Hello, it’s Wealth Ideas here.

If you are like me, then you probably must have been surfing the internet for ways to have extra source of income.

I used to do the same until I cracked the “make money online” mystery.

‘I don’t trust most marketers.

Many of them do not make money. All

they do is sell info on how to make money…

Since I began my internet business, I’ve being through every emotion imaginable: frustration… anger… jubilation, although the frustration only lasted for a few years whilst I was seriously trying to discover how the whole website game is played.

Eventually, after lots of dedication and hard work, I did and it worked out and since then, I haven’t looked back.

With this, I believe I’m in the best position to advise you on how to do the same.

The Problem…

I want you to know that making money online is more difficult and confusing than it used to be.

There are so many programs and lots of information flying across the internet.

This makes it difficult to pin-point the actual and genuine one to settle for, loosing lots of money in the process.

And this is the major reason why I decided to strip down the numerous money-making programs I have to see which one is realistic.

The Outcome…

The fact is most of the programs and eBooks are rubbish.

A few could even be addressed as ‘scams.’ I will teach you how to build an online-based business which generates steady source of income by creating and selling short valuable reports.

The complete picture and the whole truth is that making money online-the proper way- is of course complex and needs time to learn- and there is NO magic button… but getting started and getting proof that it works for you too can be done in just a few simple steps.

So if you want an extra few thousand bucks in your pocket within the next few days (or if you’re quick, a few millions), then keep reading….

You may have seen many webpages that look like this or stories like this…

..But I want you to know that what I have for you is like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before…

Look I get it …

You’ve been burnt…

You’ve bought things that don’t work…

You’ve been lied to right?

Well, let’s CHANGE that starting now….

time for change

I want you to know before I cracked the code to online wealth creation I was a normal guy just like you…

I was stuck in a 9 to 5 office job…

My family and friends thought I was a joke and would privately laugh at me every time I mentioned “making money online”…

I know exactly what you’re going through and know precisely how you feel as I’ve been there myself…

How will you feel if I set up a system that will make money for you on a daily basis and on part-time?


The key to wealth and happiness in today’s world is to create multiple streams of income using diverse business models and combinations of passive and active income in areas where your passions and talents can be most thoroughly engaged.


Some people will say I’m making enough with my paid job.


Look, even if you are working with Shell Petroleum, just have it in mind that you are a staff and one day will be laid off just like they did last year and early this year.

There is nothing like job security.

Screenshot - 19_04_2016 , 08_51_43 AM

The good thing is that for those that are not working or not happy with their job, you can create passive income for yourself.


I want to work with you to help you make at least $100 per day and $3,000 in 30 days.



I want to hold you by hand and set up the business funnel for you bring extra $3,000 without you leaving your full-time job.

If you want to be like me that make money online and take my offline business online to make more money on full time, then you are about to experience something good.


You see, I have developed many products and service that I sell online and the good thing about this online business is that I can be in the comfort of my home and still make money.


When I started to make money online, I didn’t start as a copywriter or consultant, I started as a web designer and programmer.


I went for web dev, I went for entrepreneurship development training and business plan writing training and other institutes and today I love writing more than I love designing and coding.

Today I have learned to use my passion, skills and expertise to make money and online is the goldmine.

I love what I’m doing and I have a strong passion for it.

Why Should You Start Your Online Business?

✔️With the kind of business I want to set up for you, you will get products that are developed once and you continue to make money.

I can sell my ebooks and programs to 100,000.

Build it once and the money keeps coming.


✔️You can work from anywhere


✔️You set it once and it keeps bringing the money


✔️I will give you some products so that you don’t worry about creating them.


You start promoting and make money immediately.


start your online business today

What Am I Going to Do for You to Make Money Online?

👉 I will help you to register a domain name like www.yourwebsitename.com just like my own and build a website like mine for you.

I will set up a sales page like an e-com store for you to sell best selling digital products like ebooks courses and video course to targeted hungry buyers with money ready to spend for you.


👉 I will give you materials, my best seller ebooks, video courses, programs together with sales page, ad copies and promo emails for you to start with and promote to make money every day.


👉 I will give you my copywriting ebooks and materials on how to write professional copywriting for any business.


👉 Materials on how to write an explosive copy for your clients and charge as high as $1000-$5000 per copy depending on the caliber of the clients.


👉 Other templates and materials for you to use to make real money.


👉 3 months support including training and mentorship.


👉 I will show you how I promote my ebooks courses, video courses, programs, copywriting service and other services for free and I will also show you how I used Facebook, Linkedin and others to sell my products.

How I run my facebook ads and pay as low as $0.01 to get hundreds of clicks and sales.

I will also guide you on how to package many ebooks and courses and sell.


Imagine if you have 5 ebooks or video courses and you are selling each for $50 or even $70 and you are able to sell at least 1 a day, 70 X 30 = $2100 passive income on a part-time basis by simply promoting your ebooks following my steps.



💡 You can charge up to $500 to write a copy and this is another way to make money which I will tutor you within the 3 months support period.


💡 You can make money by providing other related services which I will tutor you.

💡 You can make money by selling the ebooks, vdeo courses and programs I will give to you.


💡 You can make money by writing business plans and proposals.


💡 I will set it up and give you hot selling ebooks, videos/ info products in lucrative niches and programs free for you to start with which you can sell for any amount you want.

(I normally price my info products from $27 upwards for ebooks and $57 upwards for video courses and special programs)


💡 You will also learn how to unlock other opportunities and duplicate the system to make more money.


💡You’ll learn how to create and sell your own info products with our Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint.


I’m looking for just a few people for me to mentor.

I don’t need so many people.

Just few so that I can manage and give them quality mentorship.





Before I tell you the cost of this training,

I want you tell you what you will be benefiting when you opt in for this training.


✅ We do 98% of the job while you handle just the remaining 2%


✅ Earning potential starts from $2k monthly to over $10k monthly.


✅ If you hurry up to seize your chance, you’ll be making more in a week than many hard-working guys make in a month on a 9-5  job…


✅ this system can make you more money than you can count!

You can start making money fast.


✅ If you grab this, then you are 98% good to go.


✅ Yes, you can! You can earn extra $5,000 monthly online as a newbie just like some of my students now do.




Making extra income online isn’t Rocket Science.

You Can make it too.

If over 20 “newbies” can make $10,000 in their first month online… So Can You!

if you do the right things, the right way, you can earn your 1 year’s salary in a month or two doing online business.


Are you still doing the same thing in 2020 and expecting different results?

If so, it’s time to make a change:





I want to talk to you about what sets people back in their quest to make a decent living online.

The biggest thing that sets people back is not taking action.

Maybe it is fear of the unknown?

Maybe it is fear of failure?

whatever is holding you back It’s time for you to go out and do as much actionable items that will impact your online business quest in a positive way.

Make a “to do” list of action items and list them in order of greatest impact to your bottom line.

It’s true that you might have tried different ways of making money online which you read or were taught in a seminar or ebook but after giving it a trial, you still can’t see success in the process.

Are you not going to get in on the action and make something good out of it for yourself?

This isn’t for everyone.

I’m looking for serious, and motivated individuals who want to potentially make extra $2k – $10k monthly.

Slots are open now for new people .

So here’s what you’re getting

I will build and set up the website for you

Send you the materials

Teach you how to manage

Mentor you and support you in selling.


My cost of building a website like this is $500 for individual or small business owners, but you are getting everything including the materials and 3 months training, support and mentoring for just a meager fee and it’s stopping soon.


This will give you an opportunity to learn other ways to make money online from me because I want you to be successful.


“My mentor told me if you want to be successful and make more, help others to make money. The market is like an ocean and is too large for just one person. There is no competition in this market except you are not promoting or you do not follow my step-by-step guide.”

I am sure you are already waiting for this part.

Don’t be scared yet, I am not even going to charge you much for it.




Did you just say I am charging much for this package ?

Well incase you do not know, by giving out this package, I am indirectly exposing the secret of my wealth to you.

You don’t expect it to come on a platter of gold, do you?

If Jeff Bezos were to reveal the secret behind his wealth to you, do you think he’ll be charging you a meager $950? the answer is a big fat NO

As a matter of fact, I do not want this information to be over saturated.

So if I can even have my way.

I would make it so expensive that, only one out of a hundred would be able to afford it.

But on a second thought, I feel it won’t be proper for me to do so.

After all, my purpose of revealing this information is to empower a lot of people struggling financially.

Making it highly expensive won’t actualize this goal.

So I’ve got no choice than to make it extremely affordable so a lot of people can be able to afford it.

To This End, I Am Going To Do Something That Would Even Amaze You The More.

I know you love special offers, so I am going to give you a very special offer right now.

I hope you’ll be able to grab it.

Here it is…. instead of $950 I will give you a discount so now you will have to pay $900 for today.

Tomorrow it may go up to $1000 and later to $1500.




✅ Domain name and hosting for a year= $80


✅ Website setup and product sales page that I will include your bank account details or any payment processor of your choice so that you can receive payments= $500


✅ Best selling ebooks in hot niches am selling at $30 to $50 each (see them here)


✅ Best selling video courses and my special programs in hot niches am selling at $57 to $90 each


✅ My Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint currently selling at $49


✅ My ebook on how to write a multi-million dollar copy for clients and charge as high as $1k-$10k per copy, value = $70


✅ Videos on facebook marketing worth $200


✅ Videos on social media and internet marketing worth $250


✅ My sample business proposal = $80


✅ Other materials and video worth over $250


✅ 3-months training and mentorship worth over $300 (online)


All of them should cost you more than $1,220


But you will get everything and a lot more for only $900.


The 3 Secrets…

Secret #1 – You do not need to be an expert to start generating good income online. 


Secret #2 – You only need a small budget to implement these tactics.

I’ve spent money on what doesn’t work so you get to skip that cost.


Secret #3 – You don’t have to work more hours to increase your sales.

You can automate your business so many elements are running on auto-pilot.

I will set it up for YOU.


QESTION: If I get in, when will my website, sales pages and others be ready for me to start making money?

ANS: It will be ready within 5 – 7 days and you start making money as soon as possible. 3 days to register a domain/ hosting and design your site. Handling over and putting you through is within the 5 days and support and training continue after that.


QUESTION: Can I get direct contact to you so that you can help me?

ANSWER: The answer is yes. Once you make payment you have 3 months mentorship.


QUESTION: Give me the program for free will pay you back when I start to make money.

ANSWER: If you can’t bet on yourself, why do you expect me or others to bet on you? it is simple. if You don’t invest in yourself, nobody is going to invest in you.


QUESTION: What can you do for people who don’t have money?

ANSWER: If something is important. you will find a way to get the money especially since we are not talking about millions of billions of dollars here. it is just $900.


QUESTION: How soon can I get results with this program?

ANSWER: Truth is, it depends on how aggressive you are about implementing what I am going to show you.

Some people will start getting results within a week.

Some will get huge results within a month but it all depends on how you apply this system.


Get Started Now For $900 (Limited Price) Many people will find a way to raise money and get the latest Iphone or Samsung in town but when it comes to opportunities like this, they find a way to make excuses.


I need ONLY SERIOUS people that are ready and eager to start their online business and make money as soon as possible (already mentoring about 17 people, everything is going smoothly and they’re are loving it)


If you are interested, please send me the domain name you want me to use to set up your website and also send me your email.

I will send you the ebooks, video courses, special programs and other materials. I will register your domain and send the login details of your site.


To take advantage of this offer simply click the button below to make payment,



To make payment for the package, you can pay online using your ATM Card


pay to wealth-ideas


If you want to pay to our Paypal, please send your payments to paytocee@gmail.com

Once you make the payment, take your phone and send us a an email us at: admin@wealth-ideas.com  or wealthideasglobal@gmail.com including-

Your Full Name –

Your Email Address –

Name of the website you want me to register for you-

The moment we receive your Message and confirm your payment online, we would get back to you on the next step to take to get started.

If you need us to help you create a website or blog or provide any other assistance or mentoring to you, contact us.


Don’t feel any hesitation to ask questions. I’ll feel happy to answer. It’s free to ask 🙂

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us with the email above.