Learn Real Estate Investing: Nigeria Property Training Master Class

Learn Real Estate Investing: Nigeria Property Training Master Class

Learn Real Estate Investing: Nigeria Property Training Master Class


Learn Before You Leap. Avoid Fraudsters. Make MORE Money!


I highly recommend that you learn real estate investing from a real estate investor or a Nigeria property consultant (or agent) before jumping into buying your first property.

There are two reasons why I highly recommend this approach.


First: you could lose your money to friends, relatives or outright fraudsters when you fail to follow this advice.



Second: even in instances when you don’t lose your money, you could end up with a poor buying decision that severely reduces your return on investment from the property you choose to buy.


Yes, doctors learn for 6 years in the University PLUS 1year house-man-ship before they qualify as practicing doctors in Nigeria.


Yes, lawyers learn for 4 to 5years in the University PLUS 1year law school before qualifying to practice as lawyers in Nigeria.


Similarly, if you wish to become a successful real estate investor, you must at the very least learn from a practicing real estate agent or a seasoned property investor.


Yes, learn real estate investing before dabbling into buying Nigeria property of any kind.

This will save you heartaches!



The Nigeria Real Estate Investing Master Class


I am pleased to introduce to you the Nigeria real estate investing training designed to equip you with the basics you need to buy or sell Nigeria property like a pro.

This real estate investing class (The Master Class) facilitated by Chris Anthony and some of the top real estate professionals who have made their mark on the industry through various channels including TV appearances, authorship, property sales and speaking engagements…

Is exactly what you need to buy and sell smart and avoid 419 fraudsters in anywhere you are in Nigeria.


How does it work?


This real estate training opportunity offers potential buyers an opportunity to interact one-on-one with Chris Anthony, a Nigeria real estate agent and CEO Reign Properties, before you make that all-important purchase decision.

This real estate investing course is a one-on-one property coaching class.

The one-on-one coaching approach allows YOU to learn at your convenience . . . on the date and time you choose.


Learn Real Estate Investing Before Buying: The Curriculum


The curriculum for this property training designed to help potential investors learn real estate investing before buying includes the following:

  • The key benefits of investing in real estate (it’s more than what you think!)


  • Understanding the end game and setting your goals accordingly


  • The procedure for buying real estate in Nigeria


  • Nigeria property documents


  • How to conduct property search


  • Evaluating return on investment and pay back period


  • Buying versus building


  • Sources of capital


  • What to watch out for when you go for property inspections


  • Decisions that lead to losses


  • How to identify fraudulent (419) deals and avoid them


  • How to make HUGE sums of money through real estate investing


. . . and much more.



PLUS all your real estate investing questions answered by Chris Anthony, a trustworthy Nigeria real estate consultant and property owner.

Ready to invest in Nigeria real estate?

Signup for the one-on-one coaching by Chris Anthony.

Learn real estate investing from a seasoned real estate consultant before buying.


Regular price: ₦50,000

Your one time investment today = ₦15,000


SIGN UP NOW by clicking the button below or pay into the account below


OR You can simply pay via bank Transfer……

PAY/ TRANSFER ₦15,000 only to:

Christian Anthony, 0362874698, GTbank.

Then Send proof of payment to wealthideasglobal@gmail.com or via DM on Twitter @ceechrison


P.S: Can’t attend the one-on-one class? Then buy the Nigeria Real Estate Investing Blueprint book, which is the training manual for this course, at half price.


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