How To Make A Year’s Salary In One Day

One of the frequently asked questions we get asked relates to how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria.

Guess what.

More and more people are interested in becoming real estate agents in Nigeria!


Why are so many people interested in becoming real estate agents in Nigeria?

The reason is simple: Real estate agents in Nigeria are paid real estate commission when they help sell a property for the property owner.

The real estate agent commission that estate agents are paid is calculated as a percentage of the property price. And that commission can be huge!

Bottom line.

You can earn over a million Naira from a single real estate transaction, depending on the price of the property that you sold.

No wonder more and more people are searching for how to become estate agents!


Follow the simple steps below to become a successful real estate agent (or consultant) anywhere you live in Nigeria.

1. Take the real estate sales training and learn how to sell real estate

2. Join a reliable real estate consultant network or start off being an independent realtor

3. Visit the properties owned by the real estate consultant network

4. Record videos of the estates owned by the real estate consultant network that you have visited

5. Start selling using the sales strategy you learned from the real estate sales training manual

The above are the 5 simple steps on how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria.


Here’s the truth.

There is money in Nigeria real estate business if you do it right.

That is why thousands of people have jumped into the real estate business in Nigeria.

For example, a student registered as a consultant with a real estate company in Lagos Nigeria and within 4 months in the business, she earned a total commission of ₦2.79 million.

Another student got a customer who bought 70 plots of land in one of the estates in Ibeju Lekki Lagos. At the time, each plot was selling for ₦7 million Naira. Therefore, 70 plots amounted to ₦490,000 million Naira.

Her commission on the transaction was 15% of the value of the transaction. That is, her commission was ₦73.5 million Naira.


₦73.5 million Naira from just one transaction!

Yes, real estate is the new GOLD!

Thinking of becoming a real estate consultant (or realtor) in Nigeria?

Want a business that will enable you destroy poverty once and for all?

Want financial freedom?

Want to become a millionaire in 90 days or less?

Follow the 5 steps on how to become a real estate agent in Nigeria listed above.

We have put together a special “high income realtor training” for those who want to venture into the real estate industry and make a lot of money from it either part time or full time.

Click this link to access your High Income Realtor Training and start earning huge commissions in as little as 90 days or less..

To higher income,

Chris Anthony

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