How To Easily Crack The Information Product Code

How To Easily Crack The Information Product Code

Most people think it is very difficult to create Information
Products and monetize them. This is very far from the truth
because one of the easiest businesses to start and profit from in
the world is that of information vending and you can start right
here, right now.

Creating and monetizing information products is all about
looking for something valuable and then offering that valuable
thing to those who need it at a price. Following this line of
thinking, it becomes obvious that anyone can profit form the
information product business without much effort.

What you need essentially includes being able to find quality
information that people need and are willing to pay for, being
able to package the information product, adding a price tag and
finally being able to market; which is the same as being able to
get your information product across to those people who need
them the most.

Alright, lets take a real, practical example.

Let us assume that in your village, there is a place where a bag
of kola-nuts weighing 75kg sells for $20 and you know for
certain that the same bag of kola-nuts costs $500 in Lagos. At
first, your initial reaction is surprise. You then ask yourself
why a bag of kola-nut costing $20 in your village should be
sold for $500 in Lagos, so you do a little digging around.

You go to merchants in Lagos and ask them where they source
their kola-nuts from and you find out that none of them is
aware they can get quality kola-nuts from your village. You
then go to your village and ask around, about where and whom
they sell kola-nuts to. Again, you discover that they do not get
enough buyers and sometimes run at a loss after harvest

By now, you are excited. So, you quickly do a little
mathematics and then you realize that the cost of transportation
of kola-nuts from your village for 50bags is just $100 which of
course is about $2 per bag. By now, your head is really
spinning BUT you do not have enough money to start the
business and of course you do not want to go through the stress
of the business BUT you still want to rake in your millions
from the business. So what do you do?


All you need to do to rake in your stress-free millions is simply
organize the results of your research about the profitability of
the business into a short manual containing the following basic

1. The name of the village

2. How to get to your village

3. How to contact the kola-nut suppliers

4. How to buy cheap

5. How to transport to Lagos with under $2 per bag

6. How to contact buyers in Lagos (in fact you can supply a list of buyers)

7. You do a short profitability analysis

And that’s it! Your information product is ready. Notice how
powerful that information is. Notice also that the whole of the
information can be written in as little as 10pages or less.

The next thing is now to get people interested in the report and
this is where your marketing comes in. So, what you do is to
give your report a very powerful title e.g. How To Start A
Kolanut Supply Business With $100 Or Less & Make 500%
Profit Guaranteed”

Next is to start an advertising campaign. Yes – you need to
make noise about your report. Once people get to hear about
how much money they can save or rake in just by reading your
information report, guess what will happen, they will literally
beg you to collect their money in exchange for the 10pages
information that cost you next to nothing to pull together.

By the time they start contacting you for more information, you
are ready for them with two powerful techniques. The first is
your carefully written sales letter and the second is your
autoresponder which takes off most of the work from you and
allows you to focus on collecting the money and of course have
a really cool time.

And that’s it! Follow this very simple steps and you will crack
the Information Product Code in your favour. Once cracked, it
remains cracked to you and you can literally produce cash on
demand anytime you need it!


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