Get Ideal Clients & Customers With Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

Guaranteed ROI In The First Month Or We Work For Free

We get you real results that unlock massive amounts of customers and clients

This service has been niched down to Realtors, Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators & E-commerce Stores.

We have been killing it for our clients and am now discounting our services for new clients only.

We are so confident in this service that if you don’t get a positive ROI in your 1st month, we will work for FREE until you do.

We specialize in businesses like:

If your business falls into any of these categories, this service is for you.

 I will take away your stress of running Facebook Ads with a Done For You service built for lead conversions and sales.

 From Campaign setup to Lead follow up, you won’t have to touch a thing.

 Leads like this:

 Or this:

 And this: 


 It’s ok to go shop around for other FB ADS Manager Services.

I respect my peers.

 A lot will be cheaper.

But I’ve learned my trade from the best.

Stop wasting time searching everywhere else for someone to manage your Facebook Ads.

 Let’s get this started.

Here are the basics needed from you to start:

1.  Business Facebook Page

2. Any Images/Videos and Logos (the more images/videos the better)

3. Business Manager Account (I will assist you if you don’t have one.)

4. Privacy Policy on Website or link to the privacy policy

5. Facebook Pixel Installed (I will assist you if you don’t have one.)

6. Links to Reviews

Here is how the process will work:

 Before you order this service, you and I will jump on a discovery call and see if we are a good fit together. 

Here is my booking calendar:

 If we progress to the next stage and you submit the setup fee order, we will progress to our Onboarding process so that I can get all the information needed to set up your campaign.

 The campaign will be ready to Publish within 7 days of getting Ad Account access.

 We will manage the ads, the testing, the conversion tracking, and the lead follow up for the next 30 days.

 This is completely Done For You.

Summary of this service:

 You will be receiving 1  Month (28 days) of Facebook Advertising Management services which include, but are not limited to:

Testing of different Campaigns, Ad creatives, Ad copies, Headlines, Audiences, and Demographics.

Fully Done For You automation for Lead Management, including SMS (text) and/or email follow up, notifications, and a customized sales pipeline.

Creation and optimization of Lead Ad Funnels to help drive the sale.

Creation of Lookalike audiences and Custom audiences to laser target the ads.


Your Next Steps:

 Let’s book a meeting together so we can discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit for each other.

 Here is my booking calendar:

 Have any more questions? 

 The quickest way to reach me is through Email:

 Looking forward to working with you!



P.s. I forgot to mention that I can only work with 5 new premium clients per month to maintain the quality of service so it’s best to secure your 30-day package today before I get filled up.

P.p.s If you are not accepted this month, I will put you on our waiting list for the next available time slot.

 In order to maintain our quality for our clients, we choose to only accept 5 new premium clients per month.

We can put you on the waiting list and get you the next available time slot.

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Chris Anthony.

If we’re getting formal, I’m the founder/ head of growth of Wealth Ideas.

An Internet Marketing Agency focused on driving leads to clients through Social Media Advertising.

I have learned my craft from some incredible mentors over the last 5 years, attended the conferences that matter, networked with our peers from all over the world, and weeded through all the noise in our industry in order to provide the best ROI and results for our clients.

My former career has taught me that customer service comes first and I have transitioned that into my online businesses.

My number 1 goal is to make sure our clients feel they received value from our services.

I look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is for businesses that want to advertise their services on Facebook or Instagram to laser targeted audiences that convert to sales.

Yes, I can Whitelabel for your Agency. You can order this service for the month and if you want to continue after the month, we can discuss my costs moving forward.

No. Ad spend will be covered by the owner of the Ad Account we are running ads for. Payment is set up in the Ad Account and paid directly to Facebook for the advertising costs. 

In order to properly test during the campaign, your Ad Spend budget needs to be at least $750 $1000 for the month ($25 to $30 per day) for local service and higher if you are targeting State or National wide audiences.

A Privacy Policy is part of Facebook’s TOS and failure to have one may get your account suspended.

Once I receive access to the information I need, your Ad will be ready to Publish within 7 days.

All Leads will be forwarded to you immediately via email and/or text message. The Leads will also be notified that they will be contacted by the business as soon as possible. It is very important that you follow up with the leads as soon as possible for converting them into a sale.

The setup fee of $500 is waived as a special discount for new clients.

The setup fee includes:

  • Setting up all necessary account access needed to run the ads
  • Installation and optimization of the Facebook Pixel throughout all landing pages and the website
  • Creation of Ad copies that will be used in the ads for testing, retargeting and follow up.
  • Optimization of creatives (images/videos) that will be used in the ads
  • Lead Ad form creation and copy 
  • Account setup in our own CRM for Lead automation and notifications.
  • Your own login to access your customized Sales Pipeline and manage the leads from the follow-up process to the delivery of your services.

If you spend $750 in Ad Spend, we guarantee a positive ROI in the 1st month or we work for free until you do. 

A positive ROI is considered to be having more gross revenue than the cost of the ad spend and ad management. 

For this service, we guarantee you will have greater than $1500 in revenue in the first month or we work for free until you are ROI positive.

This site or service is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is not endorsed by Facebook in any way.

Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.