How to Start Footwear Manufacturing Business

How to Start Footwear Manufacturing Business

How to Start a Traditional Footwear Manufacturing Business

As per the traditional and modern demands of the people, footwear is made in various designs. The traditional footwear, e.g. chappal or Flip-flops is made according to the market trend and requirements of the customers. This type of chappal, which serves multi-purpose needs, is used in villages, deriving the name “Ethnic Footwear”.
This chappal is prepared with leather/velvet upper. Embroidery work is done on the upper which is stitched on to the leather sole. This chappal is made completely as one piece. This is without lace so it is easy to wear and remove. Similarly other regions have their special designs. According to the liking and demands of customers, various colours and designs of these chappals are made. Wearing these chappals has become fashion, including special occasions like marriages and festivals.
 Market Potential For Footwear Manufacturing Business
At present, there is heavy demand for this item in the market. This item is also convenient for agro-work. The villagers, therefore, like to wear them. As it is also a fancy wear, embroidery work is done to make it more attractive and appealing.
 Basis and Presumption Of Footwear Making Business
a) The unit will work for 300 days per annum on a single shift basis.
b) The unit can achieve its full capacity utilization during the 2 nd year of operation.
c) The wages for skilled workers are taken as per prevailing rates.
d) Interest rate for total capital investment is calculated @ 12% per annum.
e) The entrepreneur is expected to raise 20-25% of the capital as margin money.
f) The unit would use a rented building.
g) Costs of machinery are based on average prices of machinery manufacturers.
Implementation schedule
Project implementation will take a period of 6 months. Break-up of the activities and relative time for each activity is shown below:
Scheme preparation and approval 01 month
SSI provisional registration 1-2 months
Sanction of financial supports etc 2-5 months
Installation of machinery and power connection 3-4 months
Trial run and production 01 month
 Technical Aspects
The plant can be located at any suitable place keeping in view the marketing convenience, availability of raw materials, ingredients, power, water and skilled manpower.
 Manufacturing Process For Footwear Making Business
First of all the pattern is cut according to the size for preparing such footwear. According to the pattern, foam velvet is cut and design is made and embroidery work is done. After embroidery work goat leather is stitched at lower side and cut. After preparing the upper sole is cut according to the pattern. After cutting the sole and upper these are placed at inner portion of sole and hand stitching is done by thread. A small piece of leather is stitched on the back portion of the chappal stitching the upper chappal putting chappal last. After finishing it is inspected and packed.
Quality Specification: At present there are no quality specifications for such traditional footwear. But for exports, specifications are provided by the buyers. The raw materials should have good quality of uppers and soft sole. Care should be taken to click the right components from the right portion of the leather. Before taking different components to the closing section, inspection is to be done to ensure quality. Good quality thread is to be used to ensure proper stitches between different components.  
Pollution Control
There is no major pollution problem associated with this industry except for disposal of waste which should be managed appropriately.
Business At Glance
Startup Costs: $2,000 – $10,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? No


Branding involves creativity; it is a necessity that you must put in place if you desire to stand out among the competition. Branding could be done in many ways, e.g. printing a peculiar logo in all you shoes, making a design that catches the eye, packaging you shoes in a unique style, etc. It is both a good market strategy and a way for costumers to identify your shoes. I wrote an article that guides you on making brilliant logos for your brand.


To stay relevant in this dynamic evolving business of footwear production, you will need good market strategies. Use all available means to advertise your business. For a small-scale business, the cheapest, yet effective advertising method you can use is word of mouth. When you produce high quality shoes, your customers will spread the word about your craft. The catch is you have to make quality shoes.

If your budget is more robust, you could advertise your business on newspapers, magazines, television and radio. You could also sponsor entertainment show that will advertise your brand to the public.

To increase sales you could apply for contracts, to supply to big clients that will need large quantity of shoes. Examples of places where you may find big clients are; schools, government organizations like the army, navy, etc.



I put this section last for a reason. Most aspiring entrepreneurs spend so much time writing a business when they know almost nothing about the business. This is both time-wasting and unproductive. Of course, you need a business plan to decide the long-term feasibility of the business but, in the footwear production business, you need training and skills more.

The time you will spend writing a business plan could be better spent learning the art of the craft. When you learn, and you have the details, you are better informed to write a useful business plan.

Everybody needs shoes, and everybody wears them. Most people have more than one pair, other have closets full of shoes. The opportunities that lie in footwear production business are real and ever-present. With creativity and style, you could invest in this business and enjoy financial freedom.


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