How to Start a Soft Toy Making Business

How to Start a Soft Toy Making Business

Soft Toy making activity is one of the simple and less investment activity, and most of

the units run by women only. The technology for making of soft toys has been

changed. These toys made of fur and acrylic in various designs and sizes are in great

demand in the market. These toys are manufactured in various colors, size and more

popular in the shape of animals . The one which is liked most by the children is Teddy Bear.



There is good scope for these type of toys in Nigeria and Abroad. The companies in the

all over the world are eyeing in to Nigerian market because the its have an important

place in international market. The demand of soft toys is also increasing day by day

due to several reasons. The most common soft toys are available in the market are

Teddy Bear, Joker, Various animals , etc. Some special type soft toys also available in

the market. The Nigerian soft toys rates starts from $30 to 2000 depends on fur cloth

quality. Some of the Nigerian companies also exporting soft toys to abroad. There is

good domestic market for soft toys in Nigeria.



The manufacturing of soft toys is best suitable to ladies. Because the activity cab be start from $10000 to 500000 in their houses only. The work is like cutting, stitching and knitting etc. The process of manufacturing of soft toys is too easy and simple and it is similar to preparing quilts . Like cotton is put in a quilt or a mattress after stitching it from one side. Similar the cloth is cut according to the design of the toy which is to be prepared and then sponge is filled into from the other side. Later buttons, ribbon, and eyes are tucked to it to make it a complete to be delivered to the market.


Talents and skills are not adequate when you are planning to start a business of your own. Evaluation is a must and you should be able to accurately calculate the losses and the gains that are an essential part of every business. The soft toys that you are manufacturing need customers so that the returns are good and the income sufficient. There are many who run a home business just to have a supplementary income and returns for them might be sufficient. But if you are solely concentrating on the business as your source of income profit making ability has to be considered seriously

Soft toys are not only for children but they also appeal to adults as well. They can be gifted to persons of mostly all age groups and they really have a charm of their own.



==>  The stuffing machine line is assembled with a fiber opener and toy stuffing machine that mainly used for textile stuffing productions such as plush toys, cushions and pillows etc. It can be also used for fiber quilting filling after the stuffing slots developed according to our customers requirement and the high technology in the world

==> Adjustable foot switch controlling for the material agitation inside of the stuffer hopper that avoids the material becomes ball and get worse quality. So that the finished product is remained good elasticity, soft and save material cost

==>  Lower air pressure required which is 40% lower than the others in the same area in China

Stuffed toys machine

  1. For filling toys with different size
  2. Do not harm to the material
  3. Custom design

There are lots of machine manufacturers of Soft Toys in China, and their are some importer in Nigeria, you can search these manufacturers in Google.


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