Back in the early days when internet marketing first came to be, those
who made a living online didn’t have to specialize too much.

There was not a lot of competition and it wasn’t necessary to cater to a particular target

However, competition these days is fierce, and if you try to target a broad
general market like “weight loss” it will be nearly impossible to get good
search engine rankings and to compete in an incredibly crowded field.

That’s why so many internet marketers these days have discovered the
appeal of “niche marketing”.

Niche marketing simply means marketing to a small subset of a group,
such as “new moms who want to lose weight” or “baby boomer men wanting
to lose weight”.


Of course, you want to make sure that a niche market isn’t TOO small a
subset of the larger market and that there is money to be made there.

To investigate whether there is a hungry market there who wants to buy
your product, do some research. Type in a phrase like “weight loss for
moms” and see how many competing sites there are on Google.

If there are none or are very few – that’s a bad sign. It means that there
isn’t a lot of money to be made in that area.

Also look for ads on the side of the search engine page – Google or Yahoo
or whoever.

If there are no sponsored ads, again, that is a sign that there is not a lot of
money to be made from the audience.

Try a number of keyword phrase variations when you search – such as,
new moms weight loss, lose weight after baby , et cetera.

Niche marketing does take some research but it is very rewarding to market
to a receptive audience and sell them exactly what they are looking

Another way to make sure that there is a market for your product is to
search through forums on the subject.

Search for weight loss forums or new moms forums or weight loss after
baby forums, and see if there are a lot of posts, see what problems they
have, see what they are talking about and how you could help them.

This way you will know what your market wants and needs and you will
know that there IS a market that wants what you are selling.

You will not be fighting to stand out among a huge crowd of marketers
selling generalized products. You will not be creating a product that is too
broad to be helpful – after all, new moms have different weight loss needs
and challenges and lifestyle situations than overweight teenagers or 50
year old men or young single women.

Of course, the downside of this is that you are not selling to as big a market
– but that’s okay. You are selling to a hyper targeted market that you
have researched; you have verified that they have a need for your product,
and you are able to stand out and sell a unique product, rather than
one of a million copycat products.


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