream, you have to be bold and mature about it. There are keys to everybody’s heart and pocket and it is your responsibility to find it.

The truth is you need to start seeing your dream as a living, breathing infant, and you as the broke parent. The question now is, will you let your child die? Or will you rob a bank to feed your child? Both options are unfortunate and unnecessary.


I tell you, friend, IGNORANCE IS TRULY EXPENSIVE. To fulfill your dreams, you need information – not capital.
I think I hear you say “Hmm! It doesn’t work that way in real life.

Everything is impossible until it is achieved. I read a quote by Wayne Dwyer in 2001 that says

“Sometimes, what we call impossible is just the unattempted.”

All my successes in business looked daunting on paper, buy that’s what makes the difference between a Dreamer, and a Beggar.
Dreamers act, while beggars beg. You have got to be able to stick your neck out and take the risk.

Anyway, this is not intended to be a motivational post from the start. It has always been my hope that this post will ONLY find its way into the hands of Dreamers who are just waiting for the insight that they need to fly their dreams.

Next question

Why do I need to apply Zero Capital?


I will take you to the book of proverbs to answer that.

Proverbs 23:4 Be wise enough not to wear yourself out trying to get rich.

Proverbs 23:5 Your money can be gone in a flash, as if it had grown wings and flown away like an eagle.

Basically, what that verse is telling you and anybody who cares to listen is that
Money is a Bitch

That’s right. Like beauty, and wine, money will (excuse me) f*ck both its holder and its beholder up.
It must be the utmost duty of an entrepreneur never to let his dream, or confidence be powered by money.
Money has the ability to cloud judgment.

If you enter a business with a millionaire, you will (sadly) be less prudent and painstaking in seeing that everything is done as it should be done. Drunkenness does not come from wine alone. I don’t care how much is in my bank account right now. If I wish to start a new venture, I will prefer to start without capital.


When the question, why to employ Zero Capitalism comes up in your mind, just tell the devil (because only the devil will ask such a misleading question) because it the best way.

Who should I talk to for Capital?
I’ll tell you in one, nope, two words:
Hungry people
Please note, when I say hungry people, I do not mean starving people. In life there are two kinds of hunger:

1. Bodily Hunger
2. Inner Hunger

Bodily hunger is for people who can hardly get by daily. If you meet them, they will eat your dream alive. They will literally abort your dream for you with their own discouragement. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER share your dream with that kind of hungry person.

Inner hunger on the other hand, can best be described by its direct opposite:
THE DICKHEAD: Soulish, Selfish, Satisfied, Been there-done that Egotistical, Impossible to impress and always full of their own idea of how they are self-made.


A person with inner hunger is someone who is committed to constant growth and improvement. He understands that while there is life, there is still a higher calling to fulfill. They will never be afraid to enter into new ventures that can bring results. More importantly, they understand that failure can only make them better.

Remember, the purpose of this post is to teach you how to raise money to fund your dream venture.
It is assumed that you already have the drive and passion seeping through your skin, and your breath, such that when wise men hear you, they will catch your fever.


Let us say you have an idea that can turn in $500k per month, and it requires $250k to start it, this should be your plan.

● Tell your proposed sponsor you have an idea that YOU WANT HIM TO DO which can yield HIM

$250k per month with $500k investment. *By this time, I would assume that you are quite an expert in the field you are recommending.

● You convince them you can run it for them for a fair SALARY in return, say $50k

● The idea is to give them the sense of ownership.

Let me tell you this: NOBODY IS GOING TO EVER LET GO OF THEIR MONEY TO FUND “YOUR” DREAM. I am sure you have seen this in real life. It is the reason why most dreams are in limbo. We clutch our dreams so tight that we, not them, choke it to death.


Remember my mantra

“You can everything in life that you want, if you can only help other people get what they want”.

I want to stop here and let you go to work with what you have learned.
I have so much that I want to share with you, but so little time.
I understand that each business has a different entry stage. As such, it will be impossible for a single post to be a cure-all for your startup headaches.

WARNING: Most people who read this post will end it here. They will say it opened their eyes, but take no further steps to actualize their dreams.

But I’m sure you’re not like that. You want to make this year our year, don’t you?

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