How The Next 90 Days Can Really Change Your Life For The Best

How The Next 90 Days Can Really Change Your Life For The Best

The article you are about to read is not about how you can make X amount of Naira in the next 90 days.


This article is about something that is FAR deeper and more powerful than making money.

If you pay attention and follow what I am about to tell you, this will lead to some massive transformation in every area of your life.

Mind you, I am not a pastor or motivational speaker. So, I am not promising you some sort of miracles and I am not trying to hype you up.

I only said it WILL lead to some massive transformation in every area of your life because this is just a principle of nature.
Something like if you throw a stone up, it is going to come down.

So, what is this about?

The main theme of this article is about overcoming a TERRIFIC FORCE that stays between us and our goals.

It stays between us and our heart desires.

And mind you, this terrific force is not the lack of information or knowledge.

It is FAR greater than that.

Just so that you can have an idea of what this terrific force, let me tell you something.

According to my to-do list, my plan was to start writing this article at exactly 8pm. But when I opened my computer to start writing, my mind began to wander off to other things, I found myself looking at some of the pictures and videos on my laptop – for the next 5 minutes.

It was at 8:05pm that I realized what I was doing and I forced myself to open up Microsoft word and start typing.

However, by 8:10pm – My mind began to wander off again, I wanted to go and open up some PDF document to read. But I stopped myself from doing that. Instead, I made up my mind not to do anything else until I am through with this article.

Have you discovered what the TERRIFIC FORCE I am talking about is from what I just narrated? If you haven’t don’t worry. I will explain better.

In the short narration above, you will find out two bad habits of mine that I am working on:

1. Creative procrastination – leaving what is important and wasting time on less important things.

2. Not focusing on one task until it is completed.

Each time I do not allow those 2 bad habits of mine to control me, what usually comes out of it is PRODUCTIVITY (I just added this paragraph after I finished writing the article at 10.26pm)

This article is about how you can overcome the BAD HABITS that are keeping you from achieving the success you deserve in life and building GOOD habits that will make you successful.

The terrific force I was talking about earlier is The Force of HABIT.

They are really powerful and they stand between you knowing something and implementing it.

I am going to give you a list of what I consider to be the top bad habits you need to deal with and how to start dealing with them.

But before that, let me tell you something else about why I believe if you address just 1 or 2 of the bad habits you have in your life within the next 90 days, your life is going to be transformed.

There is a customer of mine who attends almost all my seminars and workshops.

Let’s call him “Mr ALL”

He also buys several of my products as well.

Since he does all this, you will think he must have applied them and created a good source of extra income. Right?

But the answer is NO.

He hasn’t.

He is still tied to his 9-5pm job and still complains of cash all the time.

The funny thing is that even if I have another product out tomorrow on income generation and marketing, he is probably going to buy it despite the fact that he won’t work on what is in the product.

So, why is he yet to get any tangible outcome despite the fact that he has been buying my courses and trainings?

The answer is buried within a mail he sent to me sometimes ago where he talked about his what ifs – “What if I do all these things and they do not work?”

“What if I placed an advert and it does not work?”

‘What if I created a product and it does not sell?”

As you can see from his questions, the number ONE force that is stopping him from moving forward is his own internally generated FEAR and SELF DOUBT.

He is no longer ignorant. He has access to the type of information about making money that most people do not have access to but he is crippled by FEAR.

He spends more money to attend more trainings and buy more courses because he thinks more information will give him the confidence he needs.

He does not recognize that all he needs is to just push himself forward a little bit. While I want people to buy almost all my products, I am unhappy when they do not use them.

He reminds me of myself some few years ago.

I had this terrible fear of speaking in public. If you asked me to choose between not eating for 7 days and speaking in public for just 5 minutes, I would choose not to eat in public for 7 days.

It was that bad.

So, I started buying books in order to solve this issue.

I even attended a couple of trainings as well.

These trainings offered me some tricks and ideas on eliminating the fear but they all ended with “I have to make a decision to get out there and speak in public”

So, after 1 year of reading books and attending trainings, I finally figured out that nothing was going to happen if I kept shying away from facing my fear.

It was also around this time that I came across a quote that said:

“Be BOLD and mighty forces will come to your aid”

And really, if you can just feign boldness and do things despite the “voice of fear” in your mind, you will be amazed that some force will come to your help.

The first time I spoke in public, it was for 5 minutes and even though my voice was shaking throughout, I finally realized that it wasn’t that difficult.

That brought me more confidence.

The same thing happened the first time I spent money to place an advert. I thought about all the bad things that could go wrong if the advert did not work but I placed it anyway.

And the advert did not work.

And I found out that if an advert did not work, I won’t die or get sick, I will only get better because I sought to find answers to why the advert did not work.

And that is how my fear for placing adverts disappeared till today.

It was Brian Tracy who said “Successful people are people who do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do”

Have you thought about that?

Truth is everyone (rich and poor) has the element of FEAR and SELF-DOUBT in them. But it is only the tiny set of people who face them that we call SUCCESSFUL.

But FEAR is not the only BAD GUY here.

There are more of them.

Below is a list of the main forces and bad habits that hold us back.

Read through it and note down the ones that have been holding you back. Then consider my suggestions on how you can spend the next 90 days to get rid of them.

1. Procrastination – Not taking immediate massive actions on things that if done, can improve your life and transform your story. (In fact, Napoleon Hill calls it “old man procrastination” because this force has been around for ages and is one of the TOP reasons why people don’t succeed) – The key to this is taking immediate massive action on important things.


2. Lack of Focus – Inability to focus on a single task or project until it is completed. (With the levels of distractions in today’s world, this is one of the toughest to master) – If you are a good starter but not a good finisher, you are in no way different than the person who did not even start because you both have ZERO results.


3. INERTIA/LAZINESS – Inability to push yourself to start something important.


4. Not having a well-organized TO DO LIST before starting your day.


5. FEAR and SELF DOUBT – Stop doubting your abilities. You will definitely not be the best at something when you are just starting but you have to get started to be the best at it. It was Zig Ziglar who said “Anything worth doing well at all is worth doing poorly at first”


6. Giving Excuses– Another habit of poor people.


7. Other personal bad habits – E.g Not saving or reinvesting money, overspending etc)


In one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books, he talked about “The Habits of the Rich” – he explained how the main difference between the rich and people who struggle financially is the difference in HABITS.


E.g Rich people have developed the habits of having a to-do-list for each day and it starts with the most important tasks they have to do to move their lives and business forward.


But poor people usually don’t have a well planned to do list for each day. They just start their day anyhow and flow to wherever the waves of life carries them to for the day. Then, they go to bed, wake up the next day and start the same routine over again because HABITS are powerful forces.


Once a particular habit has been programmed into your subconscious, it becomes a strong force that directs you automatically and it is usually hard to break away from it even when you recognize that it is bad.


Habits are like a well-strung rope that is just too hard to break and I am talking about both good and bad habits.


That is why a smoker wakes up one day and he decides that smoking is bad for him (even though he has been seeing it on the cigarette pack for years) – The problem however is that it is hard for him to break away from it.


I know of people who are finding it hard to move forward in life just because they have become addicted to new technology bad habits. They wake up in the morning and spend most of their early hours on facebook and twitter.


Even though some of them realize what it is doing to them in terms of productivity, they find it hard to break away from it.


I want to make you a promise:

I don’t know what your own bad habits are among the ones I listed above but if you can spend the next 90 days to change at least 2 of them, you will be amazed by how your life is going to change.


Why 90 days?

I know you may be thinking why is it 90 days?


Here is the reason. According to top self-development experts, it takes 30 days of consistent repetition to form a new habit.
So, let’s say want to form a new habit of starting your day by putting together a to-do-list. What the experts are saying is that if you can commit the next 30 days to starting your day with a well-planned to-do-list, you are probably going to continue that habit automatically.


That is from the experts’ angle.


But what I have discovered in my life personally is that changing a bad habit and adopting a new one is usually not a straight lined process because HABITS Are just TOO POWERFUL.


If you have been smoking for the past 5 years, not smoking for just 30 days is probably not going to be enough to help you quit smoking forever.


That is a huge example but I hope you get what I am saying.


So, what I learnt from a guy called Eben Pagan is to set a 90 day – reorientation programme for yourself.
You may be thinking that 90 days is too long but if you are thinking that way and you don’t do anything, the 90 days will have passed and you won’t have a new habit. You will have only strengthened a bad habit called “procrastination”


Once you make a decision to form new habits, just get started.

The first few days may not be consistent but don’t give up. It is just the bad habits trying to secure their place in your life. Don’t let the bad habits win. Even if you miss 1 or 2 days, get back to it.


If you don’t give up during the first 30 days, it is going to be easier for the remaining 60 day and by that time, you will find that it has become so easy for you to maintain that habit as a part of your life.


Regardless of the habits you want to get rid of and the ones you want to cultivate, here are some ideas that can make it simpler for you.


1. Realize that you can’t change 10 different habits within 90 days. Instead, pick the top 3 habits that if introduced to your life will cause a massive transformation. List out these 3 habits and decide to replace them with good ones.


2. Make a decision to get started immediately and that you are going to follow through for the next 90 days.


3. Get someone trustworthy that can be of help to you. Someone that can push you through. Truth is, the hard-core, powerful bad habits of procrastination and not completing something have been formed over the years.


That is why they are JUST very strong and they will keep trying to stop you from forming better habits. Bad habits are easier to form but Good habits are difficult to form. That is why you may need someone that you can be accountable to. This is why successful people hire coaches and assistants.


4. Employ a Robot to help you – A robot means something that is not living. Let’s say you want to develop the habit of waking up everyday by 5am, a robot in this case can be an alarm clock. You can also use productivity apps and software as well. For instance, see any do for an app that helps you to plan your day and get things done.


5. Fix a particular time to do the most important things every day – This works for important tasks that you want to get done every day because they add value to your life. For instance, I discovered that one skill if well developed, could make me really successful is the ability to write very well. So, I made up my mind to write every day for 30 mins between the hours of 7.00 – 7.30am


What do I write? Atimes I just pick a very good article, sales copy or novel and copy it in my own handwriting until the 30 minutes is up.


Sometimes, I just pick a topic out of head and write for the next 30 minutes on it. It doesn’t have to be something reasonable. I am only doing it to develop a habit of writing everyday and to develop a skill of beautiful writing.


6. Start every day with a morning ritual – This is powerful. I originally learnt this while listening to a program known as ‘wake up productive’ by Eben Pagan


What a morning ritual means is a set of very specific things that you do starting when you wake up in the morning that is meant to strengthen and condition your mind and body for the rest of the day.

However, this is a habit to build on its own as well.

If you look at your life right now, you probably have a stereo-typed way of spending the first 2 hours of your day.

For majority of people, these 2 hours is usually been wasted and that is why they lack enough energy and charisma to do other things for the rest of the day. Think about it. If you invest your first 1-2 hours of every day to make yourself better, you will be glad you did. It will improve your overall ability to function.


Here is an example of my newly formed morning ritual (I am still working on it though):


– I wake up by 5am or 6am (depending on when I went to bed)

– I say my morning prayer for about 15 minutes

– I drink one full cup of water (There is a reason for this)

– I breathe deep and exhale for about a minute( I do this to refuel my body with new oxygen and eliminate dangerous CO2)

– I do a light 3 minutes workout to get my body active

– I recite and write my goals for the month, the year and the next 5 years.

– I make a to-do-list for the day and prioritize it so that I start with the most important thing.

– I go ahead to read a motivational book for 20 minutes or till it is 7am

– By 7 am, I will write for 30 minutes.


The whole morning ritual usually takes me about 2 hours.

From there, I can now take my bath, eat breakfast and move on with the day.

You can also form your own morning ritual based on what you want to achieve and your job/business.

Don’t be like majority of people who start their day by rushing out without a well planned to do list and that is one of the reasons why they are not moving forward.


7. START NOW! – You have read this article and you probably want to put this off until next week or next month or next year when you THINK the conditions will be favourable.


The truth is that the conditions won’t be favourable if you don’t take action right now. Don’t be like 97% of people who will read this article and do nothing about it. Then 3 months later, they will come across it again and promise themselves to do something later on which they will never do.

Believe me.

Right now, this is the NUMBER ONE Thing you can do today that will affect your finances, your health, your relationships etc

Make a list of the bad habits that are drawing you back. Then list out the top 3 bad habits and make a decision to form new GOOD habits to replace those 3 over the next 90 days.

If you do it, you will make more money and move closer to financial freedom.

If you don’t you will find yourself cycling over and over in the same situation that you are currently in and you will be looking for a quick magic or miracle somewhere that will help you out which will never happen.


Talking about a quick magic or miracle, I am pleased to inform you that my well known and proven Quick Crazy Cash system has been upgraded to work better, faster and easier than before.


That is true but it will only work depending on if you apply it. It will work if you do not allow self-doubt, fear and procrastination to creep in and steal your joy away from you.


Please, share your comments and ask questions about this article in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.


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