Of the 1,645 people who made it to the 2014 FORBES list of the World’s Billionaires, 9 of them are black, up from 7 a year ago.

Nigerian cement tycoon Aliko Dangote is still the richest black person in the world, and he’s the richest by a long shot – $9.7 billion richer than Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Mohammed Al-Amoudi

We all know Aliko Dangote, the Nigerian economy’s mover and shaker. No matter who you are, in as much as you reside in Nigeria, you definitely must be using one of his products. If not Dangote Salt, it may be Sugar. If not Dangote Spaghetti, may be Dansa (fruit juice). If not Dangote Cement, it must be something else that he produces.

Aliko started his business about 1977. His uncle Sanusi Abdulkadir Dantata, provided him a loan of 500,000 (Naira, NGN) when Aliko was 21 years old, in order to start a business.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the CEO of facebook was born on May 14, 1984. That’s 7years after Aliko Dangote started his business with a whooping N500,000 (as at then, N1 is almost equivalent of $1 if not superior to)
But, kindly check out on the fact below which I extracted from the FORBES website…

The World’s Billionaires

Rank Name Net Worth
#1 Carlos Slim Helu & family $82.8 B
#2 Bill Gates $81.3 B
#3 Warren Buffett $68.1 B
#4 Amancio Ortega $60.6 B
#5 Larry Ellison $48.4 B
#6 Charles Koch $43 B
#6 David Koch $43 B
#8 Christy Walton & family $37.9 B
#9 Jim Walton $36.2 B
#10 Liliane Bettencourt & family $35.6 B
#11 Alice Walton $34.8 B
#12 S. Robson Walton $34.8 B
#13 Michael Bloomberg $34.6 B
#14 Mark Zuckerberg $34.5 B
#15 Stefan Persson $33.1 B
#16 Li Ka-shing $32.7 B
#17 Larry Page $31.9 B
#18 Sergey Brin $31.4 B
#19 Sheldon Adelson $31.3 B
#20 Bernard Arnault & family $30.6 B
#21 Jeff Bezos $29.9 B
#22 Carl Icahn $25.8 B
#23 Michele Ferrero & family $25.7 B
#24 George Soros $24 B
#25 Aliko Dangote $23.9 B
#26 David Thomson & family $23.8 B
#27 Lee Shau Kee $22.8 B

You can interpret the table above in whichever way you like to but what am personally concerned about is comparison or 2 of the billionaires which
I gave their names in the introduction above.

  1. Aliko Dangote and,
  2. Mark Zukerberg of

If you get my point, Aliko Dangote Started his Business 7 years before Mark Zukerberg was born. Aliko Dangote started with N500,000 money borrowed from his Uncle. Mark started from ground zero.

Fast forward to today, Mark Zukerberg is far richer than Aliko Dangote. Mark is ranked number 14th on the world billionaires’ list while our Aliko Dangote is ranked number 25th.



Mark Zukerberg became so rich because his business is internet based. I get crazy at people who equate INTERNET MONEY MAKING to scams. It’s true that scams exist on the internet but the truth is that it exist more in the offline world.

Many Nigerians have been brainwashed to believe that anything INTERNET MONEY MAKING is Scam. But, they failed to realize the fact that the internet is merely a tool for expanding buying and selling. It makes you reach more potential customers in record time than offline world where you are constrained to your geographical area.

Many young Nigerians who have taken the bull by the horn and started their INTERNET BASED BUSINESSES have got a whole lot to show for it. I can conveniently mention names of over 20 young Nigerians who have built a niche for themselves in INTERNET BUSINESSES and are doing great.

If you want to soar higher in live, you shouldn’t shy away from ernesting the power of the INTERNET in whatever form or dimension. It’s a tool that can make your dreams become a reality in record time. Stop being a pessimist!

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