How To Start, Grow, And Establish A Very Profitable Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start, Grow, And Establish A Very Profitable Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

HOW to Start, Grow, and Establish A Very Profitable “Poultry Farming Business” in Nigeria…. Even if you’re Starting From Scratch Without Any Experience, Or BIG Money…



Dear Friend….

I hope you’re in the mood for some exciting news today…

I’m writing to inform you about the easiest way in the world to profit from what CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) refers to as…..

“A  ‎₦1.6trillion Naira industry”

On that basis….

I am –with your permission –going to send you a hot new report,

the content of which can help you end your money problems forever.

You’ll learn….

● How to raise healthy, high-quality chickens for massive profits


● How to Succeed Beyond Your Expectations as a poultry Farmer in Nigeria….


Whether you’re pro, beginner…. Or simply someone who hasn’t got a clue what poultry farming is…


● How to choose the perfect chicken breed that will sell like crazy


● One of The biggest secrets of successful poultry farmers that can help you make maximum poultry profits in seven weeks or less…. Even if you’ve never reared chicken before


● Six questions you must ask before you start (and the expert no-nonsense answers you need to get started without struggling or encountering challenges that force many people to quit


● The one thing you must put in place before you go into poultry farming…. (And why 90% of poultry farmers struggle/fail for overlooking this simple fact )



There’s more.


A lot more amazing information that you’ll find as you read on.


And as you’ll soon see, there’s never been a better time to talk about……


The Incredibly Lucrative Business of Raising… Healthy… High-Quality Chickens For Profits!


Here’s what this is all about…

Nigerians are becoming aware of the health dangers of eating High Cholesterol meat and IMPORTED Chicken (which is preserved with dangerous chemicals)

That’s the bad news.

But the good news is….

Chicken –when it is fresh and not chemically preserved –contains a lot of protein, vitamin, phosphorus, lean fat Etc…. All of which is very good for human health.

And…. The exciting thing about all this is…

Hotels, restaurants, resorts, fast foods, malls…. (Even business/market women who normally deal in imported chicken) have realized that there’s a lot more demand for locally raised chicken…

And for this reason…


These People Are More Than Happy to Pay You Good Money in Exchange For Your Healthy Chickens…


But then…

It is not enough to know that poultry farming is now one of the most lucrative businesses in the country…

It is not enough to know that many individuals and businesses are willing to pay you weekly…. monthly….. And yearly for regular supply of healthy chicken…

You need to understand how this broiler farming business works…

You need to learn (and internalize) the principles, strategies, and simple tips to making money in the incredibly lucrative world of poultry farming.

That’s where I come in.

I’m going to show you exactly how I did it from Enugu State (starting with very little money and growing into one of the biggest Broiler farms in Nigeria)…

 And I’m also going to show you how…


How You Can Grow a profitable Broiler Business from anywhere in Nigeria….. And still succeed like I did.


But why do I speak with such confidence?

Why am I so sure that you can start, grow and establish your own profitable broiler farming business in half the time it takes most people?

The answer, my good friend, is very simple.

My name is Evan Anthony.

I’m one of the leading poultry farmers in Nigeria…

I am the CEO and founder of EVAN FARMS 

And The Amazing Poultry Money Business Model I’m about to put in your hands has already helped over 300 Nigerians like you start and grow their own poultry farms profitably….. Even if most of them started from scratch without experience.

You see…

​In addition…

When I first discovered the insanely lucrative world of broiler farming back in 2012….. I was so excited I dived into it right away…

As you might guess…

I made a lot of mistakes…. I lost money…. was taken advantage of by morally-bankrupt middlemen …. watched hopelessly as my birds died one-by-one…

Struggled to find buyers…. Struggled to make profits…. Struggled to keep the business alive…

Frankly speaking, I almost gave up.

But I just kept going….. Kept learning and unlearning…

Until eventually…. I figured out the amazing secrets of how this broiler farming business really works.

And as you’ll soon see….


Anyone…. Even if You’ve Never Reared Chicken Before… Can Use These Same Secrets to Grow a Money-Spinning Broiler Farm in 3-Months Or Less….


I took what I learned and built EVAN FARMS, probably the biggest poultry farm in Enugu state today…

Please don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying any of this to brag.

 The reason I’m telling you all this is to show you that…

This 100-Page report I’m about to put in your hands can Change Your Life For Good….

I’m giving you the exact step-by-step blueprint of everything I did to become a successful broiler farmer…


Here’s more of what you’ll learn inside THE POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT….

☞ What breed of day old chicks to buy….. to ensure profits in 7weeks or less…

☞ How to source for quality day old chicks….

☞ Items you Need for Poultry Farm

☞ Construction of Low Cost Poultry House And Layers Cage
☞ Marketing ideas and Strategies for a Poultry Farm business
☞ The 5 Important things you must do at least 1-week before the birds arrive…. (Most broiler farmers don’t do this…. And that’s why they suffer a lot of losses) –but you can avoid all that heart-break by following these simple steps…


But that’s not all…

As you read through the remaining sections of this guide…

 You’ll also learn:

☞ How to Make Your Own Chicken or Poultry Feed & What to Put in Your DIY Poultry Feed: How to use readily available ingredients…. To make your own chicken feeds that is as good as the ones sold in the markets for “fresh, healthy, locally raised chicken”


☞ What to Feed Chickens to Keep Them Healthy


☞ Poultry Feed Formulations


☞ Feed for chickens Laying Eggs


☞ What Feeds to Avoid


☞ Things to Add to Chicken Feed


☞ Poultry House Construction


☞ How to get repeat customers offline….


☞ Factors That Will Help You Get the Right P0ultry Pricing

☞ Creating a Suppliers/Distribution Network for your Poultry
☞ Tips for Running a Poultry Farm Business Successfully


☞ What to say to owners/managers of hotels, fast-foods, restaurants, resorts etc. to make them do business with you consistently…. Even if you’re a total stranger to them…

☞ Two proven ways to maximize profits when you’re ready to sell…

☞ How to maximize the profitability of your broiler farm in the long term…


But that’s just a glimpse of what you’ll get.

Read on.

Now, I’m going to tell you…

One of my biggest secrets as a successful Broiler farmer…..

You see…

Of all the things I’ve learned in my exciting seven-year journey in this lucrative Broiler Farming business, this one comes very close to being the most important….

Pay careful attention when you read this section of the POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT, it will save you a lot of money…

This section reveals, in very simple English…

☞ How to identify any disease early on…

☞ How to put in place, simple measures to protect your birds from diseases

☞ How to perform regular health checks to ensure your chicken are in top condition


☞ Disease Prevention in Poultry And management
☞ Tips to Keeping your chickens healthy


☞ The only two vaccines you should use….. (Where to get them….. how to store them…. how to administer them…. and when to administer them)

☞ The number one reason for high mortality rates in most broiler farms (and a simple, fun, but very brutal way to destroy this hidden enemy)

☞ The exact diseases you should vaccinate against…… and how to prepare your birds so that the vaccines keep them almost 100% safe from infections….

☞ How to build the best possible pen for your birds….

☞ How to protect your pen from deadly infections

☞ The six absolutely essential nutrients for the speedy growth of your birds…. Plus the one “must-have” nutrient you simply can’t overlook if you’re truly serious about maximizing the profitability of your broiler farm…

Are you beginning to get the idea that this is mega valuable stuff?

You see, when I started back then, I didn’t have this kind of information, so I made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of money…..

But don’t worry –with this 100-page guide as your companion….. And with someone like me by your side, showing you step-by-step, exactly how this business works

The success story of your broiler farming journey will be …


As Guaranteed as Sunrise Tomorrow…

And here’s something very important:

This guide doesn’t contain a single theory.

This is not one of those “information packages” written by some random “internet gooroo” who just did a couple of GOOGLE searches…. Put a few theories together, and came up with an over-priced (and totally unhelpful) E-BOOK.

No my friend.

Everything revealed has been tried and tested by me……

And I’ve shared this same “broiler money guide” with hundreds of new poultry farmers who took what I taught them…. and went to succeed beyond their initial expectations…. even though over 80% of them started from scratch without experience….

And now, like all these happy people…. You’ll be able to…


Use “Fresh Healthy Chicken” to Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year….In 2020… And for Many Years to Come….


I’m not kidding when I say….

Your ability to raise healthy chicken and sell them on a profitable basis is one of the most wonderful money-making ventures you can get into….

If you take this guide…. And follow everything I’ve outlined…..

Doing just that, and nothing else, you should never again have to worry about how to reach your financial goals….

You’ll finally be able to make enough money to live life on your terms….

You’ll be your own boss….


❌  No more office wahala….


❌  No more waiting for salary or promotion…..


❌  No more worrying how you’ll pay house rent….


And even if you’re currently employed, you don’t even have to quit your job to become a successful broiler farmer…..

Because, as you’ll see when you receive your copy of the report I’m sending you, I’ve also developed a very simple strategy that….

“Let’s you Secure your Poultry Farm Starting Capital…”

So what’s the cost of this amazing 100-page report that shows you everything you need to know to start, grow and establish a money-spinning broiler farm in just seven weeks or less?

The answer may surprise you.

Here’s why:

Even though more than 300 enterprising Nigerians have paid me as much as  ‎₦30,000 on the spot for the invaluable information in this report….




There’s no way I’m letting you pay that much.

In fact…..

Believe it or not…..

I’m Giving it to You Absolutely FREE….

Oh yes.

You see, not only do I want to show you how to start and grow your own profitable broiler farm in Nigeria…..

I also want to help you reduce start-up cost as much as possible…. While of course, making maximum profits from the little money you’ll invest as a beginner…

On that basis, I’m also going to give you (free of charge)….

A Business plan specifically created For Your Poultry Farm Business Success– In this business plan, you’ll receive…

  • Industry Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Services you should offer
  • Mission and Vision Statement
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Publicity and Advertising Strategy
  • Financial Projections and Costing
  • Startup Budget and Expenditure
  • Financial Projection
  • Sales Forecast
  • Sustainability and Expansion Strategy
  • Challenges of Starting a Poultry Farming Business and how to overcome them.

But that’s not all…

When you click the button below and sign up today for a three-month trial of my highly regarded “POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT”  Program…

You’ll also get these amazing bonuses….

✔️ POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT BONUS #1: Weekly Lessons on How to take your broiler farm from ordinary… to extraordinary…. to unstoppable…. Even if you’re just starting out….

✔️ POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT BONUS #2: The same Record Chart I’ve used in the last seven years to scale and maximize the profitability of EVAN FARMS….  (and you’ll learn how you can use it to scale the profitability of your own broiler farm in the shortest possible time)

✔️ POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT BONUS #3: I will reveal to you how to obtain a cheap Poultry Farm land in any location of your choice

✔️ BROILER MONEY CIRCLE BONUS #4: You’ll be able to work hand in hand with me, directly for what will turn out to be three of the most inspiring, most amazing months for you this year….

✔️ BROILER MONEY CIRCLE BONUS #5: FREE vaccine control for your birds…


So how much will it cost you to sign up for the life-changing POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT program?

Well, when you consider all the amazing benefits of becoming an esteemed member of The PMB (POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT)

✔️ The newly updated 100-page POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT (a ‎₦30,000 Value FREE)….

✔️ A Business plan specifically created For Your Poultry Farm Business Success

✔️ The Free VACCINE protocol….

✔️ The Weekly Lessons….

✔️ The FREE Record chart (without a STRONG, RELIABLE record chart like the one I’m sending you…. your birds will die….. and you’ll be out of business before you know it….)

✔️ Obtain a cheap Poultry Farm land in any location of your choice

✔️ Direct access to me for 90-days…..


Then it becomes quite difficult to place an actual value on this.

But believe it or not….

Signing up for a trial of my 3-month POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT program will only cost you….

Only ‎₦138 Naira Every Day!

The sum total over the 90 days I will work with you amounts to…

A small investment of ‎₦12,500 Naira only…

For all the incredible benefits you’ll be getting.

This is possibly the biggest GIVE-AWAY I’ve ever done…. And I can’t possibly repeat this offer ever again.

But today….

Right now….

You can get in…. for a prudent investment of less than ‎₦200 Naira every day…..

A smart decision that can help you achieve your financial goals this year and for many years to come….

There’s only one condition…..

One string attached to this incredible offer….

You have to ACT QUICKLY


This offer is only valid for the next 3 days….


Once it’s gone, well…… it’s gone.

But if you ACT before this offer expires, you’ll get all the amazing benefits of signing up as an esteemed member of the POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away….. Scroll down and CLICK the BUTTON BELOW to Start your risk-free poultry Money Journey today….





If you’re a newcomer and you’re wondering, “Can someone who’s a complete beginner do this?” – the answer is a definite “YES”!

I’ve specifically created this course to be user-friendly to those just starting out — which means I’ve left no detail unexplained.

Everything is systematically arranged in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that includes everything you need to actually start from nothing and make money from your poultry farm business … even if you have absolutely no experience!





If you’re already familiar with Poultry farm business, then you’re gonna love Our POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT  for two reasons:

1. You’ll learn a system that is certain to help you make more money with less effort!

2. You’ll learn my proprietary, never-before-seen system for turning a tiny poultry farm to a multi million naira business empire.

With the numerous shortcuts revealed and the first look at how to really cash-in on poultry farm business, you’ll refer to this course over and over again!





client testimonial









The POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…..

If at the end of the 90-day POULTRY MONEY BLUEPRINT program, you’re not satisfied that you’ve made a worthwhile investment…..


Just ask for a refund….. (Call me directly with the private number I’ll be sending you shortly) And you’ll get every single kobo of your money back…..


No hassles. No hard feelings, and no questions asked

– I’ll respect your decision no matter what.

And the best part is…. Even if you ask for a refund….

You still get to keep all the bonuses. 


That’s it.

SO CLICK the button below and let’s get started…

I look forward to welcoming you inside.



And in case you were wondering:


This offer is only valid temporarily.

So don’t be surprised when you come back here and find that. . .

The Price has Increased to ‎₦30,000

Once that happens . . .

You’ll kick yourself for not taking action now.

Scroll down and CLICK the RED button below to get access now.

And if after 90-days of implementing everything I show you,

You don’t agree that it was worth 100 times your investment

Just shoot me an email or send me a DM on Twitter

And I’ll offer you a prompt and courteous refund of your money.

No hard feelings.

Plus, you can keep everything I am sending you today.

You’ve got nothing to lose. 

And a lifetime of financial bliss to gain.

The only life worth living is a life lived on your terms.


Happy reading!

To Your Great Success

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