Notebook and various types of exercise book making business are profitable and it involves simple machinery. Stationery items like notebooks, exercise books, log books, etc are always in demand for students. Different types of registers are also essential in every office, institutions, organisations, etc. Generally, they are available in different sizes according to the local market demand. There is increasing demand for notebooks as stationery items in view of rapid growth in institutions and offices of government and commercial establishments. Any individual can start exercise book making business as small and medium scale basis. The requirement of the area for the unit establishment is also very less compared to other similar manufacturing operation.


In starting exercise book making business, you will need to obtain different types of registrations and licences from different authorities. Register your business first. According to the size and management holding pattern choose the right form of business organization. Apply for Trade License from local Municipal authority. This will help you in accessing different schemes from Government. Apply for ‘No Objection Certificate’ from state Pollution Control Board. Obtain VAT registration. Protect your brand by having Trademarked Registration.

Alike any manufacturing operation, exercise book making business also have two types of investment requirement. It is recommended to apply for a complete project loan from your nearby banks or financial institution. If you are starting the business from a rental space then the cost of land and building will be eliminated. You can also avail only working capital assistance by applying for a cash credit or overdraft facility.

A semi-automatic plant is a perfect proposition for starting a small scale exercise book making business. You will need to establish the machines in interconnected manners. Required machines are as follows:

1. Disc ruling machine: It rules on both sides of the paper in one direction, either Straight-Graph or Stop, in one or two colours at a time. The operating system is manual feeding.
2. Semi-automatic paper cutting machine: It can cut 28 to 30 pieces per minute.
3. Book stitching machine: The machine speed is generally 180 Staples / Minute
4. Book pressing machine:
5. Three Knife Trimming (Three Edge Trimming) Machine: It is an automatic pre-clamping of pile of books with automatic pile slide into cutting station
6. Perforating machine
In exercise book making business, the major raw material is 40-50 gsm white sheet. You will also need to procure grey board sheet, printing ink, cover sheet, gum, stitching wire and other consumables.

The manufacturing process of notebooks, registers, etc is quite simple. In this process, first of all, white papers are ruled with the help of ruling machine as per the local requirement. The ruled paper sheets are folded into the required size of the notebook (92/192 pages) and then after binding it with grey boards, labels and covers and pasted on it. These labels can also be printed by the entrepreneur in his own unit and various multicolour attractive covers can be purchased from the market. After pasting the covers, cutting is done to give them the finishing touch. The same procedure is followed for making the registers also.

In the entire exercise book making process, you will need to employ 3 to 4 machine operators.


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