Missing cat found after 5 Years

Missing cat found after 5 Years

Missing cat found after 5 Years

A missing cat was recently found …

After he’d been gone for FIVE WHOLE YEARS.

Not just that, he was found miles out at sea …

On an oil rig!

The cat (whose actual name was Dexter, but got nicknamed “One-Eyed Joe” by the ship workers who found him) went missing back in 2017.

His owners had given up all hope of finding him.

Yet just a few weeks back, they got a call from The Scottish Animal Protection Agency, informing them Dexter had been found.

No one knows how he got onto the rig.

Or even how long he’d been there.

But safe to say, the owners were delighted.

Just goes to show, that sometimes you have to be patient.

Same as in business.

Our main goal with everyone who comes through our agency is to have their potential clients watch or read their offer and book a call straight away.

And that happens.

A lot.

But at the same time, some clients are more of a slow burn.

They need to see your offer …

Read a few follow-up emails …

Maybe join your free Facebook group …

And they just need time for their pain to get worse before they reach out and pay for help.

That’s just how business goes.

Trouble is, many high-ticket programs teach that if a lead doesn’t convert 24-48 hours after getting into your funnel, they’re a ‘dead lead.’

That’s not the case.

Because with enough patience …

And the right nurturing approach (like the one we do) …

You can definitely sign these ‘fence-sitter’ clients.

Sure, they might not pay up a high-ticket fee right away.

But at some point, they’ll be ready.

We make tens of thousands of dollars every month from clients who saw our offer years ago and needed a little more time to get ready.

That’s why we never give up on a lead.

Just like Dexter’s owners never gave up on finding their furry friend.

So if you’re ready to sign up high-ticket clients within 24-48 hours …

And master the art of converting longer-term prospects too …

Schedule your FREE strategy call with us right now.

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