This article is not about me or what I am capable of doing or achieving in a short period of time but, to make you see the reason why internet business cum importation business is highly profitable and why you should wake up from your slumber and take action.
I will be generous enough to expose the basic information you need in here for you to replicate my strategy and even achieve much more results. Trust me, this strategy can generate you over N2,000,000 (N2million) in 30days if you make good use of it.
No big introduction. I am Christian Anthony, one of the topmost internet business guys in Nigeria. A search on the big google will give you more information about me.


I got the idea that made me over N500,000 in 12days after netting over N100,000 from this.



Take a look at the image above. It’s a wrist watch. It’s called sport led wrist watch and this is exactly what made me over N500,000 in less than 12days. Relax! You will get the gist and you will see how simple it’s for you to replicate my strategy and make even much more than what I have made so far with this product.
I came across this product on and I bought some 150pieces for $1 each. It was delivered to me in Nigeria (More about that latter). I sold these wristwatch for N1,499 each on a secret website here in Nigeria. They collected from me at N1000 each and sold on their website for N1,500. I was able to sell off the whole 150pieces on their website and they paid me N150,000 for the 150pieces



The first time the website helped me to list the wrist watch on their website, I sold 67pieces in just 5days. The second time it was listed, I sold 45pieces.


I sold until the 150pieces were all gone and I was paid a total sum of N150,000 by this secret website. Guess what, I bought the wristwatches for $1 each and the shipping cost for the 150pieces was just around N12,000 from China to Nigeria. Total cost of getting these products to Nigeria was just around N47,000 or so. I was able to make a profit of over N100,000 within 2weeks. I do not settle for peanuts. N100,000 in 2weeks can be improved. So, that brought about the main system and strategy that I am about to introduce to you.

N500,000 in 12days

With the success above, I put on my thinking cap and I came up with an idea. I decided I was going to customize the wristwatches and sell to schools. Why? I know a good private school will have population of students between 400 – 3000+. My target is to get at least one of those schools for a start and secure a contract to supply the sport led wristwatch to them.
Doing the mathematics, I see that if I am to supply 500 pieces of the wristwatches to a single school, I can easily generate over N300,000 per deal. If I were able to achieve this with just 20 schools all year long, that will be extra N6million in 365days without any hassle.


I am an action taker. I wen t straight off to aliexpress and search for this product and was able to get a seller to sell for me at just $0.67 per one if am buying up to 500 pieces or more. And the customization will even be FREE. Great deal.
I wrote out a simple proposal to 5 different schools and took it to them in person and met with the proprietors of the schools. The schools normally wear sport wears to school on Wednesdays and Fridays. They different colours for their sport wears which divided them into houses. I capitalized on this proposing to get them these customized wristwatches in all the colours of their sport wears. A student in Blue house can use the blue wristwatch to match the sport wear blah blah blah.
I was able to instantly secure a contract with one of the schools while awaiting response from others. I was to supply 1000 pieces of the wristwatches in 6 different colours at the rate of N700 each. What a great deal.
Over to aliexpress, I discussed with the seller. There are many dubious sellers on aliexpress but there are certain criteria I used to detect the dubious ones. All details later.

I searched for the product, got a trust worthy seller, discussed price (like 30minutes bargaining using my igbo style), I was able to get $0.67 per piece and also the customization to be done FREE. 1000 pieces will cost me $670 ( N147,400).
I made payment using my Nigerian ATM card and exactly N147,400 was deducted from my account.


After customizing, we have to ship down to Nigeria from China. I made the customization so simple. The name of the school is DIVINE ACUMEN GLOBAL SCHOOL. I made them write DIVINE ACUMEN on the arm of the wristwatches.



The shipping company I use charges $7.5 per kg for normal shipping. The total kg of the 1000 pieces is 25kg. That cost me a total of $187.5 (N41,250). I pay them via their Diamond Bank account here in Nigeria. There is nothing to fear about the shipping company, they personally settle customs and other government agencies from the money they charge from their customers and as such, no fear of goods being stopped by customs and co.
Your goods can be delivered to you in any part of Nigeria that you live in straight from China. I am based in Enugu, Enugu state and get my goods delivered to me right in my office in Enugu. My students are scattered across Nigeria and none has issues with receiving their imported goods.


Immediately I received my goods in Enugu in less than 10days of buying from China, I inspect the goods and ensure they are complete. Immediately, I took the wristwatches for delivery.

I did the delivery in 6 different colours. You can see the samples above.


Total cost of getting the goods was $670 ( N147,400) and
$187.5 (N41,250)
Total is N188,650
Kindly take a look at this…


That’s a cheque of N700,000 that I received from my Client that I supplied the wristwatches to. Yes! They too can charge with their student’s school fees and collect N1000 per student and still make their profit too.

If I can still recollect my elementary mathematics, I know when I minus N188,650 from N700,000, I should be left with around N511,350
That’s the exact profit I made from this deal. Information is power! I have the information about aliexpress and how to easily navigate through the website and get stuffs at cheaper rate. I have information on how to bring the goods down to Nigeria and source for customers that can buy in bulk and sell to them while I make between 200% -1000% profit. That’s working smart and earning good income.
I have a plan in place that will generate me as much as N10,000,000 within the next 12months using that idea above. It’s simple and practicable. If I write proposal to 50 good schools in my City and was able to get like 20 of them to buy into my idea of supplying them the wristwatches. If am supplying 1000 to each of them, that means I can make over N500,000 from each of them. That in 20 places is over N10million. It’s practicable. Walahi!


I made some good money selling so many other products like…


Above is a snapshot from a secret website here in Nigeria where I sell my imported products. This system alone put extra N300,000+ into my pocket monthly. The first item above there is mosquitoes killer lamp. I get it down to Nigeria for less than N300. I give to this secret website for N1000. They make their own profit of N499 from each one they sell for me. The last I did with them, they sold 100pieces and I profit cool N70,000 in just 7days.
The second product above cost me N350 to get to Nigeria. I gave to the secret website for N2,500. I profit N2,150 on each. They sold 26pieces for me in the listing above. That gave me over N50,000 profit. That week alone, I had 5 products I listed and I made over N250,000. This strategy alone is insane and can give any serious minded person extra N300,000 monthly.
This is not mine but I love to showcase it to people to gear them up and see how good income can be made when you have access to classified information and not by hard working.


This product sold 584pieces. When I check on alexpress with my trusted seller, I can get this product to Nigeria for as cheap as N170 per piece. This person must have given to this secret website for like N1,000 and profiting N830 per piece. It sold 584 pieces and that means the owner of this must have made above N830 x 584 = N484,000 in less than 2weeks.
No special skills o!
Just the knowledge of where to buy from at cheaper prices and where to supply to. They help him/her sell and make some good income. Not up to 10% of people who work 8am – 4pm can boast of this kind of income monthly not to talk about in just days.


I have to dig deep and locate some other colleagues who use this platform too. Only a few of us know about the moolah that is hidden here. Take for example. In the above product, the least profit we make on it selling at that price is N700.
The first person above sold 341pieces. That’s profit of N700 x 341 which is N238,700
The second person sold 389 pieces. Profit is N700 x 389 = N272,300
I do not think I need to say anything more.

3 Reasons Why I Create This Course

1. Everything I learnt and now know came from the trainings of other people. If people like Dr. Sunny Obazu of Success Digest, or Otunba Akin Alabi of Nairabet or Toyin Omotosho of quick crazy cash never shared their knowledge with others, I probably won’t know any of these things.

2. The second reason why I create these trainings is due to what I found out some years ago. That was in 2008 specifically and it has to do with the fact that a large majority of Nigerians struggle endlessly with money JUST because they do not know how to make it.

3. The third reason why I share my knowledge a lot is because I believe that by sharing what I have with others, I am going to attract more prosperity into my own life.

I believe that the more good you give out to people, the more good you get in your own life.

In fact, the late Zig Ziglar who is highly considered as one of the greatest teacher of success in our time says:

Ever since i have been sharing my knowledge with others by giving out great information like this, I have attracted more prosperity to my own life. I had more joy seeing people that learnt one or two things from me calling me or dropping me mails, text messages etc to thank me for what God had used me to do in their lives.
Your worth in life isn’t measured by the hundreds of millons of Naira that you have amass for yourself and family but by the number of people that have become financially independent via the knowledge they acquired from you.

SPECIAL OFFER for Just 100 People Only.

I have painstakingly created a comprehensive course about the a-z of what I briefly explained in this article. The course is a masterpiece and ‘am damn sure that any individual that have access to this course and fails to generate 6figures in profit monthly is nothing but a lazy ass. If my Friend’s younger brother who’s never tried anything internet business before can do this and made over N120,000 in his first month, seriously, no serious person shouldn’t achieve 6figures income from this superb informative and life changing course.

You may be interested in checking out the outline…

• Introduction
• Market survey
• Sourcing for products; Aliexpress
• Navigating Aliexpress
• Alibaba Trade Manager
• Bargaining Like a woman
• Getting a trustworthy Business Partner
• Getting low prices from your business partner
• Branding your Products FREE
• Making Payment with you ATM card
• Shipping Your Products to Nigeria without fear of customs and other government Agencies
• Offline Marketing of your imported goods (schools, religious organizations, politicians etc)
• Online Marketing of your Imported Goods (secret website, konga, jumia, kaymu, facebook etc)
• Independent Marketing
• Conclusion

importation business guide by wealth ideas


LUCKY 100.

Here is How To Grab The Slot Before it Vanishes.
By virtue of the value packed in this Course, if I price it for $100, I am sure with the numbers of loyal fans and Mentees that I have, I will easily sell over 50pieces in less than 10days. Yeah! I have over 80,000 loyal followers. So, 50 is a just 0.0006%. Just 1 person in 1600.

I held live training on this in January and February for just 10people per session and I charged $60. Now this is better because you can go through the course over and over again to digest all that were taught unlike just attending a live training.

Imagine someone who traveled down from Gombe! Transport fare alone is up to $25 (to and fro). Lodging for 2nights in Enugu in an average hotel cost like $25. Feeding and other logistics will cost at least $20. When you add that to the training fee of $60, that’s over $125
That’s not inclusive of the risk of traveling down via our bad roads in the Country.


I am pricing this course for $57 only.
But, for the first 100 people to take action, I will do something insane! I will give you access to it for just $27 only and as from 28th of this month, if you would love to have the course, you have to pay $57 for it. You may send an email to to confirm the price after 28th,  before proceeding to make payment.

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If you have issues with making payment through card or paypal send an email ASAP to with your Name & reason why you couldn’t make Payment and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.
I assure you that when you make use of this information by accessing this course, you will have cause to thank me for positively affecting your financial status. I still have close contacts with some of my past students of this course. They earn average of N70,000 – N200,000 per month. I am personally making a killing with it so; you’ve got no choice than to be successful using this information.

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