Free Tips To Start And Run A Profitable Internet Based Small Business

Free Tips To Start And Run A Profitable Internet Based Small Business

Free Tips To Start And Run A Profitable Internet Based Small Business

Start work at home business if you want an alternative source of income that will not disrupt your day job.

As the name implies, a work at home business is a home based small business that allows you to run your small business in your spare time . . . and in the comfort of your living room, your bedroom or your study room.


What do you need to start and run a profitable home based internet business?

You need the following:

1. A computer; either a desktop computer or a laptop

2. An internet connection

3. Products or services you wish to promote

4. A web site to list the products or services you plan to sell

5. Customers who will buy from you so you can make sales and earn profit from those sales


6. A system to deliver the products or services purchased to your customers



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Preparing For Success With Internet Based Small Business

When you start work at home business, you must understand that success doesn’t happen by accident.

In fact, millions of internet small businesses fail every year just as millions of offline businesses fail every year.


Most internet marketing professionals give the impression that it is easy to achieve financial success with home based internet businesses. But that is far from the truth.

The same ingredients required for success with an offline business are also required for success with an online small business. And the ingredients for small business success includes:

==> Thorough knowledge of your subject matter
==> Investing in products or services with good profit margin and high repeat purchase potential
==> Proficiency in sales and marketing to attract and win new customers
==> Good after sales support to increase customer satisfaction and retention
==> Expanding the reach of your business and your market share through aggressive marketing and product line extension
==> Hard work, persistence, creativity and innovation
==> Learning from past mistakes, forging new alliances, and learning new methods to grow sales and profits

Start Work At Home Business – A Strategy That Works

Now you’re ready to start a work at home business.

You have a computer and internet connection. And you’re highly motivated to start right away because you have decided to include small business investing as part of your retirement planning strategy.

Great. You’ve made the right decision.

Now the next natural question: What products or services should you promote to generate sales and earn profit?

You can either design and manufacture your own products or become a reseller of other people’s products.


If you wish to launch your home based internet business faster, you may wish to start by selling other people’s products as “proof of concept” and shorten the time it takes for you to start selling and making extra money to supplement your salary.

The second question to tackle when you start work at home business is, “Where do you find customers to sell your chosen products or services to?”

Believe me, this is by far the biggest question you must find an answer to if you wish to start and run a profitable home based small business.

With respect to offline businesses, you can get a huge number of potential customers entering your store and buying from your business if your business is situated in a central location where hundreds of people pass through every day.

So, offline, it is about location, location, location.

However, on the internet, there is nothing like a busy location where you can locate your web business.

So, how will customers find your business?

That is the dilemma most people who start work at home business face. And it is a dilemma that eventually leads to the closure of majority of home based small businesses.


Simple. Customers equals sales. And the greater the number of customers a business has, the more sales the business will generate and the more profit the owner of the business will earn.

Zero (or few) customers means zero (or little) sales, which eventually leads to repeated losses.


Repeated losses will result in the internet small business being shut down.

Therefore, the most important aspect of a home based internet business the aspiring internet entrepreneur must give priority to how to get customers to his online small business.

Employees who start work at home business and are able to attract customers to their home based internet business are the ones that will successfully generate ongoing cash flow now and after they retire from their paid employment.

The next article will discuss how to attract targeted traffic to your home based small business.


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