Selling Using The Power of Storytelling

Selling Using The Power of Storytelling

Selling Using The Power of Storytelling


When it comes to successful selling, you don’t want to underestimate the power of a good story.


If you want to sell successfully, you must understand that people buy out of emotions and justify their decisions with logic.


And for you to appeal to their emotions, you need a good story.


In this short article we are going to look at how you can craft a good story.


There are many methods and systems on how to tell stories.


Indeed you can find lots of books on this topic on how to craft story plots worthy of hollywood blockbusters.


However, this article is not about writing screenplays.


It’s about skillfully and effortlessly seducing your buyers exploiting their vulnerability when they are engrossed in a carefully crafted story.


And to do this, you need a technique known as the “rollercoaster”


So what’s a Rollercoaster?


Intuitively, a rollercoaster is something that goes up and down, and up and down again.


Every single story ever told share this same characteristic.


Imagine telling this story to someone


“I once had a craving for some seafood for dinner. So I left home at 6:30 pm and went to the best seafood restaurant in town. Then, I ordered my usual serving and ate it. Then, I drove back home “


You’d agree with me that, the above story is not exciting but boring.


Now here’s a “spiced up” version of the same story…


“I left home at 6:30pm, because I had this crazy craving for spiced prawns for dinner. So I drove to munchy’s Sea place, which served the best seafood in Lagos, if not the world.


But as I took a bite out of the spicy prawn I felt rather a strange sensation. The world started to spin and I started to choke. Panicking, I gobbled down some water and I immediately regained my senses. I took into the filling and got the shock of my life. And then, I saw it…”


Can you see what I did with the second story?


The no1 way to make your story come alive is to introduce conflict!


Of course now you’re curious about what is inside the prawn that caused the choking, but that’s not the point here.


What I want to show you is that the story now takes a life of it’s own and most importantly, it ceases to be boring.


You never ever want to bore your customers


The original story line was mundane because it was rather flat from the start till the end. The improved version, on the other hand, is interesting because there’s an element of conflict weaved into the story.


If everything went well every single time, it wouldn’t be very interesting indeed. Conflict is what gives a story its life. Furthermore, for every conflict you introduce into a story, there must be a corresponding resolution.


Your resolution is the answer to your customers’ or readers’ throbbing questions.


Hence the concept of a story Rollercoaster. Conflict and resolution. Up and down. That is the core of every good and seductive story that builds strong empathy and deep rapport with your customers.


So, these two elements “conflict and resolution” must make up your story.


Note: Keep your story simple as that will make it easy to digest. In other words, don’t clutter up your story with outlandish sub plots and unnecessary details.


So, when next you sell anything, remember people make their buying decisions from a point of emotions and to trigger their emotions, you need a good story

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