How To Make Your First Million Online

What I am about to share can be applied to any currency but just using the Naira for illustration purposes.

Let me explain further what this is all about;

If you sell 1 million copies of a product for N1/copy, that will make you 1 million naira (or any currency)

  • sell 500,000 copies of a product for N2/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 250,000 copies of a product for N4/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 1000 copies of a product for N1,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 500 copies of a product for N2,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 200 copies of a product for N5,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 100 copies of a product for N10,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 20 copies of a product for N50,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 10copies of a product for N100,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 5 copies of a product for N200,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 2 copies of a product for N500,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)


  • sell 1 copy of a product for N1,000,000/copy, that will make you 1m naira (or any)

You may think this list is just rambling but inside it, contains the real reasons many people make money in business.

Let me point them out:

  • Many people sell products that can only make them very little money, because that product/service cannot be sold for more.

For example, do you think your neighbourhood wandering shoe cobbler is going to make a million doing that?

It will never happen. Doesn’t matter how hard he (or she) works or how big he dreams.

  • Many people choose a business model that requires them to sell at scale to make significant money, but they do not have the advertising knowledge or finance to do so.

This means they choose a business model that requires them to SELL A LOT OF UNITS to make significant money.

There’s nothing wrong with this, though, as long as your business model fits into you selling a lot of units, without necessarily increasing your costs.

This is why I absolutely LOVE Information Publishing, especially selling digital products.

I could put a price to this book and sell it to as many of the 7 billion on earth as are willing to buy it.

It will cost me almost zero to deliver it because it is digital.

In the same light, you can as well sell one billion units of an ecommerce or physical product, but you cannot sell more than 24 hours of your time everyday as a freelancer or consultant/coach.

This is because you cannot create more time every day.

You cannot even work 24 hours straight every day since you have to sleep, bathe, talk, eat, move around, and do many other things that will take time.

Those business models put a cap on how much you can make PERSONALLY fulfilling the service.

The only way you can increase income with them is to hire other people to take on more work and fulfill on your behalf OR you get so good at what you do that you can CHARGE A TON of money.

For example, the majority of freelance graphic designers on Fiverr charge $5 for every job they do, but there’s a guy there that charges $10,000 for each job, and people pay him.


He designed the APPLE company logo. This positions him as an expert and this is also what consulting firms like PricewaterhouseCooppers (PWC) and Bain & Company do.

  • Many people think it’s harder to sell expensive products, so they seek safety by selling cheap ones and get stuck.

But in reality that’s wrong thinking.

Most of the time, it takes actually the same amount of time (and many times money) to sell a $1 million as it takes to sell a $20 one.

Sure the path to the sale is different, but time and effort is mostly the same.

If you want to make a million of any currency every month, you have two choices:


1. Sell products/services that can be sold to as many people as possible.


2. Sell products/services you can charge A LOT of money for

This means that the business model you choose is not just one that plays to your strengths and skills,

but it must be one whose structure allows you to make A LOT OF MONEY by selling to many people and charging LOW or selling to a few and charging HIGH.

I know of only a couple of internet business models that make this possible.

And my favourite is information marketing.

This alone generated me over 30M Naira excluding what I made from my consulting gigs and selling of physical products.

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I hope you got value from this short article…

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