Top 33 Legit Online Work From Jobs

Top 33 Legit Online Work From Jobs

Below are 33 legitimate online jobs where you can earn over $50,000 a year — and most of them allow you to make your own schedule.

Plus, I’ve included a number of valuable tips and resources that will help you land and succeed in your ideal online job.

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Best Online Jobs

These top online jobs have the ideal mix of high demand, a low supply of talented individuals, and the ability to start earning fast. All you need is an internet connection and the motivation to get started.


#1. Proofreading

  • Quick summary: Earn money by proofreading books, academic papers, website content, audio transcripts and more.
  • Average pay: $17.50 per hour.

If you’re the type of person that spots every typo and grammar mistake in the articles you read, consider a career in proofreading. This is a great example of a job that needs no certification, and you can use your set of eagle eyes to make solid money.

With the explosion of web content that has occurred in recent years, it’s a job that’s in super-high demand. That means you can land your first client today, if you’re ready to start.

33 Legit Online Jobs That Can Pay You $50,000+ From Home

#2. Online Tutoring

  • Quick summary: Tutor students worldwide in English or other subjects.
  • Average pay: $18 per hour.

One high-growth business industry right now is online education. And one of the fastest-growing niches within online education is online tutoring jobs.

There are now multiple websites that connect you with students all over the world who are looking to be tutored in a range of subjects.

When we ranked the best online tutoring sites, one of the top options was Udemy.

#3. Bookkeeping

  • Quick summary: Record and continuously update financial transactions for small businesses.
  • Average pay: $17.50 to $40+ per hour.

At the top of most business owners’ list of “Least Favorite Work Activities” is bookkeeping. Of course, it’s a critical task for ensuring that a business runs smoothly and survives into the future.

If you’re someone who loves to work with numbers, you can earn very good money in the field. There are also a lot of opportunities to charge higher hourly wages the more you specialize.

And just like proofreading, bookkeeping doesn’t require a certification.

#4. Start A Blog

  • Quick summary: Create a website that provides valuable information about a topic you care about.
  • Average pay: $0 to $10k+ per month.

The Ways To Wealth is my second blog. I started my first blog in 2009 and sold it two years later.

I launched this blog in August 2016. Just over a year later, it was generating enough revenue that I felt comfortable leaving a job I’d held for over 10 years.

The great thing about a blog is that you’re building a sellable asset. A quality website sells for around 30X its monthly revenue. Therefore, if you’re able to make $1,333 per month, you have a $40,000 asset.

As for how to make money blogging, there are a number of ways.

These include:

  • Advertising — earn money by placing ads on your website.
  • Affiliate marketing — make money promoting other businesses.
  • Products and services — sell your own products and services to others.
  • Sponsored content — get paid for partnering with brands.

One big upside to blogging is that it can be a great source of passive income. On the other hand, one downside is that it can take time to get up and running. As such, if you need money today, you might want to consider a different online job instead.

Best Legit Part-Time Online Jobs (With No Fees Or Start-Up Costs)

What makes a great part-time online job?

Flexibility, fulfilling work, and the chance to earn as much by working part-time as others do from working full-time.

Here are the top part-time online jobs that meet these criteria.

#5. Social Media Marketing

  • Quick summary: Handle all social media tasks for small business owners.
  • Average pay: $20 to $100+ per hour.

Many business owners don’t have the time to make consistent updates to their social media profiles, or to respond promptly to customer requests made via social media.

That’s why so many businesses today are looking to hire social media managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statisticsan 8% job growth rate is expected for social media marketing managers through 2028.

As long as you have the ability to post, curate, and manage content on social media channels, you can start taking on clients today.

But the big money is in learning how to effectively deploy paid advertising, such as Facebook ads. Businesses need new customer leads, and you can earn premium wages if you know how to use things like microtargeting to deliver ads to just the right audience.

This can be a great opportunity for college students, because the amount of time you need to spend on a project each week can be quite small (especially if you utilize automation), and the required schedule tends to be extremely flexible.

#6. Virtual Assistant

  • Quick summary: Work as a remote executive assistant doing a range of tasks.
  • Average pay: $18 to $35 per hour, according to Upwork.

For years, most people thought of virtual assistants as low-paid overseas workers that could be trusted to handle basic administrative tasks.

But now the trend isn’t to hire a VA for $5 an hour — it’s to find the highest-quality VA possible… someone who will really add value to your business.

And because of that, people are willing to pay significantly higher wages to the right person with the right skills and work experience.

So instead of just doing boring, repetitive tasks, you’ll be working for a successful business owner as a remote executive assistant.

Common tasks carried out by VAs include:

  • Answering email
  • Booking travel
  • Managing social media
  • Scheduling appointments
  • And more, depending on the field

Some VAs take on multiple clients, allowing them to earn over six-figures a year from home. This means it can be one of the most lucrative remote jobs you’ll come across.

#7. Freelance Writing

  • Quick summary: Online writing jobs include things like drafting blog posts, articles, advertisements and more for clients.
  • Average pay: $15 to $40 per hour for beginners.

Freelance writing is one of the more lucrative side hustles I’ve tried. I started small, but in a year I was earning over $100 an hour.

Thanks to the growth of content marketing, it’s also a skill that’s more in-demand than ever.

#8. Photography

Quick summary: Supply stock photos that will be purchased and used by businesses.

Average pay: 20 to 50 cents per image sold.

One of the fasting-growing online markets is stock photography.

Businesses need quality stock photos for their websites, client presentations, and more. If you love being behind a camera — even the one on your smartphone — you can get paid for uploading quality photos to stock photo sites.

You’ll earn anywhere between 20 and 50 cents per image sold. So, the goal is to have dozens of photos for sale, each generating commissions for you daily. This makes selling stock photography a great source of passive income, because you can get paid over and over again for work you only did once.

#9. Search Engine Optimization

  • Quick summary: Help small business owners get found online.
  • Average pay: $25 to $40 per hour for beginners.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping businesses get found online (primarily on Google).

In fact, a recent study by Microsoft listed SEO as the most important hard skill for marketers to learn going forward in 2020.

In my experience, having managed local SEO campaigns in the past, there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit. That means you can drive a lot of revenue to a business just by implementing a basic set of SEO “best practices.” Therefore, you can charge a high hourly or project rate, knowing you’ll deliver results.

The best way to learn SEO is with hands-on experience. Personally, I learned SEO by starting a blog and seeing what worked and what didn’t.

With real proof of results on my resume, I was then able to obtain clients and earn a high rate for my work.

#10. Graphic Design

  • Quick summary: Design engaging graphics.
  • Average pay: $25 to $40 per hour for beginners.

For the artists out there, graphic design is a great way to monetize your hobby. The web is becoming more and more visual — especially as mobile devices become the primary method of browsing.

The highest-paid graphic designers combine multiple skills into their designs. Knowledge in branding, sales, and direct response marketing allows many graphic designers to charge over $100 per hour.

#11. Video Editing

  • Quick summary: Create engaging videos for social media, YouTube, and websites.
  • Average pay: $25 to $35 per hour for beginners.

Another online trend that’s picking up more steam year-by-year is video editing. Video editors with prior experience are in high demand today, with the potential to earn over $50 per hour the more you specialize.

#12. Marketing Automation Specialist

  • Quick summary: Design and implement automated digital marketing systems.
  • Average pay: $40+ per hour for beginners.

I’m in a mastermind group that’s been meeting since 2009. We all do some type of marketing work as independent contractors for a range of businesses. We’ve each had our ups and downs. Yet, as I write this, things are going well for everyone.

Connecting the dots, we realized that once we committed to specializing in a growing digital marketing platform, we had to actually start turning clients away.

One of the fastest-growing segments is marketing automation, on platforms such as Ontraport and HubSpot. These platforms are experiencing explosive growth, and more are emerging all the time. Some other examples are Aweber, Convert Kit and MailChimp.

Taking a certification course to become a specialist can often land you in the $60 to $100 per hour range fast.

#13. Scoping

  • Quick summary: Edit transcripts for court reporters.
  • Average pay: $20 to $30 per hour.

There’s a little-known work-from-home job that’s been around for 30+ years. It’s called scoping.

A court reporter’s job is transcribing what’s said in the courtroom into written form, using a special system of shorthand so that they can keep up with the fast-moving proceedings. Court reporters then hire scopists to edit their transcripts.

Court reporters make money per page, not per hour. That’s why outsourcing the editing allows them to increase their earning potential.

Similar to proofreading and bookkeeping, no certification is required, there are very minimal start-up costs, and the earning potential is high.

#14. Medical Transcriptionist

  • Quick summary: Edit medical transcriptions for local healthcare providers.
  • Average pay: Transcription jobs typically pay $10 to $25 per hour.

There are dozens of data entry jobs online. Sites like Clickworker and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk provide typists with a lot of work opportunities, but they’re often micro jobs: quick tasks that pay almost nothing.

In order to make over $50,000 per year with data entry jobs, you’ll need to specialize. And beyond scoping, one of the best ways to specialize in data entry is by focusing on medical transcription.

The first thing to know about medical transcription is that it requires a certification, which you can get through a company like CareerStep. CareerStep offers a range of certifications in multiple work-at-home opportunities within the medical field.

With their medical transcription certification, which is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, you’ll prepare yourself to land an online job as a transcriptionist in an industry that’s hungry for qualified talent. CareerStep courses are not cheap (they start at $2,999), but they do offer both payment plans and discounts for military spouses.

If you’re not looking for a career and just want to make some extra income, there are a number of websites where you can get started with transcription jobs on a more casual basis.

The most popular sites are:

  • Rev — make 36 to 65 cents per minute of audio transcribed.
  • Go Transcript — earn up to 60 cents per minute of audio transcribed.
  • Scribie — pay starts at $5 to $25 per hour of audio transcribed.
  • DionData Solutions – hires only U.S.-based workers.

One thing worth noting about medical transcriptionists is that they’re seldom out of work for long, as more and more healthcare companies are looking to outsource tasks to keep overhead costs as low as possible.

#15. Voiceover Artist

  • Quick summary: Provide vocal recordings to be used in audiobooks, videos, films and more.
  • Average pay: $20 pay per hour.

Voice acting is the art of reading a script and using your voice to bring that script to life. Quality voice actors are in especially high demand in the marketing field, as video marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years.

A good site to get started on is Upwork. There, you can gain experience working as a voiceover artist (and ideally find your niche).

#16. Technical Writing

  • Quick summary: Synthesize complex, high-level information for a specific audience to understand.
  • Average pay: $20 per hour for beginners.

For those who like to dive deep into learning new things — and aren’t afraid of tackling super-complicated topics — technical writing can be a great way to generate extra income.

As a technical writer, you’ll be responsible for writing user guides and other documentation.

Aside from being interesting work for those who love to research, it’s also widely recognized as one of the best-paying writing jobs available. Furthermore, the Beuaru of Labor Statistics projects growth at 8% per year through 2028.

Advanced Freelance Writing Jobs

Online Jobs That Pay Well For Entrepreneurs

The goal of a freelancer is to get good clients, do great work, and increase their value over time.

The goal of an entrepreneur is to build a repeatable system that provides value with or without the owner.

As an entrepreneur, you’re no longer working on projects for a set rate (or by the hour). Instead, your income correlates with the amount of value you can provide.

There are no limits to what you can and can’t do. But to narrow down your choices and help you figure out where to start, here are 10 ideas.

#17. Dropshipping

  • Quick summary: Sell items via a website and have them shipped directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the customer.

Shopify has created hundreds of opportunities for online entrepreneurs. Why? They made the process of selling online easy. From products and digital downloads to consulting services, over 1 million people use Shopify to run an online store.

One of the most common ways people get started is through dropshipping. The benefit of starting a dropshipping store is that orders are sent right to the customer. That means the store owners (like yourself) don’t have to hold inventory or deal with shipping.

And since you only need to order a product after a customer has bought it from your store, it’s a very low-cost business to start.

To learn more, read this free guide: How to Start a Profitable Dropshipping Store.

#18. Retail Arbitrage

  • Quick summary: Buy low and sell high.

Do you love going to flea markets, garage sales, and browsing thrift stores? If so, you can make money online by flipping items for profit.

Think of this online business idea as buying an asset and selling it for a higher price. Your inventory can be anything you find at a garage sale or on a clearance rack.

The goal — and the key to making retail arbitrage work — is having an information advantage. This means understanding the market for what you’re buying better than the person who is selling that item.

Remember, the concept of arbitrage is based on the principle that a particular good has a higher price in one place than it does in another. That might mean it sells for more in California than it does in New York. But it might also mean that it sells for more online than it does in a brick-and-mortar store.

Winning at arbitrage means knowing how to figure out which items to buy and which ones to walk away from.

#19. E-Commerce Store And/Or Amazon FBA

Quick summary: Create your own online store or use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to sell physical products online.

Amazon FBA is a business idea that’s getting a lot of attention lately.

The idea is to buy products directly from a manufacturer or wholesaler, then sell them online via Amazon. The most popular option is to use Amazon FBA, which handles all the warehousing and shipping (the “fulfillment”) for you. In fact, you can even have the manufacturer or distributor ship the products directly to Amazon, so that you never have to physically touch the items.

But you don’t have to limit your selling to Amazon. You can also use FBA to ship products you sell on eBay or your own website. It’s much easier than packing and shipping everything yourself, and the shipping rates Amazon charges you are much lower than you’d pay to UPS or FedEx.

#20. Etsy Store Owner

  • Quick summary: Create and sell homemade crafts and digital products on the world’s largest creative marketplace.

When it comes to legit work-from-home jobs for moms, Etsy is near the top of the list.

Think of Etsy like eBay for creative people, as some of the most popular products on the platform include arts, crafts and jewelry.

You can either do Etsy as a business (there are many full-time sellers) or use it as a way to make extra money in your spare time.

#21. Create A Course

  • Quick summary: Create an online education course.

If you have expertise others may find valuable, you can create a course online and sell it. This used to be very hard, as you had to build your audience from scratch.

But two websites, Udemy and Skillshare, now provide access to an audience of people who are eager to learn about almost everything under the sun.

There are all types of courses available, so it’s a great way to create a legit online job of your own.

#22. Home Health Agency

Quick summary: Manage a local team of home healthcare providers.

A major trend in our economy is the need for qualified home healthcare. The aging population of the United States, as well as seniors’ increasing desire for care inside their home, is driving this trend.

A big benefactor of this trend has been local home health agencies.

A home healthcare agency provides qualified care to local residents. As employees are working at client’s houses, an office isn’t required.

This is by no means an easy business to start. To begin, you’ll need certain licenses and certifications. These vary by state, as well as by the type of care you offer.

Non-medical care agencies have the lowest-startup costs and barriers to entry. This type of agency provides day-to-day living help, such as meal-prep and housekeeping. (In contrast, medical care agencies work with Medicare/Medicaid and have more complex responsibilities.)


See also: The fastest growing stay-at-home jobs.

#23. Virtual Recruiter

  • Quick summary: Find talented employees for businesses.

If you love to network, this is a great low-cost business to start. What you’re doing here is finding talent for employers. Payouts can be quite large, as some placement firms charge upwards of 25% (or more) of the employee’s annual salary.

#24. Event And Wedding Planning

  • Quick summary: Create a business coordinating events locally.

Families and businesses are always looking for planners for events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations and more. The best part is that no office is necessary, so the startup costs are very low.

#25. Insurance Agent

  • Quick summary: Sell property, casualty, or life insurance from a home office.

Having been in this field myself for over 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of growth from individuals starting their own insurance agencies from home. Startup costs are low, the hours are flexible, and the commissions can be quite high.

If I were to start an insurance agency from home, I’d focus on selling small business insurance. The premiums tend to be higher than those of auto and home policies, and there’s much less competition.

#26. Travel Agent

  • Quick summary: Book and coordinate travel for individuals or businesses.

Believe it or not, travel agents are still in demand. It just depends on finding the right niche. This is an especially good business for you if you have personal or professional travel experience, because you can provide your clients with insights they can’t get from a website.

#27.  Medical Billing And Coding

  • Quick summary: Ensure patients and insurance companies are properly billed for medical services.

Many of us have had to deal with the hassle of calling our health insurance company because we were overcharged for a medical procedure — or were charged for a treatment we never even received.

As a medical coder, you’ll help patients avoid that unpleasant experience by ensuring providers correctly bill for their services based on a standardized, industry-wide set of codes.

You’ll also play a vital role in ensuring patients’ health and safety. In addition to recording the specific treatments provided at a visit, you’ll be responsible for reading doctor’s notes, identifying their diagnosis, and translating that diagnoses into a simple code that can be populated across the patient’s health records — a process that makes it easy for future providers to quickly scan a patient’s health history.

And you can make solid money. According to CareerStep, which offers industry-approved training and certification courses, average salaries for medical coders start at $50,000+ per year, with projected job growth of more than 10% over the next 10 years.

As a medical coder, you can work in a doctor’s office, at a hospital, or on-site for insurance companies. But there’s also strong demand for remote, part-time professionals who have the right knowledge and training.

Legit Online Jobs: Growing Industries Hiring Online

Below are examples of legit online job opportunities in specific industries that are increasingly moving towards remote workers. Here you’ll find jobs available for both entry-level workers and for those with experience (both in the U.S. and Canada).

For remote job listings, I recommend  going to FlexJobs’ listings for that specific category. FlexJobs is the internet’s largest database of work-at-home jobs. FlexJobs screens each job listing — more than 30,000 of them — to ensure that every company is legitimate.

Here’s the catch: FlexJobs is a paid membership site. To see the full details of a particular job listing, you have to sign up for their $14.95 monthly membership.

But the quality of the listings is absolutely worth the small fee. Also, you can see what jobs are available without paying, so feel free to browse the listing titles first to see if they have anything that strikes your fancy.

And there’s no contract, which means you can cancel at any time.

#28. Healthcare

Popular online healthcare jobs include billing, coding, the handling of insurance claims, and general customer service work.

#29. Sales And Business Development

Sales is one of the most in-demand and legitimate work-at-home jobs. If you produce results, you can get paid big money. Just about every industry needs quality salespeople.

#30. Accounting And Finance

A field open to both entry-level and experienced professionals, common roles in accounting and finance include bookkeeping, managing payables and receivables, collections and analysis.

#31. Communications

Work with PR and marketing departments to deliver communications within and to prospects and customers of a company.

#32. Insurance

The insurance field is one of the largest sectors of the economy, employing over 2.66 million people in the United States. Entry-level jobs include call center roles, customer service reps, sales, and communications.

#33. Legal

There’s a wide range of jobs in the legal field. Opportunities for entry-level workers include administrative assistant and records assistant positions.

Online Job FAQ

How much do online work from home jobs pay per year?

When you work from home, you’ll usually (but not always) be classified as an independent contractor. That means you’re working on a per-hour or per-project basis, rather than for a set annual salary.

As a result, your annual earnings can vary widely based on a number of factors. If you’re organized, motivated and efficient, you can often earn more money for the same amount of work as compared to a more traditional environment.

But on the flip side, if you’re someone who finds it difficult to stay focused and has a tendency to coast through the day, you might end up making significantly less. That’s because as a freelancer or contractor, you’re only getting paid for the work you actually do. Being at home can be distracting, and it’s easy to end up with only four billable hours after an eight-hour workday.

Your take-home pay will also depend on the types of contracts you’re able to win. You’ll make a lot more money as a paid social media manager than you will by doing online data entry jobs.


Where should I look for online jobs?

If you’re trying to get hired for a full-time position at a company, start your job search at FlexJobs — a great job board for finding remote work.

As mentioned above, FlexJobs screens each listing before making it available to applicants. That’s a good thing, because the company’s research has shown that there are 53 scam job listings for every legit online job!

Beyond FlexJobs, Indeed is another job board that’s worth checking out, as it has the most powerful search engine among job listing websites.

Look for a job by typing your desired position + remote and then leaving the “Where” box blank. For example, here’s what this looks like when searching for remote proofreading jobs.

If you’re looking for independent contractor or freelance work, sites like UpWork and Fiverr feature a bevy of legitimate online jobs.


How do I avoid work at home scams?

There are many scams when it comes to the advertising of work at home opportunities.

That’s why, before applying for any job, you should research the company on Glassdoor. Glassdoor allows former employees to leave reviews of the employer. You’ll find details such as average pay, growth opportunities, benefits, and more.

A good rule of thumb is that if the company you’re looking to work for isn’t on Glassdoor, it’s not worth applying.

If you’re searching for independent contractor jobs on Fiverr or UpWork, make sure to view the company profile before applying. On UpWork, you can even see how much the company has spent on freelancers, where it’s located, the average hourly rate they pay, and reviews from previous freelancers.


What are the qualifications to get an online work-from-home job?

As with any job, the necessary qualifications depend on the type of work you’re seeking. In general, if you need a certification to do the work in person, you’ll also need one to do it online.

However, some jobs — such as freelancing writing and editing jobs — can be easier to get online if you have limited work experience. For example, while few newspapers will hire a journalist who has zero training, it’s fairly easy to gain a foothold as a content writer for a blog or website.

Legit Online Jobs With No Upfront Investment

The internet has made it much easier to make money from home. While many people are just looking for opportunities to make a few bucks here and there by taking online surveys or maximizing their cash-back shopping, you can also find legitimate work that pays just as much as — and often better than — offline options.

Whether your goal is to work full-time, part-time, or run your own business, there’s no shortage of work-at-home jobs.

So get started today. Take at least one action: sign up for a free resource, update your resume, or even send that resume in. There’s a good chance you’ll be earning money online faster than you think.

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