Free Marketing Advice

Free Marketing Advice

If you’ve sold anything on the internet in the last 30-days…

As in, someone has paid you money in exchange for a product or a service…

And you’re looking to get more people to do business with you in the next 30-days…

Here’s something to chew on:

The easiest way to make people see you as the clear best option in your market and buy from you…. again and again and again… is by….

Playing the good ol’ direct marketing card of…

“Show them you can help them by actually helping them”

This is the premise upon which I create marketing campaigns for myself, my clients, and my partners…

And whether you’re a freelancer or business owner…

I advice … freely… that you try to do same.

Read my ads… emails… tweets… sales letters….

And you just might get a hang of how this principle works

Don’t just tell people you can help them

Talk is cheap.

Especially in today’s world where any fool who has internet access can come online and make outrageous claims

So what you should do, is….

Show them how you’re going to help them by:

Building your marketing message upon useful information they can’t find anywhere…

Information they can use … right away … to solve a problem

Or finally crack a puzzle that’s been holding them back in life or business…

Now, understand:

Your content has to be so valuable,

They feel indebted to you, and ultimately end up buying from you

And like I said…

This principle works whether you’re selling a service or a product or even if you’re an affiliate marketer…

People want to be SURE you can help them

And what’s the best way to make them believe you have the goods?

By actually demonstrating you’ve got the goods.

There’s no marketing strategy more powerful than demonstration

To higher income,

Chris Anthony

P.S: You know…

To get results for yourself or your clients

You really don’t need to use hyperbole or fabricated stories

Trust me (at least for once in your life) you’ll grow bigger faster if you just focus on showing people you can help them…. by actually helping them.

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