If you want to make good income online from home, you need understand the concept of “learn it, Do it, Sell it”

What is “learn it, Do it, Sell it”.


It simply refers to the most prominent methodology to earning good income online via information marketing. I will break it down into pieces.


I define this as the process of learning about something. Learning can be inform of attending a live seminar, buying and studying an ebook, video tutorial… it can as well be via a webinar and any other form that learning can take. It’s the first important step for any aspiring internet millionaire. LEARN LEARN LEARN.
Do not be too stingy or skeptical to invest in yourself. When i was still a student, i do use my pocket money and loans from friends and girl-friend to buy ebooks and attend seminars. All i was doing is trying to “LEARN IT”.

2. DO IT

This refers to implementing what you learnt. Many people dwell well with the first step (learn it) but failed to succeed in this step (DO IT). Take for example, i learnt about MINI-IMPORTATION business in one of the ebooks i bought about 3 years ago. I went ahead to implement what was taught by the author of the ebook. In less than 1 month, i imported my first set of goods from abroad and sold them for profit. What have i done? I have implemented what i Learnt.


Yes! To earn good income from the internet, you must be selling something. Pure truth. when you have “LEARN IT”, you have “DO IT”, the next thing is to document the processes you took and the result you got and teach others about it for a fee. How do you do this? It can be a live seminar within your neighbourhood, it can be documentation in form of video tutorials or ebooks. This is where you will make the bulk of the money if you are have mastered the art of INFORMATION MARKETING.

Yes. That’s my point! But for the sake of some people who hardly got motivated, let me give you a vivid sample. I learnt about IMPORTATION BIZ about 3 years ago. I did it and i created my importation business guide about a year ago. Believe me or not, that ebook brings me an average of 35 sales per month at the rate of N6,500 per sale. That’s over N200,000 extra income selling an information report.

My candid advice for you is that if you want to earn good income online as (I mean income ranging from N300,000 – N2,000,000 monthly), all you need to focus on is INFORMATION MARKETING. Go and learn about something that works, practice it and have your facts and proofs. Go ahead and create reports, video training or seminars on it. You shall continue making your money till Jesus comes.

Making money online is simpler than the way we view it from afar if we learn all the rudiments. Especially from a reputable internet money maker, you will be amazed!. Check out wealth-ideas.com/online-business

I shall help a few of my readers do 98% of the technical stuffs required in earning from the internet in Nigeria and teach them the remaining 2% and shall start generating extra income online as soon as they start implementing what they learn from me. Interested, click here=> wealth-ideas.com/online-business

“This strategy isn’t about stealing someone else’s content. It is about acquiring knowledge on something that is already selling from other people and then using that knowledge to create your own product”


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