How To Sell Your Brain For Good Money Even If You Have A Low IQ

How To Sell Your Brain For Good Money Even If You Have A Low IQ

How To Sell Your Brain For Good Money Even If You Have A Low IQ


There’s something in that brain of yours that thousands (even millions) will pay as much as N5,000, N10,000, even N50,000 just to have you teach them what you know since it can solve their problems;

The way it works is 

Step 1: Go to Pinterest, Reddit, FB, IG, Quora, Nairaland (don’t ignore Twitter)

Focus on content/topics with great engagement

What are people raving or complaining about?

Difficulty getting Visa approval?
Child birth?
Better sex?
A profitable side hustle?
Self improvement?


Step 2: Write a list of 10 hot topics that people are talking about non-stop on any of these platforms I’ve listed

Narrow it down to 5, then 3, then 1, by order of engagement and interest, the higher, the better;

Now you have a topic people are interested in;

Next step is…. 


Step 3: Use Google keywords to research that topic.



Relocate to Canada
How to have better sex
How to find a good husband that won’t cheat on me (don’t laugh, this is a goldmine in the relationship niche)

Focus on search results with relevant info,
We need wheat, not chaff 

Take your time with the research, put in too much, that’s where the gold is.

Now, you got all the info

Next tin is to write the report & start selling right?

Nay, ye should test.


Step 4: Develop an outline for the report you want to sell and create the best offer possible, then.. 


Step 5: Go back to those FB groups, online Forums, IG posts where people where raving or complaining about “the topic” you picked…

Read thru again, then leave a valuable comment that rekindles their hope there’s a solution to their problems

Now, here’s where the party begins… 

By now, you should have created a WhatsApp/Telegram group,

Tell them you’re willing to share the full gist & you’ve created a group chat for that.. include the LINK in your comment

(Alternatively, you can write a post or thread and add a LINK at the end, it’s the same strategy)



Step 6: If the response is good (this depends on your message) & you get at least 5-20 people in the group on day 1 alone, that’s a sign you’re onto something

Leave a welcome/pinned message, explain that you’re making updates to the new report you put together, but they can pre-order now at a discount 

What you decide to charge is up to you;

N5k, N10k, N25k, N35k …

But, It all comes down to your offer;

If it is tempting enough, a good number will bite

Note; not everyone who joins the group will pay, that’s fine, focus on those who pay, say goodbye to those who don’t…



Step 7: Once you see the response is good, take out 24-48 hrs, finish your report, send to those who pre-ordered.

Now, u have a proven idea, it’s time to milk it

Go on FB, Twitter, IG, promote it shamelessly… always drop a LINK for people to join your group or pay with Flutterwave etc 


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