As everyone on the planet earth you have been struggling to build MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, hopefully with less effort. Let’s say you earn $2,000 per month, but you spend at least $3000 every month. Spending less (under $2000) might make sense at first. You can spend less for a couple weeks but you will see you will get bored easily, because spending less means no more cinema, starbucks coffee, vacations, nike shoes, etc. In summary you have to get bored to spend less. You know you didn’t come to earth to get bored.


So what is the solution for both getting fun and earning more. You have to spend as more as you used to spend, actually you have to spend more to earn more. Think of a business man, he/she invest huge amount of money in new business. At first that investment might look wasting of money and time to one who does not know details and future potential of the business.


In the world, large companies are buying stocks of electricity distribution firms. For now electricity is mostly used for household items, in the future every house will have electric cars, robot vacuum cleaners, air conditioning units, robot kitchen helpers, etc. Total electric consumption will go up at least 3X. After knowing this fact, investing in electricity distribution firms makes sense. To earn more in near and far future you have to invest with a future estimation.


Another thing about future is, it is unpredictable mostly. You can not invest in just one thing and expect to be rich, You have to divide your money into many pieces and invest in many stuff.

And you have to invest in things that are scalable. For instance, investing in a business that makes only $1 is better than investing in a business that makes $3000 as long as former business is scalable. Think of a product you can sell to 1 million people, each sales makes you $1, and another business you can make a product only 1 person is willing to pay $3000 in the whole world. Don’t be scared of the little amount that business offers to you per sale, just make sure it can be replicated/scaled easily.

Another strategy is making multiple streams of income real. You have to have incomes from many sources such as; rent, stocks, work, freelance, loyalties, donations, investment, bitcoin, gold etc.

I have invested in bitcoin mining in 2015, I am still getting $500 every month, I have invested $4,000, but it has already paid me over $20,000. Nice thing about cloud mining is, their contracts were endless, so you are paid forever unless company fails. Check online cloud mining. Contracts might be expensive now but it still makes sense signing up. Signing up is free, when you sign up they send you emails when they have discounts. If a regular price of a cloud mining contract is $1000 and if you buy it at $500 when there is discount you will end up 2X more mining power for the same price. Just check your email regularly.


Investing in stock market is also good place to start for multiple streams of income. I am paid dividend from multiple stocks every 3 months. As long as companies grows and makes sales you are get paid every 3 months. Just don’t invest all money in single stock, divide it and invest in many stocks that operates in different sectors.

Check EToro, Simple FX, 24 option. In EToro you can just copy investments of successful traders, it is called social trading. EToro lists most successful traders of last week, month, etc. You can just copy all operations of a certain trader in fully automatic mode. If that trader buys or sells a stock same stock is bought or sold in your account too.

In your free times you can earn money just clicking a button, free bitcoin delivers free bitcoins (small amount but adds up as you do it every hour) every hour. You can also try cointiply free bitcoin (2 free bitcoin websites means 2X more money fot you)


If you are good at instagram, twitter, pinterest or facebook you can grow your account, get thousands of followers. After you get thousands of followers you can get paid advertisement to your social media account. An account with 100,000 followers can earn $10,000 per month. You can use professional tools to get more followers fast. They are mostly free to use for the first month. Check socialbee, socialpilot, crowdfireapp.

Playing lotto with a smart strategy can make you some extra cash. As probably you already now, winning lottery is very difficult, you shouldn’t invest in lottery unless you want to waste your money. But in some certain times, investing in lottery makes sense. If a lottery is not won for multiple weeks, the grand prize rolls over to next week. Let’s say a lotto game pays 1 million in a week, when it rolls over for 20 weeks it pays 50 millions.

At that time although chance of winning the grand prize is same, the amount has gone 50X! Instead of playing lottos every week, saving money for 20 weeks and playing at when prize gone to 50X will turn around 50 times more money. You can sign up to online lotto services to track many lottos in different countries and play when they roll over multiple times.

I have invested 500 pounds in UK lotto when it rolled over multiple times, in return I got 4200 punds, if I played in a regular week I would only get 150 pounds at most. Using this strategy requires patience and accumulating money on-front. Check Lotto Land, Lotto Send, Best of the best (some websites are not available in every country)


Everyone have to shop at groceries, you can not buy too much apple when it is cheap and eat it throughout the year. You have to buy apple every week. So you can not take advantage of price discounts. But you can buy durable goods when they are cheap (New year’s eve, November 11, Back to School week, black friday discounts). You should have a “to buy” list and shop when there are discounts. You can also set target price alarms in some online merchants. Check aliexpress, banggood.

I will add more Strategy later in this article, keep following…

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