How to Get Luckier Today

How to Get Luckier Today

Is it possible to get luckier? Is there something you can do today that will increase your chances of being luckier today? Why do some people seem to have more luck than others? Is there really anything called luck?

First, you’ve got to understand that there is really no such thing as luck the way we understand it. Luck is basically a function of a combination of actions.

Which means each time someone gets blessed with good fortune, that person has consciously or unconsciously done something that produced that result. Aristotle in his law of causality explains that there is a relationship between one event (called cause) and another event (called effect) which is the direct consequence (result) of the first event.

In plain language, if you knew why someone else is luckier that you are and you take those same steps, you are likely to start getting the same results of good fortune. That means you can attract more luck and you can start immediately.

I am personally fascinated by this and over the years, I discovered a few basic steps to help anyone attract more luck. Note that attracting luck has nothing to do with intelligence. In fact, most of this kind of people are not as bright as you would normally expect.

Be Ready..

Have you noticed that people who we term “lucky” have the uncanny character of being ready for the luck? They seem to be programmed for it and seem to know just when it arrives. For instance, you might notice that when others are not dressed for the occasion of luck, the “lucky” chap will seem to be the only one dressed for it.

The secret is that “lucky” people are always prepared for lucky encounters. They are always ready. They do work place research and know where and how to get what and what, they are always dressed for luck etc

Like the wise saying goes “Faith will move mountains but you better bring along your shovel and be prepared to help with the work.”

Look On The Bright Side..

I want you to think back to the luckiest person you ever met or knew. One distinct character is the fact that these set of people always seem happy and they seem to fall in line with the dictionary’s definition of happy – which goes good fortune, happy outcome etc

The lucky person is mostly the guy with a positive attitude.

A simple way to improve your attitude starting immediately is to think about lucky, happy and positive things that has happened in your life and keep those thoughts in your mind. When things start to go wrong and your attitude begins to go down hill, simply think back to your good fortunes and tell yourself, it will happen again.

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