How To Get Clients In The Current Economy

How To Get Clients In The Current Economy

How To Get Clients In The Current Economy:

For Freelancers And Service Providers

If you sell a service, Here’s how to get Clients in the current economy:

First things first

When it comes to getting clients, you’re not selling a service

You’re either selling the solution to a problem clients are dying to solve

Or you’re selling the experience they crave


There’s a simple way to get quality Clients even if the economy is hurting

Start by looking at the niche that has the highest demand for your skill

In Copywriting,

It’s Information marketing.

If you’re a graphic designer, it could be ad agencies or something else

This phase is key

Once you’ve figured out your niche

The next thing you do is create your ideal client persona

Want to work with…

Big brands?

Small businesses?



Course creators?


This is important because different clients have different needs and expectations


If you’re going to work with big brands in any niche

Do some research and find out what their top 3 issues are (Same with smaller brands.)

Create valuable content addressing each one.

Eg: How to convince customers to pay for your Ecommerce products Before you send it to them.

The easiest way to get the attention of a prospective client is by offering a simple solution to a problem they’re dying to solve.

Or by offering them a shortcut to something they’re dying to have.

This is where your client-attraction content comes in.

Here’s how it works

2 simple ways to get clients using valuable content

Once you’ve created valuable content addressing a pain point or offering an effective shortcut to a desired outcome

Run a Facebook ad targeting individuals with interests in niche-related topics

Your ad should be educative…

When using FB ads or social media to attract clients,

Your valuable content should end with any of these;

+Need help? Book a free 30-min session

+Watch this free webinar, I explain x in detail

+I’ll be sharing part 2 of x via email, sign up free here

+Need Help? Send me a message

Whether you’re running an FB ad or simply using Social media to attract Clients

It’s important you tell your prospects what they should do next.


Getting prospective clients to join your email list ensures you have a responsive list of prospects willing to work with you.

How to build a responsive list of quality leads who’ll beg you to work with them

Offer free webinar aggravating a major problem with the what you can do about it approach

Prospects must sign up to your list to watch the free webinar

Once they join your list,

Nurture them.

If you’re using a webinar as lead magnet to attract quality leads

Keep it punchy and straight to the point

Then tell them how they can work with YOU if they need help

Also, it is not enough to get quality leads on your email list

You need to nurture them with valuable content

How to write emails that turn cold prospects into I-want-to-work-with-you type of clients/customers

Tell a story.

Tie the moral of the story in with a simple solution to prospect’s *pain point

Then offer to help.

Usually, with a link to your offer.

Hope this helps.

How to write simple emails that bring you a steady flow of quality Clients and customers

Tell a story around prospect’s desired outcome

Tie in the moral with a simple solution

Offer to help.

Either put a link to your offer, Or tell them what to do if they need your help.

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