How To Start Making Money As A Freelancer With Fiverr

How To Start Making Money As A Freelancer With Fiverr

Start Making Money As A Freelancer With Fiverr

Start Making Money As A Freelancer With Fiverr because Fiverr is arguably the most popular freelance platform used by Nigerians to make money through the internet. Freelancing with Fiverr could be a stable source of passive income for you if you put in the required effort into it.

Advantages of freelancing with Fiverr

Some advantages of freelancing with Fiverr include:

1.     You can do this job from the comfort of your home or just anywhere you wish so long as you have internet access. You don’t need to pay for an office space or rent a shop.

2.     You don’t need any start-up capital. You only need a smart phone or a computer and a reliable internet access.

3.     You don’t need any qualification or university certificate to provide and sell gigs on fiverr and make money. All you need is the right skill needed by buyers.

4. It is very flexible. You can do the business at your own pace. You might even chose to pause your gigs if you need a break and reactivate it when you wish to continue.

5. There are many gigs that you can sell. You can choose to sell only gigs that you are passionate about.

6. You get paid online and you can easily and conveniently take your earnings when you want to.

How To Start Making Money In Nigeria As A Freelancer With Fiverr

Follow these steps to start making money with Fiverr in Nigeria

1. Create an account on Fiverr.

This is the first step. You can visit Fiverr  to create your account. Having an account on Fiverr enables you to sell your services or even buy other people’s services.

Once you are on the Fiverr website;

–  Click on the become a seller button.
– You can choose to sign up by entering your email address using your Google account or Facebook account or your email address.
– Now choose a user name and password. You need to remember your username and password as they will be your login details subsequently. ( That’s if you are not using your Facebook account as a means of log in )
– Then click on the join button to create your Fiverr account.
– While creating your account, fill in the required forms provided and subsequently you will need to check your email to see the link sent to your mail box to activate your Fiverr account and facilitate the completion of the account creation process.

2. Start creating and selling gigs.

Now that you have created your Fiverr account and set up your seller profile, you have to start  creating gigs which would enable you to start  making money with your Fiverr account. As I said earlier, gigs are services that you offer to buyers at a cost of $5 dollars and above. You could even sell a gig up to $995.

On Fiverr, sellers are the people offering  services. They create gigs that buyers pay for, sellers render the services and Fiverr takes a commission for facilitating the process.

There is a category for almost any service you which to provide to buyers.  All gigs that can be sold on Fiverr fall into any of these categories:

  • Graphics and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Advertising

You can offer services in one or more of the listed categories.

 3. Make your gigs page very attractive and appealing.

Initially, as a new seller with no reviews, it might not be easy to get new buyers, as they would prefer patronizing older sellers who have taken up several jobs and have delivered successfully. They would prefer doing business with those who have got several reviews.

However, this does not have to discourage you. Every successful seller on Fiverr was once a newbie and faced such initial challenge. If you are consistent and persistent, you would soon get your first deal and more deals will continue to come your way thereafter.

However, as a new seller, you can make getting your first deal easier by doing the following:

– Write a captivating, detailed and accurate description about the services you can offer to your customers and why your gig is best suited for their need.

– Add an appealing cover photo or video to your gig page.

– Charge considerately and offer low prices. You can attract prospective clients or buyers by offering top-notch services for rates lower than what your competitors are charging for the same services. You can always do an upward review of your prices when you have completed more deals and gotten some reviews.

– You can tell your friends and family members to patronize your gigs. This is something you can try to do additionally. When they buy your gigs, you should deliver good services to them and ask them to review and rate your services. This way, you would have gotten your first deals and reviews and others would be more comfortable to do business with you since others have got the ball rolling.

4. Implement these vital tips to ensure continued success.

Once you have made your first sales on Fiverr, from there,  your success is in your hands. There is no limit to how successful you can be. It only depends on what you do and how you do it. See a few more tips that would endear you to your clients and attract even more new clients:

– Give top-notch services: One poor rating or review by any of your clients can affect your credibility and discourage potential clients from buying from you.

– Meet deadlines: Don’t accept jobs whereby the client gives you too short time to deliver. Say from the beginning when you are sure the work can be completed. Don’t work with a very tight schedule. Ask for more time. It’s better to ask for more time and deliver before the due date than to give a completion date and not be able to meet the target.

– Charge fairly: As I said earlier, be considerate in your charges. Don’t scare prospective clients away with too high charges especially when you are starting out. Avoid charging above other sellers who are offering same services as you do, until you have found your feet. Even then, don’t overdo it.

– Put clients’ satisfaction at the front burner: This is very important. The reason is because, after closing a deal and delivering to your clients. Clients would be required to rank your services. If they show a displeasure in your services by ranking you low, your reputation and perception by new and prospective clients would be affected and this could adversely impact your engagement.

5. Withdrawing your earnings from Fiverr.

There are basically Four ways you can withdraw your earnings from Fiverr:

  • Payoneer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card
  • PayPay
  • Direct bank deposit

PayPal is currently not an option for Nigerians as PayPay don’t allow Nigerians to receive money from abroads.

However in Nigeria, one good way of withdrawing your Fiverr earnings is by using Payoneer as your Fiverr Revenue Card. It is a debit card supported by Payoneer and Mastercard. Payoneer works just fine for Nigerians to withdraw their Fiverr earnings. Just indicate Payoneer as you preferred payment option.


Just as with other businesses, online money-making is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires hardwork, commitment, patience, creativity and perseverance. You will achieve success if you put the required time and effort into it.

Apart from Fiverr, there are other ways you can make money online. I explained them in More Than 50 Proven ways you can make money online by spending almost nothing.

Keep exploring and trying your hands on new ways of making money online. Take it one step at a time. When you have mastered one method, you can move to another method. It is a process and it is achievable.

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