The Unique 7-Step Formula I Use to Generate a Consistent Flow of Sales & Customers From Facebook at Very Low Cost


Dear reader,

In the next few hours, days or weeks…you are going to launch a new campaign on Facebook.

I am not sure what the campaign is going to be about or what your ad budget will be.

But let’s assume you are going to run the campaign with an ad budget of $1000 (N370,000)

And when you do…


One of the Following Things Will Happen…

ONE – The campaign will be a total failure (It won’t even bring anything close to N100,000)
TWO – It will break even (It will bring back the N370,000 you put in but nothing more)
THREE – It will do alright (It will bring about N740,000 which is an ROI of about 200% )
FOUR – It will go crazy and do extremely well (It will bring huge returns from N1m and above)


Whatever happens, one thing is for sure…

The Results You Are Going to Get Will Be Determined By These 2 Things:

(1) The audience you are targeting

(2) The advert you use in targeting them

Here is the REAL Truth…

Most people who advertise on Facebook have no idea of what they are doing.

They do not know the right way to target the audience they are trying to reach on Facebook.

And they have no idea of how to create adverts that capture their attention and gets them to respond.

I used to be like that when I started using Facebook to advertise my business back in 2011.

Sometimes, I will run campaigns that do alright bringing me returns of 30 – 100%

Sometimes, my campaigns only break even

And most of the time, they just won’t work.

And this bothered me a lot.

So many times, I would just run away from advertising on Facebook for the fear of losing more money to the owners

That was until 2014 when I had to create a campaign to sell 1000 copies of a N3500 product within a month.

In order to sell this type of low price product and still generate good profits from it, the only way out was to setup a campaign that will get us quality clicks and leads for the lowest cost possible.

So, I sat down to study all the various FB campaigns I had created prior to that.

And I took time to observe why some worked and some didn’t

Eventually, I launched this campaign and right from the first few minutes, the cost per click was $0.01

That is not all…

The cost of acquring leads was as low as $0.16

And we ended up selling 1283 copies of the N3500 product with an ad budget of $2000.

Which is N4,490,500

And an ROI of over 600%

It was a breakthrough moment for me and it got me to understand the true meaning of the wise saying below:

“There is an ULTIMATE way to do something and there is the MEDIOCRE way to do it”

If you do things the ultimate way, you will get ultimate results.

And if you do things the mediocre way, you will get mediocre results

Majority of people who run adverts on Facebook are either doing it wrong or doing it the mediocre way and their results are speaking for them

If you will like to know how to run Facebook adverts that bring super results for lesser cost, then here I have created a training for you that walks you through a unique 7 – step formula that I use when creating my FB adverts.


The Run FB Ads That Convert At Cheaper Cost Training

This training is made up of a PDF that walks you through how to think and create winning adverts on Facebook

This training is aimed at helping you achieve one objective and that is to help you get breakthrough results with your campaigns

I am talking about the type of results that help you acquire customers and grow your business fast.

Who is this Training For?

Let’s get something straight.

This training is NOT for someone who is completely new to Facebook advertising

Instead, it is for people who are struggling with running effective Facebook ads

👉It is for network marketers who are having a hard time getting leads via Facebook

👉It is for mini importers who are struggling to sell tons of their products

👉it is for digital product merchants who sell software, IT services, advice, coaching etc

👉For small bsuiness and large business owners who intend to reach more targeted customers

👉 For government and private organisations

Here Are Some of The Things You Will Discover From This Training:

  • How to get crazy low clicks on Facebook by doing the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing
  • My unique process of thinking when setting up a Facebook campaign
  • The true equation to running FB Ads that deliver quality results and cost lesser (this is the foundation of getting quality results from Fb advertising)
  • The 80/20 rule of FB advertising (If you had only 60 minutes to setup a FB advert that gets quality results, there are 2 things you have to spend 50 minutes out of all that time on. Discover what they are)
  • The raw truth about how FB adverts really work (which is different to what many people think)
  • 3 effective ways to target the right people who are likely to respond to your adverts on Facebook
  • 8 untold secrets for selecting highly profitable images to use in your FB advert
  • The forbidden law of incongruity (How it can be the sole and most powerful law responsible for getting you the best response with your FB ads)
  • 4 unusual ways to find powerful images to use in creating your FB adverts
  • 2 types of headlines to use on FB and when it is appropriate to use each one
  • 7 tips to creating a truly irresistible and compelling FB advert

How Much?

Before I tell you the cost of this training, I want you to think about what you are going to lose the next time you run a Facebook advert that performs beyond expectation.

Let’s say you spend $100 (N37,000) on a FB advert that brings back just N10,000.

That is a loss of N27,000

How would you feel?

It even gets bad when you run a failed campaign over and over again.

You get frustrated and begin to feel like a failure.

Compare that to the ultimate feeling of spending that same $100 on a FB advert and getting back as much as N250,000 back simply because you applied the 7-step formula that I share inside the Run FB Ads Cheaper training.

And then you can put back the profits into your business to make even more profits.

How much do you think that feeling is worth?

That feeling of a winner is why I created this course because it leads you to win more.

And that is why I am going to offer it to you at a throw away price.


✔️THE $1.00 A DAY STRATEGY For Facebook Advertising

✔️How to Fail-Proof Your Ad Campaigns with These 7 Headline Formulas

✔️How to Find High ROI Facebook Interest Audiences

✔️Low On Cash? Low Budget PPC Tips That Will Bring Big Budget Results

✔️9 PPC Ad Copywriting Secrets to Steal From The Pros

✔️How to Target Real Buyers on Facebook

When you place your order for the “Run FB Ads Cheaper” training today, I will also send you all this extra  training that shows you sure methods for:

Finding & Targeting Real Buyers on Facebook

This materials could easily sell for N15,000 alone but for a limited time, you are getting it as an extra bonus

If you leave and come back later, this bonuses might not be available.

Get the “Run FB Ads Cheaper” Training Today For Just…

Original Price: N30,000

N10,000 Only

Now, Think About It.

Would you prefer to lose a lot of money on Facebook accompanied from the feeings of woe and failures all because you couldn’t invest N10,000 on a simple training that is guaranteed to get you breakthrough results?

The truth is N10,000 is a tiny amount to charge compared to the value you are going to get from this training.

But yet, I am going to do something crazier.

I am going to give you a money back guarantee if you try the 7-step formula explained in this training and you do not get better results.

It is simple.

There is Only ONE Thing Remaining For You To Do

At this point, you already know that the “Run FB Ads Cheaper” training is going to help you get better results from you FB advertising at lower cost.

The next thing to do right now is to invest just N10,000 to get started.

Ordering is simple.

Just follow the instructions below.


It is easy to get access to the Run FB Ads CHEAPER Training today for just N10,000 only.

Just use any of the 2 payment options below:


This option gives you instant access to the Run FB Ads CHEAPER Training…

All you need is an ATM card (Visa, Mastercard and Verve)

Click HERE or on the red button below and you will be taken to a secure page where you can enter your ATM card details.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged the sum of N10,000 and redirected to the download page where you can have instant access to the training.


Deposit N10,000 via cash deposit or online transfer into:

Bank Name – Access Bank
Account Name – Christian Anthony
Account Number – 0693862686

NOTE: After payment, SMS the following to 07088354060:

– RFAC training
– Your full name
– Your email address

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get an email from my support containing your access to the training.

NOTE: If you have challenges with ordering, call 07088354060 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)

I wish you more success in your business.

Creator, Run FB Ads Cheaper