“If you’ve got 13-Minutes Before You Run Your Next
Ad…….. Here’s how to make certain you get the highest possible
profits…. Even if your previous sales messages didn’t bring in a
single dollar in sales! Before you write a word of sales copy,
consider the following……”


1. Run a Google search on that which you’re trying to sell. Read
every single page that appears in the top 3-5 Google search
NOTE: Remember this is also applicable to AMAZON, Instagram,
Twitter, Facebook, online forums etc….

2. Go to ,
Enter “all niches”
Click on the niche YOUR PRODUCT falls into. Eg: Beauty
You’ll see lots of classic ads that fall in the category of what
you intend to advertise —read them, study them, you’ll get a ton
of ideas on how best to position your copy.

3. Notice how the headlines are written….. Think about how
you could use them for the product you want to sell…..

4. Now, take note of the things that would make you buy that
product (benefits, experience, solution, promises)
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
Think like a customer, not a copywriter or marketer or
Also take special note of the things that might make you skeptical
about buying that product — figure out how to address them in
your sales copy.
EG: iF people are afraid of the side-effects of weight-loss
A good idea for your headline could be something like….
“REVEALED: How anyone born after 1986 Can easily lose
up to 49 pounds in 3 short weeks, without going to the
GYM and without any side effects ”
And then…..
In your copy… explain how a lot of weight loss supplements have
serious side-effects and…..
….how the naturally-sourced components in your product work
like crazy and are safe for human consumption.
Remember we’re still conceptualizing how we want our copy to
We’re still thinking……

And during this stage…..
It is very important that you address all the possible reasons that
might make them say NO.
Since people are looking for even the slightest excuse not to part
with their money.

5. Creating a STRONG OFFER.
I’ll dive deeper into this much later
But here’s a little glimpse into what offers are all about.
An offer is simply what the customer believes she’s getting in
exchange for her hard-earned money.
So what can you give her that will look like an incredible
Maybe you can include a number of bonuses ( that are relevant to
the product you’re selling —stuff that your ideal customer will
Or maybe you can say the product will be delivered free and she
can pay only when she has seen the delivery man….
Or maybe you can offer a discount…. (Note, this doesn’t always
mean you’re reducing the price of your product….)

An alternative would be…..
“Buy two, get one free”
“Buy five, get two free”
“Buy seven, get two free…. Plus you get a special fast-reply
bonus when you order now”
“But that’s not all… when you order today….. you’ll also get…..
Xyz, abc, klm….. Plus a full 45% discount”
Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera.
Got it?

6. Think of the BIG IDEA behind your product…. A unique
primary promise you can use in the headline for your copy
Example of What I mean :
“How a depressed mathematician stumbled on ONE BIG DARN
SECRET that can instantly make YOUR SALES SOAR… even
during the coming recession -Guaranteed!”
BIG IDEA: Who’s this depressed mathematician? And what’s this
big darn secret that can help me make more money even during
the coming recession?
Another Example:

-selling a memory-boosting product
The BIG IDEA -Using “Fertilizer & brain” in your headline is a
powerful way to get your prospect interested in the rest of your
This carries more appeal when compared to
“How to boost your memory”
One more Example:
—-selling an anti-aging serum which has one of its ingredients
found in Israel…. Like a plant or something.
The BIG IDEA : What’s this Israeli secret of beauty? How can it
help me retain my youthful glow?
Got it?

7. Create as many headlines as possible —
—-at least 17.
AND TRY TO MAKE EACH ONE more punchy and more powerful
than the last…… (push yourself… set high standards)
…..then narrow it down to the most compelling 5, show it to 5
people, ask them which story interests them more

7b. Use the headline that gets more yays…. Or just go with
your guts!
IMPORTANT — remember you’re not writing yet….. What you’re
doing, is conceptualizing how your copy will flow.
You’re putting the building blocks of your copy in place.
So that when you’re ready to write….
… already know exactly how your copy will look when your
reader is going through it….
And if I might add —-
The copy almost writes itself, since it flows freely from
your brain to your fingers.
If you’re writing copy for a money-making opportunity (like a
course or something)……
… helps to summarize the current economic situation, tie it in
with personal finances, inflation, and cost of living, family etc
Is the economy collapsing?
Somewhere in the middle of your copy….. Or before you introduce
the product…..
Use it as a valid argument on why your prospect needs to act

We are now living in the worst economic times in the entire
history of this country…..
Next year… the inflation could get worse….
House rents will likely double…..
People will likely lose jobs as companies are laying off staff by the
But today, you have an opportunity to take control of your
finances and put the odds in your favour….
And it all begins with a simple first step!

10. THE POWER OF PROOF…. (AND How to get it)
PROOF is important because people (including thee and I) are
very skeptical when it comes to buying online.
So you could ask for testimonials from existing customers.
If there are no testimonials.
You can go to Amazon and check reviews for that product.
Take the good ones and use them as testimonials in your copy.

……if there’s a popular figure or influencer on Social Media that
has said something positive about the product, you can use it as
a testimonial in your copy.
You can also run some Google search and quote statistics and
facts that tie in with what you’re selling.

12. Supplying THAT IMPULSE ( part 2 )
A CUSTOMER may be interested in what you’re saying…..
But if she doesn’t feel that sense of urgency to act now…..
You’ve lost a sale.
So it’s important that, even before you start writing , figure
out ways to create a strong sense of scarcity or urgency…… that
will make her want to act now!
EG: This offer is only available until 12:00am this Friday, after
that, the price goes back up to N45,000 —act now and save
EG 2: We’re running out of stock, we only have 10packs left….
When they’re gone….. Well, they’re gone…. Here’s your chance to
get one for yourself at this incredible bargain.
You could also…..
Promise a discount, and a gift, on the condition that she acts
before midnight or a short period of time.

Remember, humans —including thee and I— are intellectually
lazy when it comes to “putting 2 and 2” together.
So tell her (your customer) where the order button is , what color
it is, and above all…..
Tell her to click it NOW
Use your PS to remind her of all she stands to GAIN, and LOSE, if
she hesitates.
P.S stands for post-script.
It is a little note that comes after your sales letter and it is a
great way to reinforce your sales message.
PS: Three months from now…. You could be nothing more than
3-months older…. Or you could be making up to N300,000 weekly
from a single product. The choice is up to you.
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