How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

You finally snagged a fabulous man who is perfect for you. Things are going well, but there are some nights that just keep you awake and make you think, “Can this last forever?” Yes, it can. Keep a few things in mind, and you’ll make him love you, now and forever.

1. Body language:

Reel him in by giving him subtle hints that you’re also interested. But of course, he can never be too sure of the signals, and that’s what’s exciting for him and will convince him to win you over all the more. Look at him in the eyes and lean your body slightly towards him whenever he talks. Touch him a little on his knee or on his arm if you excuse yourself to go to the loo. This will give that lingering effect on him and he’ll be thinking about you the whole time you’re gone.

2. Make other plans:

Just because you are seeing each other doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment with each other. Two people who are into each other can also bore each other out, and men don’t like it when you smother him. Let him hang out with the boys for a football game, while you catch up with your girlfriends with a movie. Besides, spending time away from each other gives your man a lot of excuse to miss you and come home running to you after a night out with the boys. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

3. Mix it up:

Going out on a date doesn’t only mean the movies and a restaurant. Having a routine will definitely make him think you two are stuck in a rut. Keep him interested by giving the word “date” a whole new meaning. Plan something different, like going out on a road trip, playing a game of paintball, or even visiting Chinatown to go food-stall-hopping. This will give him a venue to see you in a different and better light by letting him see your spunky side and show him you’re not afraid of a little adventure.

4. Be attractive:

A lot of women make the same mistake of never bothering to doll themselves up because they’ve already got a man. But you also risk having your man getting tired of you, and he’ll go around and look for something – or someone – else. Remember, men are visual creatures, and they are attracted by what they see. But you don’t need to go all hoochie to keep him with you. Just don’t take yourself for granted and fix that hair, put a little concealer and blush, and don that cute dress. Looking great will also tell your man that you’re still beautiful enough to attract other guys, and he’ll want to eliminate the competition by winning you over.

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