If you have a great product and you want to get the maximum sales potential
out of it, the way to go is to have affiliates do your selling for you.

To attract good affiliates you need to have done your work upfront. You
need an attractive, professional sales page for your product.


You need a quality product with a big market and a problem that needs solving, and
money to spend.

And you need a system for managing all of those affiliates.

One way to do that is through clickbank. You can set up a vendor’s account
at Clickbank, or any other affiliate program site, such as 1 Shopping
Cart or paydotcom.

This will give affiliates a way to create an affiliate link so that when someone
goes to THEIR sales page, or review page, and clicks on the link that
leads to your merchant page…the affiliate gets the credit.

Traditionally merchants pay about 60 or 70 percent of the sale price of a
product to their affiliates.

This may seem like a very high number but think about this – those affiliates
are getting sales for you that you would likely never have gotten on
your own.

They are also building up your list for you with every sale, so that you can
sell to those customers in the future.

They are going out and doing ALL of the sales work for you. They are
creating websites that are selling your product.


They are paying for Pay Per Click ads.


They are marketing to their lists. They are blogging about
your product.

So you are getting 30 or 40 percent of the sales price – but you would not
have gotten that sale without them promoting you in the first place.

It also keeps your name out there in front of everyone – they are promoting
your name and your product, which helps with name recognition in the
future, with branding and with credibility.

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