How to Handle a Bad Day And Come Out Strong

How to Handle a Bad Day And Come Out Strong

There was once a farmer who had a horse he loved very much. One day as he was walking with his horse, the horse fell into a well. The farmer tried everything he could to pull his dear horse out of the well but nothing worked.

The farmer loved his horse so much and with tears decided the best thing to do was to bury the horse on that spot. He picked up his shovel and with the tears rolling freely down his cheek, started heaving sand into the well. His intention was straight forward enough – to bury his beloved horse.

The horse seeing the situation resigned to fate and decided it was over but something strange happened. As the first heap of sand landed on the horse’s back, it had an idea – Shake off the sand, stamp on it and you’ll get out alive!

That was exactly what the horse did. As each heap of sand landed on the back of the horse, all it did was simply to shake it off, stamp on it and that horse made it out of that well alive.

Your day cannot and in-fact will not go perfect all of the time. There are times when it just goes rough. Even, when everything decides to go perfect for you, there are people who deliberately try to hurt you, just try to get at you, try to infuse some stress into you happy day.

When such thing happens – remember that every obnoxious act is a cry for help. Understand that person in unconsciously trying to rub his inner frustration on someone else. That understanding helps you handle the scenario better.

David Brinkley could not have said it better when he said: “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

It also helps to remember when the day starts going bad that somewhere sometimes in the past, you’ve been in far worse situation and you handled it. Think back to the past and you’ll discover there have been worse days than today which you don’t even have vivid recollection of. If that is the case.. then it means today is not so bad. Cheer up!

Another tip to help you handle a day going bad is to practice talking back to yourself aloud; powerful motivation quotes. For example, “shake off the sand and you’ll come out alive” or “I expect the best and with God’s help will attain the best” – Norman Vincent Peale or “Only Winners go to dinner” or “Misery is an option”

Say such things to yourself over and over until you’ve calmed down and you actually start to feel better despite the situation that cause the bad day being present. You will notice that as you cool off.. the so bad day will get no so bad and the stress level falls drastically.

Never forget: we cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails. “Your attitude determines your action and your action determines your accomplishment.” – John C. Maxwell


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