How To Start a Liquid Detergent Manufacturing Business

How To Start a Liquid Detergent Manufacturing Business


How To Start a Liquid Detergent Manufacturing Business


Liquid detergent is a type of detergent i.e. cleaning agent. Its popular use is to wash woolen cloth but it is also used for washing of utensils specially glass and crockery, and for automobile wash. Now a days it is widely used in washing machines, laboratories




There are few brands available in the market which is for woolen cloth washing. Considering the fact that it does not contain any filler material which deposited on the cloth surface, its popularity is increasing in conscious people. There is good potential of this product of good quality and economical prices.




1. The basis of calculation of production capacity is on single shift basis and working of 25 days per month.

2. Rate of interest has been taken @ 18% per annum on an average on working capital and total capital investment.

3. Whereas some names of manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, machinery & equipments are at the end of the profile are by no means exclusive or exhaustive.

4. The cost of machinery & equipments indicated in the profile are approximate those prevailing at the time of preparation of the profile.

5. Non-refundable deposits of preparation of project report may be considered under pre-operative expenses.

6. The provision made in raw materials, utilities, overhead etc. is drawn on the basis of local market conditions/ observations and in approximate. The entrepreneur may find out the exact cost from the concerned sources.

7. License is required under Drug & Cosmetic Act from state drug controller.




1. Registration of the unit with CAC 10 days

2. Procurement of finance through Bank or 45 days

other financial institutions.

3. Procurement of machines 30 days

4. Commercialization of the unit/ Trial production. 10 days



Process of manufacture :

It is a neutralization process of Acid slurry by Caustic Soda keeping pH 7 to 9. Acid

slurry and water is mixed slowly in the mixer, after that it is neutralized by the aq. Solution of

caustic soda to get the required pH. AOS is used as foam booster while urea is a buffering agent

and also create transparency. Lastly colour and perfume is added.


Quality Specification :

It may be manufactured as per customer’s specification


Production Capacity :

Capacity 75% Capacity

Installed Utilization(I Yr.)

Quantity 1,35,000 Kg 1,01,250 Kg



Power Requirement :

Connected Load : 5 KWH


Pollution Control :

Though there is no discharge of effluent during manufacturing of Liquid detergent but care

should be taken to avoid the chemicals in washings.


Energy Conservation :

The adequate measures for energy conservation and illumination will reduce the wastage of







I. Fixed Capital :


1. Land & Building :

Land 200 sq. meter @ 200/- sq.m. 

Covered Area – 150 sq.m. @ 2200/- sq.m. 


2. Machinery & Equipments :

a) Production unit

Details Qty


1. S.S. Vessel with stirrer, low speed Cap. 200 kg

2. Bottle filling machine 

.Semi automatic

3. Storage Tanks , SS,

Cap. 200 Liters

4. Tools & Misc. equipments LS

8. Testing & laboratory equipments LS

7. Installation & Electrification –

charges @ 10% of machinery

8. Office furniture, equipment & LS

fixtures. ____



II. Working Capital :

1. Personnel :

Designation No. Salary (PM) Total 

1. Manager/ Chemist 

2. Skilled Worker 

3. Semiskilled Worker 

4. Sales man 




2.Raw Material : (PM)

Particulars Qty/kg 

1. Acid Slurry – 80% 

2. Caustic Soda 

3. AOS

4. Urea 

5. Colour

6. Perfume 

7. Plastic bottles & Canes

8. Corrugated boxes LS



3. Utilities (PM) :

Power and Electricity 1000 KWH 




4. Other Contingent Expenses (PM) :

1.Postage & Telephone

2.Consumable Store

3.Repair & Maintenance 

4.Transport charges 

5.Advertisement & Publicity


7.Sales Expenses 



5. Total Recurring Expenditure (P.M.) :

1. Personnel 

2. Raw material 

3. Utilities 


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