How To Find And Keep A Good Man

How To Find And Keep A Good Man

A good man is hard to find. That is why divorce rate is very high. The solution? Get it right from the beginning. Marry a good husband. But how do you get a good man?

There’s no denying it. It’s so hard to find quality men these days. Any woman seeking man, any woman seeking a good husband, can testify to that. A woman who has been through a divorce will testify even more to the accuracy of that statement.

Honestly, it’s just so hard to find responsible men these days. But why, you ask.

The simple reason is this. Today many men are afraid of commitment. They only want the good stuff. Few men really want to settle down to family life. Many just want a pleasant moment in a woman’s arms and off they go.

On the other hand, many women want to settle down. They want commitment, dedication, and a sense of responsibility from men. They want a permanent shoulder to lean on and a trustworthy companion. This is the kind of man women want.

In reality, this is what makes a man a good man, a good husband.

So, where are all the responsible and dedicated men?

They are everywhere. They are in every neighborhood, every state, every country. But to find and get them women have to see differently.

So, how do you get a good husband?

First, be realistic. Be realistic about what you want, be realistic about your expectations.

For example, do not expect to find a perfect man. No man is perfect. No woman is perfect either. You yourself are not perfect. So, do not expect perfection from any man.

You must understand that being a good man or a good husband material does not mean the man is flawless. If you desire perfection, you won’t find any man who will measure up to that impeccably high standard.

Second, demand honesty. Give honesty.

A relationship is pointless without honesty. Your man is the closest person to you. If you can’t trust him, whom can you trust?

A good man is trustworthy. If the man you have feelings for isn’t trustworthy, he’s not a good husband material. And, you shouldn’t be in that relationship.

Third, look find a man who compliments you in everyway possible. This makes it easy for you to work together and resolve difficulties when they arise. And you also enjoy his company more.

Bottom line.

Your relationship will last longer, even forever, when you find and stick with your perfect match. So,
who is a good husband material?

Simple. It’s that man who compliments you in everyway possible.

Fourth, test his love. Does he really love you? Well, how can you tell if he does?

A good man as far as you’re concerned is the man who loves you. If he doesn’t love you, he belongs to someone else not you.

Love relationship is beautiful and enjoyable when there is a meeting of minds. Do not settle for anything short of a good man, a good husband material.

You want love. You want happiness. You want peace of mind. And it’s only a good man, it’s only a good husband material who can give you that.

Save yourself misery. Find a good man. And . . . keep him.


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