Would you like to know the secret to running Facebook ads that give you as high as 1800% ROI?

In clear terms, that is like spending N15,000 on ads and making about N270,000 in profits.

If your answer is YES, then let me share a case study from one of my latest FB campaigns with you that explains it.


Back in February, I imported about 400 copies of a product that helps women get rid of blackheads.

wealth ideas


But after importing the product, I got involved with other things and just forgot about it.

That was until last month when I was looking at the products in our store and saw it just wasting there.

So, I sat down to create a funnel to sell it off using Facebook adverts.

The funnel I created to sell the product is simple and straightforward.

It is just:

FB ADS => Salespage


No optin, no video

Just straight cold traffic from FB ads sent to a sales page.

I also used the Facebook conversion objective to track it so I can know how much I was spending to get 1 sale.

Now, this is where it gets interesting:

Initially, I was spending $5 (N1,850) to get 1 confirmed sale.

Since the profit on each product (after removing purchase cost and courier) is N5,000, that means I was spending N1,850 to get a confirmed N5,000 sale.

Here is the initial ad I was using below (some had different images)

wealth ideas


This was profitable but I knew I could do better, so here is what happened.


I sat down again to create a new set of ads using a special 7-step process I created for getting cheaper ads that convert on FaceBoook.

This 7 step process led me to a new audience and a new advert.

Here is the New Ad I Created:

wealth ideas



The cost of acquiring a sale crashed down to $0.40

If you remember, initially, we were spending $5 (N1,850) to make N5,000

But by creating better FB ads, I was able to drop the sales per conversion to $0.40

Eventually, FB increased my ad cost but I was still able to get $0.85 per sale to sell 380 copies of this product.

That means I spent N119,510 (380 x N314.5) to make N1.9 million (380 x N5,000)

N119,510 produced N1.9 million (N1,780,490 in net profits)

If I was using the first ad setup, I would have had to spend N703,000 to sell the 380 copies to make the same N1.9m

That would have been N1,197,000 in net profits.



As you can see in this case study, the increased and huge ROI did not come from tweaking the sales letter or any other part of the funnel.

I believe I could have gotten a better result if I took time to write better copy or use a better funnel.

But in this case, all I did was to create new FB Ads that allowed me to run FB ads cheaper and this automatically gave me a higher ROI.

This is what happens when you know how to run FB ADS that convert at cheaper rates.

The point here is simple.

“If you can buy ads cheaper, this alone will help you get a better ROI”

The question now is:

How Do YOU Run FB Ads at Low Cost Like This?

I have created a 7-step formula for creating & running profitable Facebook adverts that convert at cheaper costs

With this formula, I have been able to get clicks for as low as $0.004 to a website.

cheaper ads that convert


Yes. You read that right.

And I have been able to get as low as $0.002 per post engagement ad and built a list of 2000 FB list from a total ad budget of just $5.

When you begin to use these 7 step formula for running your Facebook ads, you are going to love the results they will deliver to you.

That is why I want to introduce you to a new training that we have created called:

“Run FB Ads That Convert At Cheaper Cost!”

The “Run FB Ads that convert at Cheaper cost” Formula is Made Up of 7 Steps.

Step #1: Interest-Based Targeting:  identifying the proper audience to Target

Step #2: Craft a Compelling Lead Magnet:  Headline or first line of your ad that is difficult to resist

Step #3: Build High-Converting Landing Pages for Facebook Leads

Step #4: Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Landing Page From Facebook

Step #5: Low cost Conversions: Make the right Call to Action

Step #6: Constantly Monitor, Tweak, and Refine Campaigns

Step #7. Not Working? Check for these Common Problems

This training is made up of a PDF that explains this 7-step formula for creating & running profitable FB adverts at cheaper costs

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PS: As you can see with the case study I shared here, the “Run FB Ads that convert at CHEAPER cost” formula is not based on magic.

For it to work, you must be offering something that people want and you must have a good enough marketing message