How To Instantly Increase Website Traffic With SEO Articles

How To Instantly Increase Website Traffic With SEO Articles

Do you want a fantastic way to instantly begin to
drive massive numbers of target traffic to your
website? If you answered YES, then I think I have a
cute solution for you.

Search Engines get the most of web traffic… And
that’s the plain and simple truth..!

Search engines are designed to give web searchers
results based on their search criteria. If I search
for “Healthy Eating Habits” as an instance, the
search engine would have to deliver to me search
results that are exact, or very close to what I
searched for.

If it doesn’t, I discard the search engine and come
to the conclusion that it is not good enough or its
totally useless! This gives the search engine a
“bad name”.

Search engines are aware of this and to stay in
business, they do all they can to give good

Your goal is to create viral content which spreads
itself deep on the web and which of course makes
the job of the search engines easy.

It’s really simple. Get the search engines to love
you and they will reward you with traffic.

Here is how to do it.

Start With An SEO Friendly Title.

Before now, I just pick up my pen and jump into my
articles with no thoughts at all. Now, I am wiser.
What I do first is find out what people are looking
for on the search engines.

For example, at the start of this article, I
checked for how many times the words “web site traffic”, “SEO”, “SEO Articles” and “Articles”
were searched last month.

The figures I got were as at the time of this
writing were:

“website traffic” – searched 60643 times

“SEO” – searched 68745

“SEO articles” – searched 1388

“Article” – searched 61205

Once I got the figures, I then went ahead to create
a title that included these words in them.

It doesn’t seem obvious by looking at the title of
my article but what I did simply was to increase
the chances of this article getting read by the
191981 who are likely to search for these terms
this month.

How did I get that figure?

It is simple. Since my article title contains each
one of these words or group of phrases, each time
they are searched for, the search engine sees them
as relevant and shows my article to the searcher.

You can get started for keyword research by using
Ubersugest Keyword Tool, presently located at

That is not all. You need to create the perfect SEO
traffic generating machine by creating keyword

This is another simple but immensely rewarding
tweak. Just make your “major” words.. I mean your
keywords to show up over and over again with the
body of your article. This creates keyword density.

Since search engines are designed to look at
content and rank them based on the number of times
keywords are repeated in the content, doing this
(making your materials keyword dense) will increase
your article’s “loveability” by the search engines
and will mean more traffic reward.

You must however not overdo it or you will be
tagged a keyword spammer!

The key to success is balance. These two little
strategies kick-starts you and puts you in line for
an astronomical increase in web site traffic using Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles.

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