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By now all of must be aware of the fundamental function of car mats. It helps to keep the interiors of your car sparkling clean. With the passage of time people have started experimenting with the choice of car mats. There are many who opt for stylish car mats to enhance the look and feel of their car.In fact, stylish car mats have witnessed an increasing demand in the recent times. Not only they are available in a wide range of designs and shades, but also strive to enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. While some of the car mats cost a pinch on your pocket, most of them are reasonably priced. Car owners who are very much fussy about the look of their precious possession even opt for customized mats. What makes the stylish car mats so appealing is their attractive designs and clean feel.

It is always safer to opt for darker colors as the stains are hardly visible on them. Moreover, while washing the dark colored car mats you do not have to scrub them with all your might unlike the light-colored car mats. Another point that you must keep in mind while choosing car mats is that the material must be sturdy. It is wise to opt for heavyweight composition rubber or nylon yarn with a super high density.While shopping for car floor mats, you can either opt for ready-made ones or tailor-make it. Whatever be your choice, make sure it aptly suits your needs.

Car is one of the biggest investment that people make in their life after house. Thus, people left no stone unturned to ensure that their car looks good for years to come. Not only the outside of car, today majority of the car owners pay attention to car interior to ensure it matches with the outside look of the car. Car mats are the first choice for many owners when it comes to enhance the interior decoration of the car. Other than decorative purposes car mats serve wide variety of purposes like protecting the car floor from regular wear and tear. Car mats come in wide variety and possess excellent features like perfect durability and quality. These mats are also weather resistant thereby making it perfect choice for all year round usage. With so many different models of cars are available today car mats manufacturers ensure that they are competent enough to meet with the growing demand and thus offers customized car mats.

Car mats are made from different types of materials and each material serves in varied weather conditions. There are rubber car mats, carpet car floor mats, transparent or clear car mats and customized car mats. Among all these types of mats, it is advisable to go for customized car mats that ensure owners get the right fit irrespective of the make or model. While many car owners look for interesting tips to enhance the interior of their cars, here are some:

Colourful Characters: Unlike regular car mats you can go for printed mats with colourful cartoon characters. In recent times, these kinds of mats are gaining popularity especially if owners have children. These kinds of mats amuses children while enhancing the look of the car.

Personal Touch: If you are woman, you can give your car interior a feminine touch. As cars are always considered a masculine machine, female can always give a personal touch. Thus, from pink car mats to simple but innovative patterns you can always give onlookers the message this is a girl’s car and thus it is unique just like you. Polka dot, stripes are some of the popular girl choice when it comes to decorating the interior of your car.

Sports team or rock star: As music and sports entertain mass and they have die hard fan following music or sports icons picture car mats are perfect choice for them. Today, many manufacturers offer car mats of your favourite musical and sports personality. In fact, this kind of car mats make very good gift items.

Customized car mats: This kind of mat will cost you bit extra, but surely you can get according to your expectations. You can customize them with your name initials or your favourite pattern and picture. These car mats not only make great impression but also suits with the outside look of your car. You can also get car mats reflecting your hobbies or careers.

Car mats are available in clear vinyl, heavy-duty rubber and 3 types of nylon carpet finishes. All of our car mats offer excellent wear characteristics and durability. Specially dyed carpet colors match or complement all OEM interiors. Heavy-duty backing insulates against heat and noise and helps to keep these car floor mats in place.

Carpet Car Mats
• Largest selection of carpet-surface car mats.

• From 18oz, 1/4″ thick up to 48oz, 1/2″ thick premium nylon yarn.

• Water-resistant, latex coated surface with a non-slip backing.
Rubbertite Car Mats
• Commercial-grade rubber construction remains flexible.

• Hundreds of “wells” hold water, snow, dirt and debris.

• Rubber grippers hold this mat firmly in place.

• Simply shake out or hose off for cleaning.

TruBerber Car Mats
• Strength of polypropylene with the crush resistance of nylon.

• Multi-tone colors help hide dirt and debris.

• 48oz construction for a longer life.

Protector Car Mats
• Heavy-duty, clear vinyl construction.

• Grippers on backside keep these mats in place.

• Simply shake out or hose off to clean.

This is how the process of making mats works:
1. An order to produce mats is received from a car maker.
2. A company employee goes out to the car showroom, where he scans the car interior.
3. Scanning the interior of an automobile is not easy, since the space in a salon is rather tight and dark. Therefore, to obtain an acceptable result, about 6 scans are done from various angles. Scan time is 15 minutes. The ease of capturing depends on the upholstery material. Bright interiors scan more quickly and easily, while digitizing dark, especially black, nappy surfaces takes longer.
4. To obtain a high quality model of a trunk interior about 20 scans are done. Scanning takes about 30 minutes.
5. Data is processed in Artec Studio, and models are exported in a commonly used format and used as a template for sketches in other software.
6. After that a CNC turns out a semi-finished matrix out of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).
7. Then the semi-finished material is further processed until it is ready.
8. The next stage is forming. A polymer sheet is vacuum-formed by a special device to create the finished product.
9. The final stage is “cosmetic” detailing – trimming (removing burr) and packaging, after which the product is sent to the customer.
“The technological process based on 3D scanning of a car salon is much easier and faster,” says the chief technologist of Nika Holding. Traditionally one has to take all the measurements with a tape measure, and for reliability you would have to repeat each measurement many times. 3D scanning makes it possible to automate all measurements and immediately obtain an accurate computer model that is ready to be sent to the machine which produces the form.”


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