Unemployment is part and parcel of our dear Country- Nigeria. Many youths finished School and youth service to swim in the wide pool of unemployment. A few privilege ones get employed but many of them are underemployed. What can be done? The government isn’t helping matters. No job creation…


When I was a student in the university, I have foreseen the challenges ahead if I must live a life of my dream. This had prompted me to look in the direction of Internet based businesses. Back in school, i save my pocket money to buy ebooks, attend seminars, join forums etc. Many were thrash and waste of time and energy. Persistence is obviously the key to success in online business.


Blogging, MLM, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Importation Business are some of the numerous online business model that a Nigerian youth can engage in. If you are unemployed, you need a source of income that you can have control over, grow you income to any level that you want. I mean generating between N500,000 – N2,000,000 or even more monthly, Internet can offer you this if you are sincere to yourself in learning all the rudiments and putting all you learnt into practice.


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Linda Ikeji is a young lady who picked on blogging and her monthly income from her blog is over N10million monthly. There are several others who picked on blogging and whose income are moderate for them to live a great live. Otunba Akin Alabi picked on Information Marketing and generated the capital needed to launch his NAIRABET– a football betting website that presently generate him hundreds of millions of naira monthly.


Toyin Omotosho, Patrick Ogidi, Olaide Alim, Segun Afolabi, Anu Otudero, Efunkoya Johnson, Henry Effiong and a lot of young Nigerians are into Information Marketing, Importation Business etc and generate enviable amount of income monthly running their own online business.


Olaide Alim once posted an update on facebook imagining what job he might have been engaged into presently if he had not taken to internet business. Funny! Maybe his dream profession of being a Banker and earning like N200,000 monthly. An amount he can spend under 24hours… The status has changed and he can boast of over N1million in a month at the moment from his internet business.


If you are a Nigerian youth, still in school or out of school searching for a paid job, why not give internet business a trial. Not just giving internet business a trial in Nigeria, but giving it all it takes. Those of us who are living the internet lifestyle weren’t born with the skills and knowledge. We acquired them.


It feels so great at 30 years or younger driving in a car of your dream, building a house of your dream and leaving busy bodies topics to discuss over every time you add another car to your fleet. Too much respect from reasonable people.

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