How To Start a Pasta Making Business

How To Start a Pasta Making Business

Ultimate Guide To Pasta Making Business

The artificial drying process allows pasta to be produced at industrial level and, therefore, to be distributed. The drying process is the final main step of industrial pasta production, and it is fundamental to greatly prolong the shelf life of the product. Manufacturing process is not complex and the demand is increasing.


Ideas to start and make profits in Pasta making business

The major challenge for a pasta manufacturer is obtaining the proper market for it. In this blog, you can find out the perfect pasta making business plan to start your business.


How to start a Pasta making business to make huge profits

The primary thing that any potential pasta manufacturers must perform is to acquire the details of the process of making pasta. Fresh pasta is mostly pasta that is made from fresh ingredients and not having long shelf life if compared to the commercial or the dry pasta. Fresh pasta is far superior to the commercial pasta as the fresh pasta manufacturer can modify the fresh pasta according to the needs of the clients such as the pasta’s specific shapes, flavors, sizes, and colors. This blog helps you in clearing all the doubts related to ‘how to start afresh pasta making business.

License and permission required to start Pasta making business

License required for Pasta making business.

Pasta is a consumer durable processed food product so the business must have a set of registrations and permissions before initiating the unit. The following are the permission and licenses needed to manufacture food products in India:

  • Acquire a trade license from the local bodies.
  • Then apply for the VAT registration.
  • After that, obtain the CAC Certification which is important.
  • Next, register your pasta manufacturing business and get a trademark.
  • You must not acquire pollution control NOC. But it is again essential to verify with the local organization about it.
  • As it is categorized under food-related product, you must apply for the NAFDAC licenses
  • Lastly, the unit should have exhaust fans for comfortable operations inside the unit.

Equipment needed for a Pasta making business

Any fresh pasta manufacturer should have the essential equipment in making fresh pasta. Apart from the usual rolling pins, refrigerator, chopping boards, freezer, knives, and flour sifter the pasta manufacturing business must have specific pasta equipment such as electric mixer with a dough hook or food processor, pasta scraper, pasta machine or roller and electric exclusion machine among others. Your projected market will decide the count of equipment that you must acquire. Moreover, a pasta manufacturer should purchase only the best and quality ingredients.


Steps involved in the manufacturing process of Pasta


Pasta making steps.

The following are the easy steps to follow for the preparation of delicious pasta:

  • Dry mixing
  • Dough formation
  • Extrusion
  • Pre – Drying
  • Drying

The above processes are briefly here:

Dry mixing

Firstly, in a vertical mixer, you should mix the following components such as dough of eggs and flour, usually all-purpose flour or “00” high-gluten flour. Also, you should add a color that is suitable for consumption. The average moisture content at this specific step is about 10 to 11% of dry mixes.

Dough formation

In this second step, you should add a coating type with gelatin of the starch using the dry mixer ingredients. Using boiled water satisfactorily prepare the dough using dough mixer for 12-15 minutes.


Thirdly, you should transfer the dough mix into the pasta making machine for the extruded material of the required length and shape. By the suitable dye, you can alter the distance between the cutting blade and the dyed surface. The average moisture at this stage is around 33% of dry mixes.


In this step, the pasta which is collected from the cutting machine is transferred to wooden trays and dried. This allows the pasta to dry completely without sticking and become hard enough to handle. The average moisture content here is around 29.5% of dry mixes.


In the final step of drying, steaming is performed. You will receive a quality product that contains a longer shelf life after the proper steaming. The average moisture content here will be 17% of dry mixes. After steaming the dried product obtained has the average moisture content of about 10% of dry mixes.


The cost and investment to start a Pasta making business

Investment to start a Pasta making business.

The cost involved in pasta making business includes-

The instant pasta making machine price is $ 35,000

The cost of raw materials required for making pasta is $15,000

The packaging cost is $10,000

Other miscellaneous costs are $ 20,000

So, the total cost involved to start pasta making business is $80,000 to 100,000.

This cost varies based on the small scale pasta making machine cost.


Profits margin in Pasta making business

You can expect a minimum of 33% of profit margin in pasta making business if you start the business at a smaller scale. For a commercial scale, the profit goes up to 50%.


How to sell the product?

You can sell the product in the local stores, markets, supermarkets, by distributing samples to them. Distributing free samples to the nearby houses as people always loves to get something extra. If they like they will surely purchase it next time.

You need to concentrate on the retail market which is the main target for selling the fresh pasta:

  • Commercial kitchen
  • Culinary schools
  • Fast-food outlet
  • Restaurant
  • Retailers
  • Supermarkets
Wholesale market

You can also even contact the dealers in the wholesale market, by increasing the network through your regular retailer shopkeepers.


Brand and uniqueness

Promotion: Promoting your pasta product is an essential thing in your business which highly essential to increase your business profit. You can sell your fresh pasta product online by registering your online stores to purchase your pasta through orders. Spending on advertisement and promotion of your pasta making business using promoting materials like business cards, leaflets, posters, and handbills to attract clients is also a good approach. You just apply little more efforts to market your brand than the other fresh pasta making manufacturers, who are already into the market.

Marketing the fresh pasta: The main struggle for any fresh pasta producer is the commercial pasta. It is not all recommended for a beginner manufacturer having a limited market of customers to proceed with head to head competition with the commercial pasta in the supermarket. It would be preferred to apply marketing approaches to attract many customers. A fresh pasta manufacturer uses the conventional advertisement of brochures or posters. He can also think of providing samples of pasta dishes in supermarkets or offer free pasta in events like community gatherings or some parties. The fresh pasta manufacturer can also offer free samples of pasta to general stores in nearby localities and later on try and sell the fresh pasta once the pasta is familiar. Finally, a fresh pasta manufacturer, like any businessman, must plan his goals and business forecasts for the fresh pasta manufacturing business to be aware of the business will perform well or not in the long run.


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