Customer Acquisition Strategy For Startups

Customer Acquisition Strategy For Startups

 Techniques To Win New Customers


Do you have an awesome product or service many people would like to buy?

And do you need more customers?

If your answer is “yes” to the above questions, then this article is for you.

When marketing newbies hear the term “customer acquisition” they easily get confused.

Some ask “what does it mean?”

The definition of customer acquisition is simple:

Any process of persuading a consumer to buy a company’s product is customer acquisition.

The definition isn’t complex. It tells something you’ve already know and must do to succeed in business.

Here comes another problem:

Most new startup founders tend to believe that customer acquisition comes down to these three:

  1. Setting up a website
  2. Collecting emails
  3. Maintaining an active presence on social media



Customer acquisition is more than these three.

To see fast and massive growth, you should be willing to look beyond these three.

In this article, I will be sharing 4 smart ways to acquire more customers.


Top 4 Customer Acquisition Strategy For Startups


1. Publish an E-Book to Create Buzz

E-Books sell like hot cakes.


Because people seek knowledge online.

The digital world has created numerous ways to get knowledge.

Digital is the new way to read. It is also convenient.

You no longer have to carry a bunch of books around everywhere you go.

Books are stored in the digital format where you can access them anywhere and at any time of the day.

The numbers don’t lie:

Amazon sells more eBooks than printed books.

You can publish on the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform and take advantage of the Amazon’s marketplace to boost awareness for your company and establish yourself as a credible expert.

Converting the e-book into a hard copy book is also easy.

Through Amazon’s CreateSpace, you can make your e-book available in printed form.



People like Mark Schaefer, Tim Ferriss, and Jay Baer used book publishing to acquire massive customers for their businesses.


2. Publish Comprehensive Guides That Targets Beginners

Don’t create content that only appeals to the advanced prospects.

Write for beginners too.

For example, Moz is a company that sells SEO tools.

If you are an SEO beginner and visit the Moz blog directly, you will become confused about how SEO works.

So they created a guide for SEO beginners.


This helps them converts more customers for their product.


3. Create Content That Cites Unique Data

What is unique data?

Unique data are information or studies that haven’t been published by anyone in your niche.

The data are unique because only you have it.

Why do you need unique data?

Top publications in your niche are constantly looking for unique data to give their readers new information.

They need new, original data.

And because these top publications have a huge readership, you repeatedly get in front of their readers by publishing unique data.

Searchmetrics is a company that sells SEO and content marketing tools.

In 2014, the company published a study that shows the top 30 search ranking factors.


That is a perfect example of unique data.

This study has been cited and linked to almost from every top publication in the marketing industry.

Searchmetrics has received a lot of traffic, backlinks, press mentions and awards for their work.

The company continues to publish new unique data. They have a Knowledge Base page where you can find all their studies.






4. Build Free Tools Customers Want to Use

People like free things.

And because they like free things doesn’t mean they don’t buy.

People buy products too, especially online.

Creating products prospects can use for free get them into your customer acquisition funnel.

For example, Shopify helps you create a beautiful online store.

To make more prospects aware of their product, Shopify creates free tools they will want to use.

They built a free logo maker.

Shopify created a business name generator which also allows you to check the availability of the domain name.


Do you need help applying some of these Customer Acquisition Strategy For your Startups?

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