Lesson To Learn From Rosie Ruiz The Biggest Sporting Fraudster Of All Time

Lesson To Learn From Rosie Ruiz The Biggest Sporting Fraudster Of All Time

Rosie Ruiz is perhaps the biggest sporting fraudster of all time.

In 1980, Rosie won the Boston Marathon in record time.

She clocked an incredible 2 hours, 31 minutes and 56 seconds.

Which was actually the third-fastest marathon for a female ever at that point.

But all was not quite as it seemed.

Because a few days later, suspicions were raised.

Bill Rodgers, the winner of the men’s race, noticed how Rosie wasn’t covered in sweat at the finish line.

He also told journalists she had no idea of her pacings or split times, something most marathoners know down to the tenth of a second.

Not just that, but Rosie’s time was a whole 25 minutes faster than the 2 hours 56 she’d logged at the NYC Marathon, just 6 months earlier.

People started asking questions.

Questions that Rosie couldn’t answer.

And, after an investigation, it turned out Rosie had actually been in the crowd the whole race, wearing her running kit.

She’d then jumped out just half a mile from the finish, to take the ‘win.’

Safe to say, she was disqualified.

And became known as one of the sport’s biggest ever cheats.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because there are smart shortcuts and stupid shortcuts.

This was definitely a stupid shortcut.

Because not only was Ruiz hopelessly dishonest …

She also got caught.

(And rightly faced the punishment for it.)

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