How to Start a Knitted Socks Manufacturing Business

Socks of various types and designs can be produced on single cylinder or double cylinder knitting machines by using cotton . Acrylic, polyester and nylon yarn of different colours. The elasticportion can be produced by using rubberd yarn or lycra yarn . The sockses are then pressed and packed

Market Potential For Knitted Socks Manufacturing Business

The demand for the socks has been increasing gradually for the last few decades particularly in Nigeria and other developing countries. The largest consumer of socks are the Europeans and Western countries who have been using this item as part of their dresses for a very long period. The European and Western countries have been producing socks, from where these items used to be imported into Nigeria and other countries. However, as the item has gradually become popular, the socks have also been produced in Nigeria initially to meet the domestic demand and subsequently for export purposes. Over the past few years as the standards of living went up, the socks which were earlier worn to provide comfort to the feet have now become part of fashion commodities. The socks industry has a very bright future as its demand both in India and abroad has increased substantially. A Survey conducted recently show that only 2% of population in Nigeria wears socks and therefore, 98% market is yet to be exploited, while consumption of socks in most advanced countries is extremely high. The existing production capacity in the country is grossly inadequate to meet the domestic and international demand. It is, therefore, feasible to set up more socks knitting units.

Process of Manufacture For Knitted Socks Manufacturing Business

Initially, the size and design of the socks to be knitted are decided and accordingly, the machines are selected and set. After setting the machine with the required design and size, the predetermined colour yarns are loaded on the bobbin stands in the creel assembly of the machine and fed into the knitting elements of the machine. Socks are knitted in continuous process and several operations are performed before a socks is completed. Knitting is done in stages beginning with elastic portion for which elastic yarn is used. The leg portion is knitted followed by heel and foot portion ending up with the toe portion of the socks. The toe portion of socks is closed by stitching on over lock machine. Socks thus produced will have acquired dirt which have to be removed by washing in socks washing machine containing mild detergent. After washing, socks are charged into hydro extractor to remove excess water and dried in dryer tumbler.Visual examination is done to remove any faults and finally ironed to remove wrinkles and also to provide proper shape. Socks are reversed and paired. The socks are made on socks knitting machine by using cotton Acrylic polyester and nylon yarn of different colors. The elastic rib is made by using rubber thread or lycra yarn. The socks are then pressed and packed for marketing.

Knitted Socks Manufacturing Machine 


7. PACKING DIMENSION: 40″W*50″L*95″h (1070mm*980mm*1850mm)
8. NET WEIGHT: 840Lbs (380kg)
9. GROSS WEIGHT: 1100Lbs (500kg)


1) Fully electric, drum-less single cylinder, has two types including machines specialized in plain, machines specialized in plain & terry.

2) 2 feeders, which enables to knit various patterns, such as terry, plain, motif ,jacquard, rib, Y-form heel reinforced, bottom-reinforced, big heel, multiple-welts, elastic socks, sole s fluff rule-less and much more.

3) First feed has 4 yarn positive feeding devices connected to 6 selection groups.

4) Second feed which can be engaged or disengaged has one yarn positive feeding device and the related selection group.

5) 11 pattern colors with 3 or 4 colors plus 2 body colors on same course in 2 feeding systems.

6)the operation is simple to alter the terry-making to plain-making in the plain & terry machines which only need four spare parts changed, including center cam, sinker cam, throat plate and yarn finger.

7) The patterns are programmed by pattern analyzer, and transferred to the machine with USB flash memory.

8) The machine has memory function of approx. 10 patterns.

9) Individual needle selection by ceramic actuators and cylinder driven by A/C servo motor, are controlled by the fully electronic control system of WAC data system.


10) Knitting speed is adjustable during operation on the keystroke.

11) Uninterrupted power supply as standard.

12) There are total 6 selection groups, each one with 8 selectors, suitable for selecting needle in any part of the socks.

13) Automatic stitch and size controlled by controller.

14) LCD allows the operator to easily keep track of knitting conditions including: Error messages, stop signals, production quantities, and speed. Languages available include Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Special features:

1) Double welt or single welt available
2) Electronic size control
3) Automatic lubrication
4) Automatic separation
5) Automatic product counter
6) Damaged socks detector
7) Infrared detector automatically detecting the falling socks

Graphic design system-Styled:

1) Personal computer, IBM compatible
2) High resolution color graphic monitor
3) Keyboard
4) Color printer, digitizer (electronic pen) and image scanner as option


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