How to Start a Metal Art Making Business

How to Start a Metal Art Making Business


Guide to Starting a Metal Art Making Business

Metal art is where you turn metal into sculptures. Metal art is labor intensive, but the end results can be breathtaking. Metal sculptures range in size from small enough to fit on a table to towering creations designed to decorate a yard. There is a market for these metallic creations, which can be sleek and modern or rustic in their charm.

Metal art work is an on-going trend and is one of the fastest growing craft occupations in today’s industrial market. A metal can be used to create designs of any thing right from geometric structures, stars, animals to suns. Metal art work is usually weather proof and durable. It can also be put for indoor displaying and can be used as a yard or garden art.

Metal art work is popularly used for livening up the wall spaces Today, metal art work for walls is obtainable in a broad collection of prices, styles, and sizes. This kind of metal art work is very beautiful and attractive. Metal art work can be common or rural and sometimes, even modern.

In metal art work, one must keep in mind the color palette of the area so as to set the art according to it. The materials used in metal art work should not collide with the active set of decorations. But, they should act as an equilibrate or an original centerpiece for the current decor. Basically, it needs to compliment the theme of the area.

Metal art work refers to executing work of an art on alloys such as bell metal, white metal, bronze, and metals such as silver and copper. It is also considered to be a differentiating class of artistic work. Brass is widely used in metal art work for producing different kinds of household materials namely, crockery, trays, and bowls. Brass lacquering and engraving are vital procedures in such type of work.

Metal artists also make use of white metal with bronze and silver for electroplating which is another form of metal art work utilized for decoration purpose. There are different manners of performing metal art work. The lost wax process and the procedure of pouring melted metals into molds and later soldering them are the renowned ways of creating metal art work.


Entrepreneurial Careers in Metal Art

The field of metal art includes a variety of artistic renderings, signs and sculptures produced using metal as the primary medium. Unlike certain other categories of artists, artists who specialize in metal art have a number of entrepreneurial avenues at their disposal.

Some metal artists focus on selling sculptures to building owners and other interests. As a piece of fine art, the intention is that their work will enhance the aesthetics of courtyards, plazas, lobbies or other large areas. The problem is that the market for high-end metal art is extremely limited and is usually restricted to well-known players in the art world.

However, a more accessible (and reliable) line of work for metal art entrepreneurs is the creation of custom, functional art for personal or commercial use. These products can range from personalized metal signs to wall hangings or hat racks. The key is that the products have a functional purpose and have been created with an artistic flair.



o Root through your garage or visit your local salvage yard to find a piece of metal. You can also use metal from old pieces of furniture, construction supplies or fencing debris. Any size, shape or texture will do.


o Prepare your metal by hosing off any dirt and using a paint scraper or razor blade to remove caked-on gunk, stickers or other debris.


o Examine your piece. Lay the metal piece in front of you and figure out what it looks like (for example, a bird’s head, a frog, a sun, a star). Move it into different positions to see which angle works best. You may need to alter the piece to make it into the art you want. Some metal pieces will need no further alterations while others will need to be cut.


o Cut if necessary. Use snips to cut off any loose ends or edges or to make the metal into the shape of your artwork.


o Smooth any rough edges with a metal file.


o Paint as desired. Use weatherproof spray paint or brush-on paint to give your metal a base coat of color. Add any desired borders, spots or shading with a contrasting color. Finish it off with small details using paint pens or a small brush. Details may include eyeballs, stripes, swirls or other designs.


Tips & Warnings
· Attach a hook on the back of the metal artwork by using a quality craft glue and picture-frame hooks. If the back of your metal is uneven, you may be able to loop and attach wire through parts of it so you can hang it.

· Metal can be incredibly sharp. Wear protective gloves while cutting and filing it.


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