Reasons For Having A Digital Marketing Strategy Implemented In Your Business

Reasons For Having A Digital Marketing Strategy Implemented In Your Business

Here are a couple of reasons why having a digital marketing strategy is good for your business.

Improves Your Return On Investment (ROI)

It isn’t just enough to write and publish content on your website if you want to increase your audience and see your ROI shoot up the roof.

Increased competition among businesses has seen these businesses turn to various digital marketing strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, and PPC strategies to increase their ROI.

Increases Customer Loyalty

It is often said that it costs more to attract and convert new customers than to retain customers.

Approximately 40% of all online shopping revenue comes from repeat customers, who make up 8% of website visitors in the US.

Therefore, to retain your customers, you’ll need to keep them engaged with various digital marketing strategies such as email marketing and social media engagement.

Increases Customer Engagement at Every Stage

customer journey map

Understanding a customer’s value journey under a traditional marketing model is difficult.

For example: Under a traditional marketing model, a customer goes to a physical store after seeing an advert on TV or in a newspaper, makes the decision to buy or not too based on the advert, and then goes to the store to pay for the product or service.

However, digital marketing makes it possible for you to track every step that a customer makes and provides you with an opportunity to influence their purchasing decision along the way.

Enables Ideal Audience Targeting

display ads audience targeting

Digital marketing strategies make it possible for you to target your ideal audiences in a cost-effective manner.

This is done using software applications that track customers’ online activities by capturing their demographic data.

Enables Generation of Consistent Leads

lead generation

Digital marketing strategies enable you to create a sales funnel that generates consistent leads and sales from traffic.

It also helps you improve the customer journey, as indicated in Taboola’s study.

funnel analysis taboola
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