Relocating to Canada: Everything you should know before applying

Relocating to Canada: Everything you should know before applying

Sometimes, people say a lot of things about living abroad especially the negative things.

Unfortunately, when people discuss about the negative aspects of immigration, they don’t usually make proper clarification hence some erroneously generalize on
this negative issues.

What am I really trying to say?

Some people will tell you that those who live abroad use all their money to pay tax?

I have heard this severally and sometimes I laugh.

While it is true that people pay tax abroad, the reality is that the people get value for the taxes they pay.

I have a friend here who sometimes complain about the Canadian tax system.

We never for once agree on this issue because we see it differently until something happened to him that made him finally agree with my position.

The wife wanted to give birth and had some complications which made her stayed back in the hospital for 3 extra weeks.

Guess what?

He paid nothing for the child birth and even the extra days spent by his wife in the hospital.

In fact, they came back home with gifts because several people sympathized with them for the extra days spent!

From the tax paid, government still gives back in form of yearly tax refund.

This is calculated by the Revenue Agency and a percentage of the tax you have paid is returned back to you.

I know some people who got about $5000!

From the tax paid, government ensures that elementary and high school education is free in public schools.

From the tax paid, government made provision for Child Care Benefits as explained in this video

Some people may not agree with my assertions here but that is simply my opinion on the issue of tax.

While i will still maintain that there is no perfect society anywhere in the world, it is also true that some places are far better in terms of the value accorded to human lives.

If you want to now what it takes to getting a permanent resident visa to Canada, then click here to watch my step by step video on this topic.

I wish you all the best!

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